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Jeff Wexler

File reader for Mac users

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Jeremiah Moore posted an interesting link on r.a.m.p.s. to an as yet unreleased audio app that could be quite useful. No word yet on what metadata support or functions it will have. There is a link to a Quicktime movie which is a demo of the software.


The page contains a quicktime video demo of the software.  I suspect

the vapor-factor of this software to be low - Audio Ease has a good

history of releasing quality software.

No word what (if any) BWF info this app will read - we'll have to wait

and see - or ask for it


Regards,  Jeff Wexler

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Hey Jeff, thanks for the heads up about Snapper, very cool software and it seem well integrated to the Mac platform, and for me more importantly, Pro Tools. Can't wait.


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I've been using AudioFinder for a couple of years


The Snapper demo showing the quick-edit drag-and-drop goodness could be the feature that sells it to me. It's the one thing AudioFinder doesn't (yet) do and would be a real time saver for me.

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