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    CNC , Diy Audio, Loudspeakers, Planar magnetics, Ribbons.
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    Hi my name is Joppe, worked as sound designer and got a passion for designing all sorts of audio related stuff.
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  1. Been a while, due to vacation and having to clear a house out. not much had happened from my end as well in terms of orders. but i do not take vacation so if someone still is interested in a charger feel free to contact me here or on wrinex.com have a good one and enjoy the weather, i know i do
  2. Since the waiting list is almost gone, i had some time to make a request for a 16 bay version (several people asked for one, but i could not make one since there where so many pre orders). i still recommend 2 x 8 bay because of redundancy , but if you got many to charge, or want to have as small of a kit possible. this is it. 16 bays charging in one go. same specs as the smaller 8 bay in terms of speed. it does use a slightly more powerful power brick of course. that can also be used on the smaller one if needed. Both can be used on a cart battery as well if it is able to supply 20 watts for the 8 bay and 40 watts for the 16 bay charger. DC voltage range for the 16 bay = 12-24volt 40 watts Price is 650 Euro ex VAT ex shipping compared to 350 for the 8 bay. both can be ordered by contacting me More specs about the 8 bay can be found on www.wrinex.com (webshop part not yet up)
  3. It has been quite the year !! And i have to thank you all for putting trust in me and my product. And i hope everyone that owns one enjoy using them (sorry about the disco in every hotel room) For the people that are still on the waiting list, my list is almost gone and i bought allot of stock for parts, so i should be able to deliver faster. i send everyone an email to wish you all happy holidays, but some might not be in my current list. So thank you once more to make this possible and enjoy the holidays! Kind regards Joppe Peelen
  4. Nice one thank you for the picture ! Also nice USB leads, for timecode devices ? i hope you will enjoy the charger, if you got any questions feel free to ask. Kind regards Joppe Peelen
  5. Thank you ! i am glad you like it! it still is weird to see a thing you made on the other side of the world in use if you got any issues or questions feel free to email me call me or send a message !
  6. Perfect !!! yeah it has a very wide range of working voltage. 12-36 so almost everything works looks great !
  7. Send out the first 4 chargers today jees allot of paper work since my site is not up yet. i have to make all invoices manually. but happy camper anyways. feeling anxious about what they think of them and hope nothing goes wrong in shipping , even after i made a few in the past. time for a beer ! to celebrate for those that wonder, at the moment i only accept money transfer or paypal. this will change when the website is up and running
  8. thanks m8 , ill take a look where you at and move you down a bit , i probably leave you on the spot you are when i am able to ship ill, ask if you need it or not in a hurry The pins gone be fine, its well not great but. overall it wont influence it that much. so ill just take it. and keep the price as promised. about moving the power inlet and switch is sort of a problem. the way the thing is made i cant drill holes in the top or bottom. maybe but i say maybe. i can think of somethign with an insert. since the backside that houses the inverter can be decoupled from the front charging bays, i might be able to make (if it works) 2 different backsides., but i cant prommise anything. and at the moment im a bit to bussy to look into it. but ill keep it in the back of my mind ! ur not the first one asking for such a thing. Kind regards Joppe
  9. Small update of my chargers. not an add!! i just wanted to inform people. I am making as much components as i can (with the money and time i have). so i can hopefully reduce building times when i actually can ship them. I am waiting for my mega order (for me at least) of the swiss battery contacts, gold price sky rocketed and people seemed to horde the exact pogo pins i needed and drove the price up almost tripled. Anyhow i placed my order of 1000 pins that should be enough for all of the pre orders... The other components i buy as i go, the most expensive components i got for a small batch of 8 chargers (these components have a fast delivery, so i can order them along the way) everything that takes longer i ordered in advance. 3 august i can get my company VAT number, it was the fastest method i could chose apparently they are busy. The product photos became really nice i think , and i even like the simplicity of the website and design (not online yet). biggest problem is the payment options and shipping labels and correct invoices i can only fix after my VAT number is arranged. So worst case scenario is i have to make some invoices by hand etc to ship some. since i dont know how fast fixing these website things take. and i want to get them out as fast as i can. I still need to ask everyone on the list how much they are in a hurry, but i think this is hard to do when the website itself is not up yet. so i will ask the first 8, and might swap some people around if they agree on it. last but not least, i am verry happy i took the plunge and am stoked to actually ship out some when i can! Kind regards, Joppe Peelen
  10. NP-50 Bulk Chargers Small update !! Well i took the plunge jeeej ! i reached my goal of 45+ chargers !! Thanks all of you for the support , the people that want to take the plunge as well as the people that already had taken it in the past and where insanely friendly to pitch them without asking !!! i am glad the people that have one, enjoy them to !! I got rid of my income yesterday so i can make and sell chargers bit scary though. anyhow, Its only legal for me to actually sell them from the beginning of august +-, but i do whatever i can money wise and time wise to make as much parts as i can before that. (photo) when i got a few ready i will go trough the list and see who wants one straight away and who is okay with waiting slightly longer. to try and keep everyone happy and get there chargers as fast as i possibly can. please do keep remember that i still make them all by hand. and even make 90% of all the parts. i hope by the end of the month i got a website, that i first use as a payment portal only to give you guys the ability to have several payment options and so i can aquire an address that cant go wrong unless you fill it in wrongly still have to think of a name for the company that i can only establish at the end of this month (any ideas >?)... its all rather packed in terms of things to do Well anyhow thanks for all the interest adn support and ill contact you individually as soon as i can !!! Kind regards, Joppe Peelen
  11. Thats great news Daniel ! Ill add you to the list, we are making progress ! Thank you
  12. ill add you to the list. since first come first seve, when i reach the goal , it would take me time to make them as well (would go faster then i did before though) Thanks !!
  13. Thank you sir !, ill add you to the list. I try to do it without deposits or owing any money to people , it makes live easier but im glad people are willing 14 a night, thats quit some. yeah another 8 bay will give you 16 a night. to bad the bigger one is to big by now still is i think the smallest a 12 bays could have been , even now but yeah the 8 is ... smaller ur on the list ! of course !
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