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  1. Portabrace “Silent” audio bags.

    Looks like Portabrace borrowed from Stingray and Orca to make an interesting budget mashup
  2. Boom and Live Vocals. Good lesson from 1955.

    I love love love this.
  3. Running the Set

    This entire post is fascinating, this will change how I look at things
  4. Necessities For Every Soundbag

    Packs of gum, adapted e-reader light, folding scissors, one square of mole-skin, flashlight-pen, sharpie
  5. Cabled boom poles: Cable exit versus fixed connector

    I believe the exit as shown above would appeal to some because 1) over time, connecting and reconnecting to an XLR embedded in the structure of a pole could put strain on the connector itself, causing damage 2) if there were ever cable problems that you wanted to fix or replace within pole itself, it could be done more quickly and with less complication 3) the above pic looks like the XLR holder is adjustable, in terms of where you want it exiting your pole...I can maybe imagine some situations where that might be of benefit
  6. Sound Devices Approved Media for 633 - SanDisk question

    Follow-up... Answer from Sound Devices: "For the SanDisk cards, the speed listed on our website is the read speed of the card." This clarified things, and will make it easier to be sure I'm getting one of the tested/approved cards.
  7. Hello - I'm wondering if someone could help me out here. I've got a 633, and I'm wanting to make sure I use SD and CF cards from the approved media list. https://www.sounddevices.com/support/approved-media/6-series-approved-media-list In the list, for the SanDisk SD cards, it lists the following (for example): 128... SanDisk ...Extreme PLUS; SDXC/UHS-1, Class 10; 80 MB/s (bold is mine) For some other cards, they sometimes specify read and write speeds, but for the SanDisk lines they only list one number. Is that meant to be the read speed, or write speed? I want to be sure, because when I look for this card on Amazon... https://www.amazon.ca/SanDisk-Extreme-Write-SDSDXN-128G-G46-Version/dp/B00MBFPT1W/ref=sr_1_fkmr1_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1503881057&sr=1-1-fkmr1&keywords=SanDisk+Extreme+80mb%2Fs+16gb ...it says 80 MB/s on the disk but lists only a 40 mb/s write speed (60mb/s for older model) So, for those who have tried to stick with the approved list, I have a few questions about the SanDisk SD cards: 1) does the required 80 MB/S refer to the read or write speeds? 2) if a similar SanDisk SD card is listed as 90MB/s but has a write speed of 60MB/s, is this acceptable or do the numbers have to be exact? Since the SanDisk SD cards are so popular, I'm thinking I can't be the only one who has wrestled with this. I appreciate any insight. Thanks in advance!!
  8. Ursa Strap

    As a note, easy to confuse "chest" and "waist" with the order...waist holds the unit, chest strap is for the lav only.
  9. Ursa Strap

    Was filling in for the regular mixer for a few days, and I used these on the diva lead actress (had just picked them up days before). Used the waist and thigh. She loved them so much she demanded to the AD that the regular mixer use these when he returned. Keeping talent happy is good for business.
  10. Listen Tech LR-400 vs Comtek PR-216

    Thank you sir! Having someone verify that they can work with the BST helps me quite a bit.
  11. Listen Tech LR-400 vs Comtek PR-216

    Sorry to kindof necro the thread...but I've got similar questions to others already here. I'm close to pulling the trigger on a Comtek BST 75-216 (the base station transmitter that is small enough for a bag). For the director etc I'll have Comtek receivers, but to make this more economical I'd like to use the cheaper ListenTechs for the plebs. Does anyone else have a similar setup with the ListenTech 4200s (those usb charging ones)? What has been your experience with compatibility with that Comtek BST, and are you happy with your system? Thanks! (from a longtime lurker)