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Impulse Responses for post

Alexander Lowe

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Could there be any advantage to capturing a reverb Impulse Response for the environment of a scene?

I wonder if post would be appreciative of this file to put into a convolution reverb to re-create the ambience in ADR.

I'm a playback op, and am looking at the scenario with a full PA in front of me, boom op ready to go, and given about 2 minutes, I can capture an impulse response using the boom mic as the reference source. Feed a sweep sine wave through the PB rig and record the response.

I understand most directors will have little patience for the sweep tone, but I've had some opportunities to capture them, and the UPM might see the benefit in having it.

Or could this be considered too petty for post to bother with?

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Hot Damn!! That video was great. Thank you Richard.

Makes me want to get Altiverb.

BTW, what OS add on/feature was being used? At 3:20 in the video, Tony was rehearsing/pulling sounds from a finder window. I've seen it before but can't remember the name.

Now how do I get production to let me get these IRs......

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Hi Alexander - I believe the latest Altiverb is still in the Beta testing phase so I am not sure if it is commercially available ????

I have not had the results back re the " clap sticks" yet but what seems to be of use , and this kind of happened by accident , is that the claps are also on the Lav tracks . PJ would call the wild track on the end of the last take he was happy with and before the cameras cut (Red Epic fan noise if they cut) and all the actors stood still so I had atmos on all the isos and the clap as well . I will post when I get the feedback early in the New Year hopefully .

Tony Johnson

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In the video demo, he's using Snapper. It's also software from Audio Ease. I have it and it was Jeff Wexler who first brought it to our attention, right here on jwsound!

It's a great utility and will open any audio file in any audio format. Check out the demo here:


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