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    Young sound enthusiast. Worked on Marco Polo season 2
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  1. I'm still waiting for a good review 😕
  2. Can't wait to see a good review! This + 185 could be a killer small solution for in and outdoors, could fit the same Rycote system
  3. Hi, let us know what You think! cheers
  4. Wow! This could be what I'm looking for! I tried the Senny 8050, which was amazing when we had close-ups with stationary actor, but had a lot of trouble swinging from actor to actor. I hope someone makes a good test video of this!
  5. This is really cool! Don't mix and drive
  6. Greetings, if any of you need a mixer/boom op in Hungary, feel free to contact me! My own equipment is fit for doc or short films, if You have your own, I can probably handle it. For example: I've been working on Marco Polo (Netflix) and Dracula (NBC) series as boom op/assistant. Cheers Samuel_Lehoczki_CV_2016.pdf
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