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  1. Jeff, just another note on my 2.4gHz config. I am using a 1 watt amp at the antenna also the backfire dish is 40 dB down in the rear with 60 degree front radiation. Ron Scelza CAS
  2. We are using abackfire dish antenna, have not exceeded thrange yet average 250 ft Ron SCELZA " The Director asks… “Why isn’t everyone using these?” " I'm pretty much in agreement with the points of Bob's rant... I'd probably say something along the lines of "let xxx (producer, line producer, UPM) know what you need, and he can arrange it" that arrangement being $$$. I, too, have always liked to have the best toys to work with, but particularly on low budget projects (where production nickel and dimes me down) when it comes to what gets handed over to others, like RX's, and headphones, I often apply my rule to production: 'Generally speaking, you get what you pay for!'
  3. Dear All, Heads up on the ERX and Zaxnet, WOW! Two are hanging on the Red’s for TC and one channel of audio... The other two are being fought over! They are crystal clear with a great range…. Most surprising is the demand by the “DP” he loves em… (: Hide them The Director asks… “Why isn’t everyone using these?” Don’t get me started on the 992! (Boom ops dream) Flourish & Prosper Sincerely Ron Scelza CAS
  4. Dear All, I had the opportunity of adding the IFB 100 to my cart on a stage "Brilliant" We toyed with it in a few different configurations with RED, TRX900/Stereo adapter, RX900s, It's a time saving confidence builder offering many options for TC , program signal and monitoring. We swaped the supplied antenna to a (Tin Can) "waveguide circular antenna".. Without measuring line impediance and VSWR.I would guess 5 to 13dbi. We didn't have a "Bird" or instrument to measure the PO, FS, ERP. The tin can was available, cheap and it gave us a greater distance over the supplied antenna. (The IFB100 proved to be a rock solid delivery system using the supplied antenna at our distances to the camera and TRX900's ). Tin Can building instructions; http://www.turnpoint.net/wireless/has.html http://www.w1ghz.org/antbook/chap6-3.pdf Sincerely Ron Scelza C.A.S.
  5. Dear All, Thank you for your input to this topic. I started this thread to find the most practical playback software for the majority of our PB scenarios with consideration to some of the Cuing applications that I would like to try… I've used many different PB & editing programs and really like "BWF Widget Pro" as a good simple PB option -- especially when there isn't a good communication between the director, post & telecine. In every case I believe I t behooves us to ask post to strike a PB two track with a TC track and a program track from their master. A delivered PB medium will maintain a known consistency thru the workflow. IMO this can save a lot of time and lesson confusion later. If the director expects to record to playback, use a thumper, a metronome, a speed change or a different version ask for the PB delivered in a format you can use. Has anyone tried? Sound Cue http://download.cnet.com/Sound-Cue-System/3000-2139_4-10182591.html or QLab (Mac) http://figure53.com/qlab/ Sincerely Ron Scelza CAS
  6. Playback Software Dear All, There are so many great new playback programs that easily fit our needs….Here are a few that I've found... you might try/or have tried… Please comment on them and add your favorites to the list. Sincerely Ron Scelza BWF Widget Pro http://www.bwfwidget.com/html/bwf-widget-pro.html Sound Devices Wave Agent http://www.sounddevices.com/download/waveagent-1. htm Sound Cue http://download.cnet.com/Sound-Cue-System/3000-2139_4-10182591.html QLab (Mac) http://figure53.com/qlab/ OnCue Audio Mixing System 1.3 http://download.cnet.com/OnCue-Audio-Mixing-System/3000-2170_4-10073657.html?tag=mncol Audacity 1.2.6 http://download.cnet.com/Audacity/3000-2170_4-10058117.html?tag=mncol;pop Audobe Audition http://www.adobe.com/products/audition/ Protools LE http://www.digidesign.com/index.cfm?navid=28 Traktor http://www.native-instruments.com/newreleases/#/en/products/dj/traktor-pro/ CuePlayer http://www.baxeldata.com/products.html#cue NUMARK CUE DJ/VJ Software Mac/PC http://www.idjnow.com/StoreModules/ProductDetails.aspx/PID=CUE--BranchID=--DepartmentID=COMPUTER%20%5E%20PRODUCTION--SubDeptID=DJ%20Software--CategoryID=--DeID=0
  7. Where can we find the video of that seminar you're reffering to ? Best regards Jan Deca brussels Dear Jan, The Don Coufal Seminar is in the archives of training seminars given by local 695... Another invaluable tool to help you hold the line -- "The Letter" Coffey Sound: Sincerely Ron Scelza CAS Ron,
  8. Dear Don, I missed your seminar a few years ago-- but not the video. I've watched your video many times and insisted new crew working with me study it. A couple of those trainees gained a wealth of operating knowledge in leu of actual "set time". It ramped them up ten fold. Your seminar is the best training "ever" for anyone in our craft. Thank you… I have never had anything good come from working a feature with a two man crew (akin to piercing the skin on the back of ones neck and be hung for a month). Sad but true... A one man crew doing a feature. Is this a natural progression from reality show producers changing venues or an overzealous SM ? Flourish & Prosper Sincerely Ron Scelza CAS
  9. Dear RVD Thank you for a good laugh! <RVD wrote> <Snip> < Wow, there's probably more than 200. I'm not sure exactly because at each location we start over with number one." > Sincerely Ron Scelza
  10. Dear Crew, Thank you, I doubt that any thought or word I've ever had or spoken is original. In the spirit of "good will" my plagiarism & juxtaposing of others words and thoughts might be helpful to someone here. As with you, we made it through simpler times in a post-fade mono world without disclaimers other then "Directors Choice". Sincerely Ron Scelza CAS
  11. There is no doubt in my mind actors are capable of tapping into a breadth of human dynamics most of us will never understand. I've lived with them, worked with them and rode the rollercoaster as a scripted character is brought to life. The issue at hand is who has the duty to enforce discipline on an individual failing to grasp who they really are and where they are … (out of touch with the present). Out of touch project members in any department are a threat to our safety and our future... These folks need to be disciplined. Friendships and politics sometimes keep that from happening. If you've worked on sets with drunks, drug addicts or people under the care of doctors and shrinks, you get the point... The most ethical professional production sound mixer in the course of a days work dutifully doing his/her job has absolutely no control over what was said and where it might go. We are directed by a Director… Production sound mixers/ recordists are without choice of when we start or stop a recording... We do our jobs and respect the wishes of the Director. Our professional choices are limited to maintaining the quality of the recorded sound for the project... Not the words -- that's it, that’s all we do! I've winked at a Director to cut a scene because of noise and then been upbraided by that director when he verbally instructed camera and sound to cut because of noise.. We don't make the sounds we just record them... If we observe that a director is incapable of creating an environment conducive to getting usable sound safely. — What to do? If you walk --your professionalism might be commented on by some... Your personal integrity is to yourself… One very controversal professional operating standard that I adhere to religiously when it comes to personal talent privacy: Show the talent the on-off switch on their RF mic; explain the nature of open mics, off stage RF receivers, scanners and other possible privacy compromising technology that could be present. Instruct them to turn off their own mic at anytime, anywhere on stage or off when speaking of personal matters that they would prefer to keep private. Instruct them on how to take it off if they are still unsure. It is the personal responsibility of that individual wearing your RF mic to ascertain their own privacy... it has nothing to do with you! Sincerely Ron Scelza
  12. Dear Wayne, You answered all of your own questions, don't do it! I've worked with you-- enjoyed your good spirit, technical abilities, incredible work ethic and your friendship. I doubt I have ever met anyone who manages their time so efficiently… Most of the folks here know you threw your writing of the Zaxcom manuals and your willingness to share on this forum. They haven't a clue of the things you are capable of. For what it's worth -- I believe that it's a good time to economize and not take on any future long term costly commitments... Sincerely Ron Flourish & Prosper
  13. Dear Jeff, I think were in for a treat -- If were talking about "Heather Marshall" IATSE 695 (mixer- sound supervisor). She's a reality, with a lot of sound skill sets... We might even get a few tech tips -- and some good laughs... Welcome Heather…. looking forward to some fun and funny Brazil stories! Sincerely Ron Scelza CAS
  14. Wishing you all a New Year that brings you good health & happiness.. It's a good time for me to say thank you to so many un named & Jeff Wexler for your foresight, past knowledges, stellar work ethics and your contribution to my and others successes. Wishing you and yours good health & happiness and a flourishing and Prosperous New Year (My new year wish) --- Zaxcom Deva 16 & Fusion --- Sincerely Ron Scelza C.A.S.
  15. Hi Eric, It's a good thing that Librarian 3, is Dec 7th.on TNT-- otherwise those that might have watched it on Nov 7th, would have already seen it, and those that would like to see would have missed it.… Thank you for the correction! Hi Mike, Senator Mike Micheals said.. <just the list of numbers you sent it!> Wouldn't that be neat? Sorry for that Bit of un-clarity – A Byte of clarity follows: The two analogue audio signals I sent from the Mix 12 - Deva V were recorded @ 24bit. They were HW to input of the Zaxcom 900 xmitters equipped with the stereo adaptors. The Zaxcom 900 Stereo Receiver's analogue outs were fed to the RED line inputs through the mini XLR in's on the Red... Editors never used the RED audio... Sincerely Ron Flourish & Prosper xīng róng 兴荣 Ron Scelza CAS
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