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Cable harness for mixer on sliding shelf

Bob Marts

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I'm thinking about putting my Cooper 208 on a sliding shelf in an SKB case.

I've never had a chance to really look at this kind of setup from the back end.

Anybody care to comment on a good approach for a collapsing cable bundle? -

one that will unfold and fold back up without wear and tear.


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The same harnesses have been going back and forth in my cart shelves for 19 years with no failures. I used 8451 and the old waxed string bundle tie method (anyone else remember that?). The 8451 is a bit bulky, but it will outlive us all. There is much smaller shielded pair available (Mogami shielded pair console wire comes to mind). I've used this on carts I've wired for other people.

Glen Trew

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