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  1. compack is handy if you're using land lines and need to dial … if you're only ever going to use a cell phone then daptors are the way to go, they're more portable for the travel kit… jk audio, microtel, gentner, and telos all make a variety of products for this type of phone interfacing for mix minus configurations
  2. A friend sent this to me, thought I'd share... :
  3. one of my favorite story tellers … tom waits ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Fju9o8BVJ8
  4. I to have been disappointed when watching something I can't hear... Perfect situation for spot mics to enhance a recording, and these days multitrack is made easy... Most of the music recordings I've made have not had cameras envolved so I listened with my eyes closed 😃 and I often enjoy the smooth and simple reproduction of just a stereo pair of mic
  5. i just watched the movie bird man (michael keaton, ed norton …) i really liked the score it was mostly 100% drums, only a couple moments used just some strings … being a drummer i really appreciated the drums score & i thought it worked really well for this film, i haven't heard drums used this much in many movie scores, especially when the movie content has nothing to do with drums … the drummer, antonio sanchez (who's played extensively with pat metheny for years) did an excellent job … it seemed like he really worked hand in hand with the director (Inarritu) to get just the right sound…
  6. i've used the near coincident stereo method with my schoeps over the years more than any other, it's a staple of mine to have for any music recording… that being said i should mentione i seem to have had the unfortunate pleasure of being in spaces that were not acoustically optimum, so a big part of my logic to choose nc was to eliminate some of the unwanted acoustics which would be more dominant on ortf and also a factor for me was the translation to mono listening … a few times i also combined AB with NC and was pleased … allot depends on the situation … i will also echo simple is usually j
  7. i often revisit many recordings of john lurie's lounge lizards … he also did a doc like series called fishing with john, which is purely entertaining ... this first clip is from night flight, a show which i always enjoyed watching … some funny banter here with john & jules ...
  8. it's about a month after passing … however i thought noteworthy as Ornette was a true innovator … a few of my good friends played frequently with him and i had pleasure of hanging with him in his nyc loft a few years back, he was a much gracious host https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=72SVN9sO4P4
  9. panty hose are good to keep the wind off my mics and my legs... So it's a bonus ... There should work for wind if anyone is looking... http://www.rycote.com/products/lavalier-solutions/lavalier-windjammer/dpa-4099-mini-windjammer/ http://www.rycote.com/products/lavalier-solutions/lavalier-windjammer/black-lavalier-windjammer/
  10. in a pinch I've used panty hose with decent results
  11. In was excited about never set to, especially after the cool videos... However it seems it will likely destroy anything you put it on after keeping it dry for a short period of time... Below is just one article on it... http://www.slate.com/articles/technology/technology/2013/07/neverwet_review_the_water_repelling_spray_is_no_miracle_product.html
  12. anyone have any first hand experience with the dpa necklace mic? i hear it's been used on that naked reality show … i'm curious what anyone here may have to say about them after using them
  13. I love dpa mic, I've used many b&k and dpa, I'd like to try these some time for sure, however I thought I'd mention I've had decent results with sennheiser mke104 cardioid mic for car sound, I've even rigged them with a small nite ize flexible cable tie to give them like a goose neck to extend from the surface... They're not too spendy and make decent PA lav if you need that sort of thing... I know we talking dpa but I thought Id mention these because I don't remember others mentioning using these for these type of situations
  14. i've used sennheiser mke104 (cardiod lav) taped to ceilings, visers, and scuh in cars with decent results… if using them with a flexible cable tie (like nite ize tie) it can have similar flexible positioning functionality like an omnigoose … i've also used my schleps mk41 with a swivel mount or with active cable taped with fine results (but this mounting is a bit more labor intensive) if i found myself doing this type of mounting allot (and didn't already have something) i'd probably add the dpa 4099 option to my kit, i haven't heard it but i imagine it would be a good fit for this sort of th
  15. not really a sound focused topic, however i find the promo video for this camera fun to watch https://www.lily.camera
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