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  1. I am using two of these on a movie for my crew. I can confirm the range is incredible and so is the audio quality. The presets are a fantastic feature and as mentioned in the video my utility uses this function to check radio mics at trailer park before the actors come to set. A little trick i do is because i dont like the sound of a walkie with the PTT thumps you sometimes get on transmit i eq'd the input on my deva 24 to a very narrow freq band and removed these and it also made it easier to understand in noisy environments. Great piece of kit. TJ
  2. That looks great Rado. Do they have them for the DPA 6060 yet? Tony
  3. Sorry Vale i meant an external GUI like a windows or mac iPad. I have one for my nomad and am hoping that it it is just a plug and play works well. Tony
  4. That would be good, i am reading the manual and can see now that it will be quite easy to trim on the fly when needed and especially if the trim comes up active as the first option when entering the input page. Can i connect a mix8 to the deva 24? Hi Vale, How do you find the touch screen? is it easy to enter things wth fingers? I know it is fractionally smaller than the Fusion but would like to know how well it operates. How do you find the GUI? is it plug and play? as in does it just work when plugged in and operate without crashing? Thanks Tony
  5. yes it was called auto trim, such a great feature. Oh well then can you go into input page and highlife "trim" then change its gain with menu knob whilst in record?
  6. Hi Glenn, Yes i get that but if i were to use faders 1- 8 as zaxnet control then i want to use 9-12 as additional mic/line inputs after i have exhausted my 8 channel sonosax mixer then how can i easily trim faders 9-12. Do i have to go into the input menu and trim or is there a way like the Nomad where i can use say the menu knob once the fader is operated? Thanks Tony
  7. Hi Vale, I am interested in the Deva 24. I would initially use it with my 8 ch sonosax mixer. I would like to know if i wanted to use the deva faders 9-12 as extra faders for extra inputs is it possible to trim those faders as i would in the nomad? where you can move the fader to engage it and then use the say the menu knob to increase or decrease the trim. I see in the manual you can select trim in the input page and then that displays orange and you can trim using the menu knob. But that means entering that page every time you want to trim. It would be great as per the nomad setup where you can trim all from the front controls. Thanks Tony
  8. Yes agreed this is vital for the work we do. Can we lobby DPA for a 6063!! a 3 v version. I am sure there are enough zax users to warrant it.
  9. No, the Hide a Mic holders which are a fantastic cage type of holder for lavs, but they are big when on a 4063. Tony
  10. Hi Martin this is good news. I have just completed a Picture where i used the 4063 with the Hide a mic concealers and they are big so here's hoping that the Hide a mic team make one for the 6060. Cheers Tony
  11. All of the files sounded good to me and i guess we should expect that as it was a very evenly modulated reading with time and the opportunity to set up each system to its optimum gain etc. In a real world scenario where an actor may give several different reads with a 20db or more difference in performance on the fly then it comes down to what features you have at your disposal to deal with that. That would be the deal breaker for me. But good on you for taking the time to record these and post them. Tony
  12. I have demo'd one on a movie for a couple of problem scenes in an alleyway with extractors that could not be turned off. It worked extremely well and provided either an alternative mix track or alternative boom track as it is a 2 channel device. I am now going to use it on a movie. A movie can go through many months of editorial and screenings before Sound Post gets to work on it so it gives Editorial an option to use the DNS mix track in the edit to see a scene play better and allow temp music and the like to work better. The politics are interesting as Constantin alluded to and i will not be advertising that i have the DNS to the crew or showing how it gets rid of ballast fan noise etc. It also provides me with the ability to hear if wind machines etc are at an acceptable level. I think it is a very useful tool to have as long as you run your other tracks without processing for Sound Post. I am getting a rental on it too as that was important to me to not offer it for free. Tony
  13. Ironfilm, I run a Fusion and Nomad and have no problem with jamming Arri or Red using an ERX or TigQ28. I did notice today that Jamming the Red from the Tig required more voltage but it worked. Tony
  14. Hi Patrick, I have a system, its the Roger Pen which is the 2.4ghz system but not the new system they bought out with the base station. As far as i know they are compatible at least my ear pieces should work with the new base station. The Roger pen transmitter is useful for its size and for range outside i run it on a cable to get as close to the actor as possible. Inside with reflective surfaces i find the range very good. I run it with zaxnet and it is not affected on the 2.4ghz band even placing the pen close to my ifb100. I think the transmission in the roger pen is excellent in not being affected by other things on the same band. The actors really like the clarity compared to an induction system, i personally think they are not as loud as they could be but i have not had any complaints from actors about this. I would be interested to know if the base station provides a bit more gain. Regards Tony
  15. Tony Johnson


    Hi Martin, I dont dislike your idea but i have tried that it i don't believe it gives a real world test. Often the difficulties arrive when the crew are all set up, lots of RF and people and equipment in the way. Example being when the Techno crane comes between me and the xmitter i often get a reduction in range and dropouts. Glenn has answered it and i guess the initial test with Jack thru Manhattan were done on ZHD48 which i think would have huge gains but its not for me. My decision is what part of the spectrum to go for and weighing up whether ZHD96 and the tighter bandwidth will allow me to dodge local TV channels. Thanks Tony
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