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    Hi my name is Joppe, worked as sound designer and got a passion for designing all sorts of audio related stuff.
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  1. Thanks allot for the kind words ! im glad it performs as it should. im pretty happy with it so far. none came back. so far ! knock on wood Yeah Constantin you where one of my first customers ! im glad you and some others got the thing going. if you ever want to replace that V1 with a V3 i bet we can arange something to save some costs. i mean someone has to take the plunge and you where one of them!.
  2. thats awesome to hear , it really does do me good, you enjoy them, it really does !! im doing fine, hope you guys are able to work during these hard times ? Kind regards Joppe
  3. i really dont want to be a sales person but if anyone is still interested in an 8 bay charger ? contact me. i got some parts left for a few There are a few that took the plunge before you (not gone name people here) but it would really help keeping another hobby up and i believe so far people are rather happy about the charger and service (one on one contact) I hate to write this but anyhow. Kind regards Joppe and keep save!
  4. well yeah ur right they can be hurt in sub zero c , when charging. most often though ur not charging in such an environment and if you would they warm up really quickly being overall far above 0 C after 2 minutes. so even if you would (witch i cant recommend) they will be charged. time to form metallic lithium on the anode is only a short time.. as i said i would not recommend it by far. but if you have to record in this situation, you can either chose to have a charger that does not charge at all. or does its best. at the cost of batteries. no one cares if it will reduce life, if the choi
  5. thats great to hear ! what was the 12 bay brand if i may ask ? im still excited by seeing stuff i made myself in a picture taken on the other side of the globe thanks !!!
  6. well thank you so they are essentialy the new NP1 sort of? cool. i never seen them not weird since im out for a while haha. ill look them up, my guess is they are multisell though. do you always need a charger for it ? or can you dangle them on the apropiate power supply ? this tells me if they got a battery management in them or the charger is suplying that Oh i see they sell chargers so that one is awnsered haha they are rather fancy batteries and chargers ! they look nice and are a bit more complicated then an NP50 but nice they have a new king in town by the lo
  7. Thanks M8 !! smart batteries, never heard of those any specifik brand ? since they look to be any battery that holds a BMS
  8. Hi there ! I get allot of questions can you make a charge peli ? Well the answer is usually ... i dont know depending on the chargers, i bet i can but i am not looking forward to make a charge case with 5 different chargers in there that are not at all made to be used into a case.... like no mounting options, rounded off and they all have there own separate power brick. i dont blame the producers i make chargers that are standalone to. But i thought many times, it would be so nice if all chargers had a sort of old mixer frame. with a front panel that can drop into a rectangular hole
  9. So i finally decided enough is enough. the charger is done. thanks to all the people for the input and the persons that wanted to take the plunge on the first 2 that made it possible to start. Dont mind the pictures... i once more dont have a complete version myself to make new pictures.... ill update them when i finish one. but enough of me rambling here the specs and such. NP50 Charger V3.0 (own circuits with converter) Features/specs Smallest form factor of all NP50 chargers on the market. (HxWxL) 4.92 x 11.4 x 6.4 cm. Charges 8
  10. Hi might be a weird question. but i dont want tot waste materials ! so this was one of my prototypes and i made 2 of them. differences is clamping force (compared to the new one) and logo. i tried to find a balance of clamping force and easy of getting a battery out, they wont let go out of the blue. but still. They are in perfectly working order. maybe someone is interested in these for a mark off ? i dont want to waste the materials. electronics are the same as the final product. this one is just even a tad smaller. just let me know, ill keep them around. Kind regar
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