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  1. Well i promised to take a few more photos of my Np50 charger with external PSU. there is also a picture of it outside in direct sunlight, and one of machining the modules that clamp the battery, with there fingers. And the sun is shinning i can tell you ! 32 degree c.. (i love it, finally a day people dont say: heej your hands are purple , you are cold ?) Well anyhow, the charger is in direct sunlight but i must admit that the photo makes green more visible somehow then i could with the naked eye. but since RED is clearly visible you can still see witch one is charging and witch one is complete. the charger is a bit smaller as my hand, and i got regular hands, as seen in the weird charger in hand picture. Then lastly since i had quite some requests/interest. Of course i am having trouble getting a critical component at this time. as some may know i use the same circuits as Soundguys Solutions. and (i guess they have the same problem) the re-seller does not stock them anymore. also funny is that every other small company i searched for up the chain are sold out now as well. i bought an amount and someone else bought the rest. but i am working on getting them (i will get them, but it takes a bit longer). and i got an idea brewing for my own circuit. but since i want to be able to support the people i sold one before, i still need to get my hands on the circuit i used in these. Enjoy the sun !
  2. OOh thats good to hear:) niceeee. RomanH theres your awnser i guess although i still dont gurantee anything as you can imagine. but aaprantly it holds Thanks Constantin ! by the way i implemented youn on/off switch in the new design you wanted im sorry its not in your version
  3. haha thanks Constantin , yeah your are the owner of my first 110-220 charger i sold to someone i did not know if you got it near or maybe some other time could you put some bat in there and shake it vertically ? im just not sure. the sots are exactly the same on the small; one as the big one anyway i just cant guarantee they will stay in there. im sure i can make one that does, but thats the thing.... i cant make different ones for everyone.
  4. ai vertically , hmm im not sure as i explain in the video there is some slop because of material availability (and being able to put the batteries into the slots since its so compact). i am not to sure. its not designed as being vertically, to be honest. and since the one with external PSU is sooo small i cant hardly think of a space reason to do so. its 14.5 x9cm thats like a quarter of an A4 paper sheet for 12 batteries.besides that it kind of depends on how rough the terrain is im sorry i cant give you an exact answer , i dont currently own one of my own chargers ....haha
  5. I dont know if you've seen the video about the 12 slot 110-220 charger ? the slots are the same in the small one, and might give a better insight. please do take into account i made the video for my Youtube audience that dont know anything about using these batteries and English is not my native language so hihi.
  6. Thanks ! well the exact price and in witch form is hard to say yet. since if i sell them i want it to be by the books. by the book things tend to be a bit more expensive then from a friend i was thinking of making a few standard versions like 4,8,12 or i leave out the 8 and make 6 or 12 slots. must try to keep it simple, i have the tendency to say everything is possible (witch is, depending on time and money i guess) and make it to complicated for myself. since im only a dude with some tools, im not a complete production line. Everything is hand assembled, i make the adjustments to the circuit , the housing , the soldering , the testing, the bending of the light guides, the things that hold the batteries etc etc. that makes it possible to do some requests, but starting price will be steeper then a store I wont be making the old charger anymore, although i like the looks better with the powersuplly but to meet any regulations i rather ditch 220 or 110 volt in general in my own designs. and only work with low voltages. witch makes replacing any failures on powersupply's easy to. although never seen that so far. i know the brand well and all of there stuff is rather nice, could even upgrade to a medical rated one if you really wanted more reliability and less EMF-EMI etc. But to make a long story short prices would be around without tax in the region of 500-600 euro for a 12 slot charger. i use the same (modified) charge circuit as my ''competitors'' (not like calling anyone that) instead of 10 you get 12. i still need to think of a price for the 6 bay or 4 and 8 if i ever make one. besides all of this , i still have some ideas lingering in the background to make it more versatile. But i lack the finance to take the step, so that has to wait a little unfortunate. i can say one of them is ,You can decide what kind of charger you buy, and upgrade when business is good I will let everyone know if i got final pricings , might need to make a decent website or something haha time to talk to friends if they are able to help me out my web design is a bit rusty
  7. very doable i did the 5 pin Lemo audio cable for the RED with shrink tubes and the same tip i used for XLrs hihi trick for me when soldering these tiny pins was do proper strip work tinning and in the case of the 5 pin nicely thin out those wires. since most cables just wont fit without fucking it up. unlike every normal soldering job i pre tinned my solder iron instead of feeding it while soldering, if you do feed tin ,chances of bleeding the solder to the pin next to it is rather high. using decent amounts of flux (non corrosive, like flux for PCB like 186) helps allot to, since the tin will flow better without using more of it and potential screw it up. this flux can be removed but even when left on it wont screw up the contacts or the wires. lastly have desolder wig at hand. you can save a screwed up Lemo with a blob of flux and a solder wig to get rid of all the solder and start from scratch.
  8. Thats a good one ! i never tested pre record vs normal. as far as i remember all Nagra files had a sample count that could not be divided by the amount of samples that are in a full frame. and yeah the offset is small. but i did notice it especially since i had a scene where someone got slapped in the face haha and it was awfull. i was like wtf is this ? i went straight to the editor but it was not her fault. the annoying thing was it became a floating sync. since sometimes it was to early sometimes to late. and everything in between. so fixing was almost impossible.
  9. Well it has been 8 years since i made my thesis on the Dutch Film Academy about sync sound, but i thought maybe for some, it can still be of any use. Let me first say that i am not aware of any firmware fixes to this problem. so test it for yourself. i did not used a Nagra for 7 years. When i did one of my films in my exam year we used all kinds of different recorders. A Cantar X2, a few SoundDevices and a Narga 6. when i received my linked audio and imported it in Pro tools i noticed some really weird behavior. The beep was perfectly sync but i noticed some of the audio being async. while others where perfectly synced. i also noticed that the regions started and stopped on the right places. BUT. some audio was shifted within the region so it seemed. I decided to try to figure out what was happening and make my thesis about Sync sound and especially what happened in this case. The thesis is in Dutch so i try to explain in short what it was all about. In short. this is what we used 8 years back in that particular exam year. (2011) The edit suite that also was used to sync the audio was AVID. We used EDL to be able to link to the original audio in Protools (yeah i know its different now) In the thesis i ran the whole shebang with test files and used perf slip sync to sync all the varieties that existed in AVID. since it yielded the best accuracy. Since we used EDL perf slipping in 1/3 or whatever frame, it did not really matter in the end since EDL was frame based.... anyhow intention was good I showed what happend with the files when using perf slipping and using an EDL to link or when another method was used. When do audio files move over etc. But the biggest problems was still WHY where some files async within a region ? In short. The Narga 6 seemed to be the only recorder starting to record whenever you push the record button. thats nice, so you think. But it means it starts sample based. the time code only counts frames. so what you will end up with a recording time (according to timecode)and some rest samples (samples after midnight). all other recorders waited for a full frame before starting to record, or they rounded it of to full frames (so the amount of samples can always be divided by how many samples fit into a whole frame, depending on frame rate chosen) so a file has a perfect time code no rest samples left. When not using a sample accurate based linking of files this rest samples will be rounded off and will be an offset within your region. (so it looks perfect, but in fact you audio starts within the region to soon or to late depending on how many rest samples left) So i thought i might be able to write a small JAVA program that used the BWF executable to load the audio files and remove the rest samples so linking can be done accurately, just like recordings made with all other recorders. Thesis is in DUTCH and the small Java program i wrote can be downloaded here, it was tested on windows and mac but you need to have java installed ! It has been a decent amount of time ago , so i am a little rusty on the subject. but feel free to use the software at your own risk. !!!!! DOWNLOAD
  10. Hi, well after making my WX-Np50 Bulk charger Here. i made a new one on some request. I've completed a few, a few months ago but never had the time to post anything about it. Its a travel version. even smaller then the already "smallest Np50 Bulk charger" that was/is available. It lacks the golden ratio in dimensions (witch bothers me) but if size counts? this is it!. I also implemented a switch (suggested by Constantin) to be able to reset the charging off all batteries or just turn it off. It is a switch with protection so you wont be turning it of by accident. (you have to pull and switch). The fact it is fed by 5 Volt DC, makes it possible to use an external DC-DC converter (coming in the near future) so you could use the same charger on a set powered by your cart battery, when mains power is not available. NP50 Charger V2.0 Travel Edition Features - Charge 12 NP-50's Simultaneous. - Swiss made gold plated spring loaded battery contacts, that wont scratch up the battery contacts and insures lowest resistance possible. - Very Small form factor (HxWxL) 5x14,5x9 cm for a 12 slot charger - External power brick from a well known switching power supply brand. - All passive cooling. No fan noise to keep you awake at night. - A reset/on off switch with protection so you cant bump it by accident and end up with 12 empty batteries. - ability to be fed (soon) by a dc dc converter so you can power it from a cart battery. Power supply specifications Power 30 Watt Input range: 85~264 Vac Certificating: CE Cooling : Passive Protection : Short circuit Overload Over voltage Charger specification Charge rate each slot : ~400mA Charge percentage : ~95-98 % increases life of the battery up to 1.1 times Overheat protection : Charger will cycle down charge current if module reaches above 65 degrees Celsius. Normal working temperature at room temperature 6 slot : Max ~44 degrees Celsius Normal working temperature at room temperature 12 slot : Max ~46 degrees Celsius Normal working temperature at room temperature : Max ~48 degrees Celsius Dimensions 12 slots : (HxWxL) 5x14,5x9 cm Excuse me for the rather bad pictures... i dont have one myself at the moment to make proper photo's (aint that silly) Picture 1 The charger, with the safety switch. Picture 2 Size comparison full sized charger vs V2.0 with external power brick. Picture 3 Charging some test Np50's. Please let me know what you think ! Greetings Joppe Peelen
  11. well depends where you are of course in Europe, in the Netherlands it is mostly : i worked myself at : The Herrieboerderij, and there is The Noise boys and Audio Mathijsen. it kind of depends what you need to witch place you go i believe. and maybe how much of it you need. they are all nearby eachother. so you can just easy do a visit to them and , have a to high caffeine level at the end of the trip
  12. Looking great ! i've been asked about AA's a few times now. will spread the word !
  13. What i recon is they are made from silicone?. you can get silicon oil to condition them. but remember they stay fatty silicone like. so dont use it if it has to go on expensive clothing for instance. since you cant hardly get rid of it.
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