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  1. Hi all, I am looking for good quality waterproof wireless sistem for an upcomig filming. Talent will be almost constantly in contact with water and because of the locations, it will be impossible to boom it. I first thought about the Lectro WM transmitter with a 400 series receiver but I' would like to know how sealed they are and if they can really take a show like this. Taking this subject, what recomendations would you have for filming in extreme water conditions? Thanks in advance,
  2. Hi all, I will recently start working on a TV series wich will be filmed at 4k 50fps. The question is, how could I send or receive time code at that frame rate in order to have all synced for the edit? The sound recorders I know can handle up to 30 fps TC if I'm not wrong... I would apreciate any kind of help in this matter. Regards
  3. Hi everyone, Is there anyway I can use the RC-F82 mixer with a DR-680? Thanks,
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