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    Zoom F8n.

    You'd lose that bet
  2. Hey Jez, The F8 could not on release, but there was a firmware update that added this capability. Samuel
  3. Hey d r, Yes. The 4 pots can be switched between gain and fader. Samuel
  4. Hey Vivid Lizard, Mostly accurate here. 2 comments There is a headphone volume knob on both the F8 and F4. And time code accuracy when you turn the unit off, same as the F8. It's not so much a bug but a feature these units do not have.
  5. Mike, We have no official list of serial numbers but yours is outside the possible range. Thank you
  6. My colleagues call me Official. You can call me Samuel
  7. This issue is hardware related and only affects early serial numbers. It was addressed early on in production. If anyone experiences this issue we are more then happy to replace the unit with a new one. We can even send out an advanced replacement
  8. Everyone, new fiormware. Mainly bug fixes https://www.zoom.co.jp/F8_update System version 2.10 for the Zoom F8 has been released. The firmware update includes the following : ■ Function Update 1. Added phantom power setting options to continue supply of phantom power in playback mode. ■ Bug Fixes 1. Following SD card performance test, sometimes SD card shows NG status without reason. 2. Changes to Ubits mode settings do not display correctly after restarting the F8. 3. The time stamp of recording file displayed on PC/Mac is shifted to incorrect time depending on the time zone setting of PC/Mac. 4. Noise is generated when changing from recording mode to playback mode. 5. When repeat connections and cut-off’s of Bluetooth’s iOS device occur, sometimes the F8 cannot connect to such iOS device. 6. Response of the F8 becomes slow when the following operation is repeated : Press Rec key – press Pause key and cancel it – press Rec key again to start a new take.
  9. Hiro, Is the sound recorded to your files or do you hear it just through the headphone? Does it sound like stepping or grounding?
  10. The F8 should not ever overwrite a file. I suggest doing a test to replicate the recording process as closely as you can and confirm you do not have any issues. If it happens again please email me so we can investigate further. Hopefully there was some other human error at play or it was a one time occurrence. If you would like to discuss further your can also email me. sgreene@zoom-na.com
  11. Hey Tom, I hear your concerns with the notes and reports. I will pass along. The pot use that you describe would be interesting. Haven't heard that from anyone yet. Thank you
  12. Hello, Thanks for the thoughts. These are all great comments. I will pass them on for consideration as we look to improve the F8 further! You can edit note Metadata on past take in the Finder menu. Thank you
  13. Hello, If the battery will output 17V at any point then you cannot use it with the F8. Will it melt? I hope not. It could cause damage though. Thank you
  14. Hello Hiro, I would like to hear more info about his problem. Can you please call our office (631-542-5270) and ask for Samuel. Thank you
  15. Davide, The first update was a couple of necessary releases. We continue to work on improving the firmware and adding features we are getting feedback about. Stay tuned to our website and social media for more updates. Thanks Hey John, All great questions. I'll answer best I can. 1. Engineers choice. We have noted the interest in a tape or camera return. Obviously won't show up on the F8 but we will note for the future. 2. Same as 1. The outputs that are there are custom route-able. 3. This is a hardware spec. We have noted the want for the option for future products. 4. You can record WAV on SD 1 and MP3 of SD 2. 5. I would suggest going for the F8 now. We just shipped out more units, and there will be much more on the way before March. Thanks Samuel
  16. Hello Fritz, The F8 does have a software gain pot lock. Pressing the STOP button and any PFL button will lock all gain pots. This cannot be done during recording. Thank you
  17. Hello Greg, This is a possibility in the future. It is a comment we have heard a few times. We will take it into consideration as we look to improve the F8, as well as future products. Currently, we do not have any repair centers. If something is wrong with you F8 you can call the dealer you purchased it from (many of whom have extensive tech knowledge of our products) or call us directly. If there is a malfunction with your F8 we have a rapid replacement policy. We will put a hold on your credit card, rush you a new F8, and ask you to ship your broken F8 once received. We have heard from many rental houses that have expressed interest in having F8's available. Right now there have been limited supplies in the market. But I am sure you will see more rental houses with them soon.
  18. Hello Dan, Thanks for the questions 1. You would want to be in the PFL/SOLO menu of a particular input. 2. The HP output is based upon the stereo mix you have created Thank you
  19. Hello Michael, This is a great idea for a future update to the F8. I will bring it to the attention of our team. Thanks
  20. Hello Tom, Thank you for your thoughts. We are taking feedback on this unit very seriously and the lack of a functional mixing surface it a comment we are hearing in multiple places. We are currently looking into some changes that could provide better mixing functionality. For the time being, if you have an iOS device available, the Bluetooth connected app provides a great mixing surface with a lot of controls and metering. I also hear your feedback on the 1/4" connectors and will keep it in mind as we look to improve the F8 as well as future products. Thanks Hello Rick, The 1/4" input is for Line Level Sources. Thanks
  21. Hello Everyone, My name is Samuel. I'm a product specialist at Zoom North America. I am here to answer any questions anyone may have, and hear feedback about the new Zoom F8 Field Recorder. Thank you
  22. Hello chrismedr, The app allows you to control gain, pan, and the fader. It also shows timecode, battery voltage, among other meters. Thanks
  23. Hello cjh, Currently the F8 increments scenes numerically. However, we take all feedback very seriously and have heard requests for alphanumeric increments. Thanks
  24. Hello Everyone, My name is Samuel. I'm a product specialist at Zoom North America. I am here to answer any questions anyone may have, and hear feedback about the new Zoom F8 Field Recorder. Thank you
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