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  1. This is amazing...a real eye opener, particularly with the Glengarry clip, and the distant dialogue of the off camera actors.
  2. Remote Audio Hi-Q Batteries

    Audioroot with the Hi-Q 98: almost 7 hours simultaneously running 633, 1 phantom input, 4x lectros, Comtek BST. Been using two of these batteries, they've been flawless for 6 months so far.
  3. Rycote Mic Protector case

    I did neglect to say that the twist-style tubes for the mics look pretty cool..they are more compact than mine, and fit better in cart drawers. I can be clutzy, so I gravitate to gear that can take a beating lol
  4. Rycote Mic Protector case

    I realize that Rycote and K-tek need to make money where they can on peripheries, but so many of these things can be made better and cheaper with a little DIY...these cost about $4 each to make, for example (shockproof, waterproof, customized size):
  5. Hi all! Here in Canada, today has become an annual "Bell Let's Talk" Day, where people talk pretty openly about their battles with all kinds of mental illnesses. I've noticed that it is almost par-for-the-course that people in the film/tv business burn-out at some point. Long hours and a gig-based economy seem to combine to put alot of strain on nerves, relationships, marriages, physical health. I don't know if the nature of sound work puts any particular flavour on it...probably not...but maybe other's know differently? I've been on the edge of burnout for a couple of months now, and would like to hear how other's deal with the stress. For those suffering from depression, I think everything is even further amplified. What do you do? Do you schedule vacations? Are there consequences to talking openly about it with your peers and colleagues? Thank you for your time!
  6. recommendations for double-sided tape for plastic mounts

    thanks folks, some excellent ideas!
  7. I'm using the plastic DPA concealer lav mounts, and occasionally the InvisiLav mounts for the cos-11s. I'm looking for double-sided tape of equivalent quality to the stock circles that come with the DPA concealers, but in larger amounts that I can cut and customize myself. Anyone find anything like this in rolls or sheets? I already have and use snot tape for other purposes, but was looking for something less gooey Thanks!
  8. Reading a client

    What you have already covers it for me...if I'm getting any sense that my rate will be too high (and might not get the job), the answers to these other questions may allow me to shave my rate a bit: # of shooting days, and are they sequential or spread out indoor, outdoor, or both (in Canada in January, this is definitely a thing) any all-night shoots?
  9. Comtek “compand” switch missing

    http://comtek.com/downloads/PR-216_manual.pdf page 2 mentions an "optional enviromic"
  10. Portabrace “Silent” audio bags.

    Looks like Portabrace borrowed from Stingray and Orca to make an interesting budget mashup
  11. Running the Set

    This entire post is fascinating, this will change how I look at things
  12. Necessities For Every Soundbag

    Packs of gum, adapted e-reader light, folding scissors, one square of mole-skin, flashlight-pen, sharpie
  13. Cabled boom poles: Cable exit versus fixed connector

    I believe the exit as shown above would appeal to some because 1) over time, connecting and reconnecting to an XLR embedded in the structure of a pole could put strain on the connector itself, causing damage 2) if there were ever cable problems that you wanted to fix or replace within pole itself, it could be done more quickly and with less complication 3) the above pic looks like the XLR holder is adjustable, in terms of where you want it exiting your pole...I can maybe imagine some situations where that might be of benefit
  14. Sound Devices Approved Media for 633 - SanDisk question

    Follow-up... Answer from Sound Devices: "For the SanDisk cards, the speed listed on our website is the read speed of the card." This clarified things, and will make it easier to be sure I'm getting one of the tested/approved cards.