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    Hi my name is Joppe, worked as sound designer and got a passion for designing all sorts of audio related stuff.
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  1. Hi might be a weird question. but i dont want tot waste materials ! so this was one of my prototypes and i made 2 of them. differences is clamping force (compared to the new one) and logo. i tried to find a balance of clamping force and easy of getting a battery out, they wont let go out of the blue. but still. They are in perfectly working order. maybe someone is interested in these for a mark off ? i dont want to waste the materials. electronics are the same as the final product. this one is just even a tad smaller. just let me know, ill keep them around. Kind regards Joppe Peelen
  2. Well thank you ! might not be skill but more persistence thing there are 4 in the bin, with spring contacts that did not worked out (cheap chinese ones...it showed) Well thank god its not alumnium since i would have troubles to haha
  3. I made my first test jig. since i made these PCB's and the tolerances of the charge chips, ar a bit bigger then i want i want to test them all before i use them. its a jig that has spring loaded pins that connect to all the points on the board when fixed down in the jig. a nice method to connect everything in one simple test without soldering. nothing new this technique, but i never made one since this is my first PCB heres a video where i explain some stuff if you might be interested.
  4. hahah no if this was my work, would not buiy tghem to begin with but a nice set of DPA's Thonnman was even so nice to NOT refund they said we talked to our studio devision and they said your voice should sound less great they are made for ambient..... well little do they know
  5. T100 soldering iron. could even be fed from the cart ! i myself have a weller station. but i still want this one
  6. Small update !! i got my circuits in !,and well they work ! but i do need to replace some components. i did not expect it to be perfect from software to actually having it in your hand. so i do need to make replace a few components by hand (led brightness between green and red for instance) i got the correct values now after seeing it so. Well im working on the housing of the travel version V3 Np50 charger. i did change up the design. since previous one i posted actually had more components. and almost no one wants a 4 bay Pic 1 light guides line up test Pic 2 light guides line up test with one slot charging. (triggered externally) see how it looks. Pic 3 1/4 the of the Iterations of the modules with the fingers holding the battery. looking for the balance not falling out but not to hard to get them out. (holding them does have main priority) i also extended the fingers and the slots so it holds them more straight easily. The module at the front right is actually my previous smallest charger module Pic 4 some light guides. Slowly but surely the housing will be done. then testing begins.. already did some tests. The charge circuit charges up to 4.20v (witch is 100%) But it has a an accuracy of 1.5%, so far it has not gone beyond 4.20 (thank god, some fake ones do), but some chips do charge up to 4.15 witch is less then the 1.5%. now how does that translate into capacity ? well for the same battery that hols 847mAh @ 4.20 it will hold 818mAh.(tested not a calculation) if this battery would last 240 minutes @100% it would go 231Minutes if charged with that slot. so 9 minutes less. i dont own a larger capacity Np50 (i have to buy one ) but i can imagine that difference becomes even less when you use a higher capacity Np50. By the way a battery charged up to 4.15 volt can be charged 1.4 times more often then one at 4.20 volt, above the 4.20 volt the amount of charges degrades quickly. ur on the list thx m8 !
  7. Well i thought i just rewire some Roland Roland WPM-10 Wear Pro to be used one a ZOOM, or antyhing with plugin power.... well so far so good but watch and listen what then happens... |
  8. Well thank you ! i ordered my boards a few weeks ago ! i think i got the basics nailed by now but who knows hahah i always want them in my hands to be realy sure. i might have missed the brightness of the LED's or the position .. since those are rather critical in my design. if i cant manage anymore failures i will definitely contact ! thanks in advance !! a 12 way would maybe be possible i rather not make to many of them to be honest, one reason is it is on the limit of the DC converter, as well as i dont think its a good idea to put all your eggs in one basket when on set. 2 times 8 or 1 8 and one 4 would be a better fail save. but ofcourse its your choice, if i can make them and you really really want, im sure i can cook something up. Kind regards Joppe
  9. Hi Guys and Girls I mentioned my own circuits for a while now and i just ordered some pcb's for a 4/8 Bay Np50 charger, i designed myself, took me some time since although people are willing to help. usually it ends up doing it yourself everyone is busy So my question is this. Anyone would be interested in a 4 bay or an 8 bay Np50 charger ? My electronics are ordered due to 2 willing people to take the plunge, without me or them knowing when i can deliver it since it might take some iterations. im low on finance so this was the only way possible. (without a job next month) i would like to take stock of what might be possible by my lonesome. without a boss. Anyhow, many already did let me know on previous occasion but since this is something different and there is another new charger on the market , i would like to make a new list It is still in like testing/development stage but whos interested in a 4 bay or a 8 bay version. i wont hold you to it and dont want any down payment (i dont like to feel owing anyone money/goods already paid for, stresses me out ) Here are the specs, for those that want to know it uses a TP4056 charge chip with a charge current of around 400-450 mAh, casing will be home made out of poly carbonate light guides, HDPE slots that hold the batteries and HPL matt black sides. The slightly larger slot size (8mm compared to battery thickness of 7mm) remains, i cant change that thats why i turned to single slot holders to improve ergonomics since it is all so compact. ~1.5% accuracy on charge voltage. Swish made gold plated contacts Smallest form factor available. Over voltage protection, reversed voltage protection. Short out protection. Ability to feed the charger with 10-30 volts (~12 volt 90%+ efficiency) so a cart battery should work and even a laptop brick could save your day. Dual indicator lights for each charge slot, so color blind could indicate if one is charged or charging without seeing the color. 12v DC brick Power supply from Meanwell, with enough power for at least a 8 bay. Dimensions 4 bay WxDxH 5.8 cm x 6.4~ cm x 4 cm (pictures are 10-1 ratio) Dimensions 8 bay WxDxH 5.8 cm x 10.4~ cm x 4 cm (pictures are 10-1 ratio) If your interested please let me know. and if you would wish some special cables to be able to connect it to you cart or power distribution please let me know. Last picture to let you know i dont only do sketchups and a video about the new DC-DC converter i use. tested on a 1/3 bigger load then i planned on using it on. (a 12 bay instead off a bay. but for those that have V2 i can do a retrofit if you like. Greetings Joppe Peelen there we go a little cleaner forum sorry !
  10. Thanks for some info on the current drain of the SSM,i was looking for that , and it is not stated in teh manual but draining the np50 to 2.8.. is rather low. might not be a problem if without load it shoots up to 3v but 2.8 is not normal. in all my tests i always drained down to 3v. about savings. its far more interesting not to charge the battery up to 4.2 with would be the max saturation charge. while charging up to 1.18 or so would hurt duration of use by minutes (like 10-15 or so) but will increase lifespan allot. by almost 100 chargers. i need to buy one of the lectros just for testing to bad they are so expensive
  11. Well because my previous post, i've drawn a sketch, of what the charger might look like with my own made circuits. not much of a huge win in fabrication time. but because allot of people wanted something very space efficient. this is actually the only way to go, although be it much more work. there will be an adapter for powering the thing though. both leggs that hold the battery will show a light. one leg green for no battery or charge complete and one leg red charging. in this method you can see the difference also when ur color blind. Pic 1 shows the sizes in mm other pics well side view top view front view etc . (i did not draw the connectors or switch) last picture shows what the light guides look like. as for now its an idea. the problem is not making this, but the electronics.since i would have to do everything myself even the soldering/flowing of all the SMD components. (like rice sized components.) aah well
  12. Hi everyone that is lurking in the dark, i hope you all had a nice vacation etc ? and i hope you did not all pre order a Soundguys Solution charger since i am so slow The 3 pin idea is really neat, i wished i came up with it (i wont use it of course) and i do wish them all the best!! Here a small update on my project Well i am testing aloooooot of charger currents and circuits, so far the replacement circuits, charges a little under the usual suspect chargers ~ 3% less. but then again i´ve measured some voltages of charged batteries on some... well other brands and they tend to overcharge beyond 4.20 volt (they measure 4.2 after a few hours , that means they where over charged). Not good if you want to use them for a long time. it is good if you want to get the maximum hours out of them. but then again 3-4% on a 5 hour duration (equals 300 minutes) is 9-12 minutes.... undercharging 3-4% gives you +-70 -100 more charges out of the same battery. on a 35 euro battery that saves some waste and money i am still working on my own circuits though, so i could change the design, in favor of my free time but i wanted to have some circuits in stock to be able to fix some of my previous chargers since there where are few casualties.. people using the wrong adapter.... ill try to look for a solution so the adapter will see a short when a to high voltage is used and dont damage the charger. my precious !!!. hope the wrong adapter likes that though. (most have short circuit protection) dont try that on a lead acid battery though or it will be new years eve all over. About free time... so far i had to learn everything when it comes to PCB design, so it takes quite some time (these software feel like stuff from the 90's).. i did made some progress though. and i am not sure yet how the charger is gone look. either based on the old one. or a complete new one in favor of ease of fabricating... hard to say. i believe people where rather fond of the super small form factor. as for now a few more days and i can ask the people that are on my waiting list if they still want a charger like the travel version. since i got some circuits in stock. i still got some materials (housing and power supply) for the none travel version to, if someone wants, ill give you a discount, since its just sitting there doing nothing. it could potential charge up to 24 np50's at a time if you want. i wont recommend that but it can. you could say i would like to have 16 slots if you likes or whatever between 2 and 24 Cya soon hopefully with some more photos and news !
  13. well i amm still testing with some circuits that might replace the old ones... still thats not the way i wan to go. but at least if they work as i intended i can get a hold of as many to be sure i can fix some (some peopleblow them up by using the wrong charger) i want to adress that to if i can but cant acount for all of well mistakes but i might be able to sell some depending on how many i can get and if they work well. still my own cicuit is what i want no more chinese dependency
  14. Well by the looks of it more and more people i have to admit i got some troubles with getting my electronics. i might have replacements but it takes some time to see how well they work. at the same time i want to make my own circuits. but for that to work i am seeking some help from third parties, this costs time and potential some money i dont have. so i did not not forget about the chargers. but it might take a bit more time then i and a few others would like. but i hope i can come up with something before everyone found something else.
  15. i like seeing mics in anything that does not need to be hidden.... to me it sounds muuuuuuuuch better. no clothing not funny noises less comb filtering if you are allowed to place it where you want. ofcourse it would be nice if they where not there. but in terms of sound... well you just cant win. i bet some will say then your doing it wrong. but really ? thats why we got all kinds of tools to do so, and even then 80% does not agree on using this or that tool. and even then most of the times it allot of work to let it sound decent in post again. so non fiction... to me i dont mind seeing a mic if it sounds nice !
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