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  1. I freaking hope I never hear any NR from location. As a post guy, we mainly want a nice clean raw sound.
  2. everyone here has some great info and links. All I want to say is please don't normalise!!!!!
  3. I know there are many answers here but. OMF, no, no, no. Stems are very standard deliverables however it is best to agree on what stems are required before you even start or as soon as it is realised that a particular stem might be required as it will possibly impact the routing of your session (eg. Proving dipped or undipped stems etc...) But I reiterate. No on giving OMF.
  4. jpustin

    RX 4

    Super useful if your ears are stuck in post projects a lot. Just make sure the features of advanced are needed. Kinda pricey if not. Rx4 is just fine for most stuff
  5. All good dude, balancing transformer already bought.
  6. Do the ta3 connectors really output aes? Out of my 702t?
  7. Ah awesome then. Thats what I kinda was thinking and of course would be trying but the manual seemed to point to aes3id which is unbalanced 75ohm. Either way I've no doubts it'll work. Cheers.
  8. Apologies to constantin and the forum for my outburst. Drinking and forum posts don't go well sometimes. My AES issue is fine. Will just require an impedance transformer. Cheers
  9. And it is difficult to try as I do not have the cables yet and was wanting to get it straight before I purchased, so no trying.
  10. Listen mate. Please comment no further. Upon further research I have solved my interfacing issue. You are a smug know it all no help. Please do not comment anymore. You are a snide little man. I do not wish to converse with you anymore. I am new to location sound. I very rarely deal with the gear as I am stuck in a studio mixing the stuff you record so if your going to have an attitude then you can kindly bugger off. Everyone else on this forum seems very open and helping besides you. Happy new year. Perhaps time for an attitude adjustment.
  11. Gday, Sorry for the probably dumb question but I am trying to work out if it is possible to go AES out of my SD702t into the AES (XLR) inputs of my Lynx Aurora 8 to basically see if I can use the 702 at pres for my studio when needed but im getting lost in the SD manual is it just referring to +4 and -10 with the pro and consumer settings? thanks and sorry again for the dumb question.
  12. ok some bad wording from me, I am fully aware of how pre's and A/D and D/A works, dude, it was just a wish, no need to get defensive. The AES/SPDIF is perfectly fine.
  13. Well if the pres were analog, they could be post pre like a direct out... But they aren't.
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