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  1. Thanks guys. Chris I actually worked yesterday with someone with a heavy duty Lowel Uni Sr stand. Just as you said a bit heavy but seems pretty sturdy for something that folds up that small. I most likely will go this route.
  2. Curious what kind of boom stands you guys travel with when flying. I'm currently looking for something that's less than 27" when folded and struggling a bit on flimsiness vs size. Thanks!
  3. Call me crazy but instead of buying a GREEN schoeps.. since the front half is covered by the windscreen simply make a green "sleeve" that goes OVER the schoeps CMC6 body. Seems like a no brainer compared to always owning an actual green mic.
  4. I'm absolutely loving this but the one thing I'm questioning is the need for hardware knobs for L/R X1/X2. I might be in the minority but once I have those levels set I rarely need to move them. Would be excellent if they were assignable for things like trim control for 7-10 or a host of other things.
  5. He was most likely referring to "The CL-12 will be compatible with the 688 upon shipping. Future support for both the 664 and 633 will follow"
  6. How else would he be creating a mix using 8 wireless and a CL9?
  7. I love this cart, my only question is if all of your signals are going through the 788T/CL8 what's the point of backup? If the 788T goes down your backup wont be getting the mix either correct?
  8. I currently own a SD 664 and 633 and have been thinking about upgrading the 664 to a 688 strictly for mix assist (4-10 people round tables etc) . I'm struggling to find much good info online before I pull the trigger. How's it working out? Good in noisy environments or just quiet spaces? Any quirks or tips? I appreciate the help!
  9. The interesting thing is I bet it comes to consumer products (cameras, recorders) before we get it in pro gear.
  10. While I agree with what you're saying it's pretty easy to see the opposite side to the arguments. 1. A huge % of sound recordings out there are talking head interviews. HVAC systems (that can't be shut down) and a 100 other consistant style BG sounds. No rehearsal needed. 2. I just don't see that being 100% correct. 10 years ago sure.. but the NR plugs are getting ridiculously good and easy to use. The algorithms on all the plug ins out there (LA2A's to SSL channel strips) while in the past were good, but not quite there are getting extremely good and only getting better. 3. Speaking for at least myself I would never use a NR plug in the field if I knew it was going to proper post. Sad reality is, a LOT of things out there never reach a separate audio post guy/room. Whether its a corporate shoot, or a news gig etc. As far as putting post out of work, while I respect you for having posts back times are changing, and in defense to post there is a bit more too it than NR. If all post did was slap a NR plug in on the mix his job isn't exactly stable to begin with. Once again, I totally see what you're saying I just feel there is more situations than you might be thinking.
  11. Since noise reduction plugins are becoming more and more common in post production software programs and also easier and easier to use these days why don't we have this available yet in our field mixers/recorders? Is anyone working on something like that? Of course you wouldn't use it 100% of the time but in the right situations I think it would be invaluable. Even at the very very least if we are in a bad envronment we could test it, and let the client know if they will be ok or not. Situations where we currently have to guess. Doing it in post is always going to be better (at this point), but as I'm sure most of you deal with, not every single thing goes through separate audio post. Being that cameras are turing into mini computers, shouldn't sound products start pushing those same boundries? Would be interested to hear what you guys think either way.
  12. It's a shame these kinds of posts always have the same reaction. While I would never take a job for this pay, just as erice mentioned it might be guys throwing all their money into a hat to try to make a dream of theirs reality. I respect the fact that they are out there trying to make it happen for themselves. Now if this was a real production company or network trying to low ball for the sake of low balling, yea then there is a problem. Other than that simply say no and move on with the rest of your life. To act like people shouldn't even try to create their art without a huge budget is just sad to me.
  13. Chad, is wire removal (or boom) on moving shots still a frame by frame process or as tracking software gets better and better has the process changed to a different technique? It's a lot easier opening the discussion with clients if we have a better idea of the process in 2015. Thanks
  14. Saw this and thought you guys might want to check it out. Tons of bts including the car setups, booms being painting out etc. https://youtu.be/ef9LIXb5Utk
  15. I think afewmoreyears nailed it. Sound devices obviously knows how well the CL8 has sold compared to their other products and if they thought it was fiscally in their best interest to build a CL12 they would do it. I think it's safe to say that a company which designed and sold the CL8 would have thought about it before putting out the 688 and decided it wasn't in their best interest. The reality is there is a crap ton more bag users out there than cart based guys and while Sound Devices has given us amazing products for years we can't forget they are a for profit company. I don't think they can/will accept subway sandwiches as payment. I'm sure if you offered to buy 5000 of them they would make you any product you wish. I do think it would be nice if they asked the masses what they wanted in future products a bit more on forums like this and their own. I realize they love to surprise us but I think it would be in their own interest to find out what we want/need and then at least make their decisions with that in mind.
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