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  1. yes that omnicharge as per link should do the job it says it will output 5v@3amps so that will work
  2. another thing is to make sure the USB power bank has a 2.5 or 3 amp rated output as although the sunhans specs say 2 amp mine has shut down with only 2 amps
  3. Hi Ben, Here is a link to the sunhans 2.4 booster that comes with an array of cables including a USB to DC connector, this is what i use on the booster for the roger base station, you can then power the roger base station off a seperate USB battery pack (to eliminate any potential noise from the sunhans) using a uSB to DC connector(different than that on the sunhans) but the standard DC connector as used on most gear like Lectro etc. You could get a USB power bank with 2 x USB outputs and try running the base station and sunhans off the same power bank, the base station draws very little current, I have not tried this. There is a typo in the above email re battery bank capacity but anything from 10,000mah or greater will do the job. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/301836546691?epid=1654464704&hash=item4646dc3283:g:33AAAOSwk1JWg1-z you can of course get a sunhans that runs on DC power like any audio root or NP style battery but I prefer my 2.4ghz booster amps run off USB power banks as they are cheaper and lighter usually
  4. yes similar to what I have, you can get a gold coloured version on Ebay that you can power off 5 v USB, you can also power the base station off the same and a 2500mwh or similar battery pack will last months on the base station
  5. Hi Ben I have used the phonak roger system with base station a lot. Yes the antenna comes off, it is stuck on with lock tite so requires a bit of effort to remove. I would then put an RF booster amp like the sunhans on to the base station and use a whip, this makes a big difference to the range. I then run it out close to set on an XLR. I am not sure its actually line level but I have found the level is too low and we have passed this on to Phonak to see if they can improve this. With the base station gain on max and some extra gain on the output of my mixer I can get enough level. The new V2 ear wig has more gain the V1 and arguably better range with better battery life. The touch screen remote is a handy device as its the only way of increasing the gain of the ear wig receiver, I think they are set to a mid range gain in the factory and the touch screen allows you to change this. I have never tried it but have heard it works. I own a repeater too but have found with the booster RF amp and placing the base station close to set is a better option. Regards Tony
  6. I found this today, looks like a possible answer and a good idea IMO https://www.gothamsound.com/product/powerstar-element
  7. Well done Ken I think this is a brilliant idea and as a cart mixer and not bag mixer I see so many uses incorporating it into a cart so it can be released and used as a breakaway rig. You could have your backup recorder in it and use on a smaller cart or on an insert vehicle. Its not just a bag rig IMO. It looks beautifully made and I think the price is fair as having built and purchased a few carts and rigs etc the best engineered ones always cost more. I look forward to purchasing one when they are released. What size would you recommend for a Nomad/RX12 system? Thanks Tony
  8. The agent here in NZ has talked to Phonak about increasing the gain so this is more ammo to get it done. Will definitely try the amp. One thing I noticed with the in ear piece was ear wax can decrease the fidelity and level and its difficult to see unless you take off the green plastic cap. Easy to change but it took me a while to find. Thats definitely a job for the utility eeeeek
  9. The Repeater does help in certain situations but I found the best way was to remote the base station close to set. I am using them on large sets and the range really suffers. On a capture stage with no physical barriers it is very good with a solid signal on just the whip. I still think there is a lack of gain as I run my aux outs of my sonosax mixer at max and the base station on max too and its just loud enough. I also use the older style hearing aid type earpiece that has a volume control and they are better. I use a 26800mah power bank and I have not needed to charge it after several months use, so that is a great feature, the DC powering. I haven't tried mine with a 1w amp but that is a great idea. Tony
  10. HI Lids - By process of elimination try the following. Contact the recordists and ask what wireless systems they are using. The distortion maybe in the transmitter or even microphone or simply too hot If it is zaxcom wireless then check the SD card recording against the iso track on the recorder to see if there are differences. Most Recordists would have their contact details on their sound report. They would be able to answer many questions and probably remember the scenes in question. Without confirming all of the equipment used on the scene's affected, its unwise to assume its the recorder. Tony
  11. Great review Rado and I especially like this quote. I too am keen to see a small mix surface and one that will also work with the Deva 24 when a breakaway option is needed. Great to hear about the MRX 214 as well it just gets better. Thanks Tony
  12. I find the freq presets a great function and you shouldn't need to change them often unless you always re freq your wireless. The URX100 has been an amazing addition to my kit and the ability for my crew to listen to individual TRX's is a genuine improvement to our daily workflow. They sound amazing and the walkie interface is a permanent set up on the sound cart. I used to use Lectro R1 a's with a seperate lectro xmitter and referee switch for my crew as a monitor and talk back to me. That was a lot of hardware, it worked but nowhere near as well as the URX which is purpose built for that application plus has other features and functions as well. The fact i can use it as a camera hop too is a bonus.
  13. Hi Gene, i have searched the sound guys solutions website and cannot find this. Tony
  14. Hi, Do you have the model number of these please/ io cannot find the adapter part on the neutrek website thanks tony
  15. classy, i must look at those
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