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    Hi my name is Joppe, worked as sound designer and got a passion for designing all sorts of audio related stuff.

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  1. well depends where you are of course in Europe, in the Netherlands it is mostly : i worked myself at : The Herrieboerderij, and there is The Noise boys and Audio Mathijsen. it kind of depends what you need to witch place you go i believe. and maybe how much of it you need. they are all nearby eachother. so you can just easy do a visit to them and , have a to high caffeine level at the end of the trip
  2. Looking great ! i've been asked about AA's a few times now. will spread the word !
  3. What i recon is they are made from silicone?. you can get silicon oil to condition them. but remember they stay fatty silicone like. so dont use it if it has to go on expensive clothing for instance. since you cant hardly get rid of it.
  4. What i do, is using a different resistors that sets the charge current, since 1Amp is much to high for such small batteries (and 2A total to much for the usb cable), As for the light.. i made a version once of the stock chargers where i replaced the original light guide (if you can even call it that) the plastic translucent inserts. i made my own light guides from acrylic that would fit in exactly, transferring all the light directly from the LED to the top. so you can see them even with lights on in my own charger the light guide is part of the housing, it transfers light and functions as a spacer between slots. i cant say what they changed.
  5. soooo many people asked to find them a source besides Letctro , but it looks like they are the only ones with high capacity Good to hear, so removal of my assumptions, was needed so my apology to them. if i where them i would add it to the description modified or something. since they look 1:1 witch lead to... well people assuming would love more information on what they changed but thats just my curiosity. and indeed now i put it to bed.
  6. well said, it think it was still civil, but i started off at the wrong foot i think and gave me a bad feeling the next day. so i wanted to rectify it. In Audio branding of loudspeakers you see rebranded speakers drivers often , but by such huge companies and huge amounts (dayton audio and few others) that hardly anyone know what the original manufacturer was, often when the original brands are sold on ebay or aliexpress they get labeled as fake by consumers, although they might actually be the original brand, and not the rebranded dayton i took dayton as an example. quality control can be higher in these cases since they order huge amounts and have some leverage. so yeah you are right there not all equal. Hmm well yeah i can imagine they actually dont know what kind of magnet composition they used in your pump (i mean they should know ofcourse what kind of manget ferrite,neo,alnico etc) but cant imagine they would know what went in to making them. but i can imagine when dealing with water and lifeforms it would raise the bar in materials you should pick or not pick. il leave it at that, since the post it self is now unreadable for all new comers, sorry my bet.
  7. I made a post yesterday, about a chargers price. i still stand behind that opinion. BUT. I am not standing behind: me posting it. i got a bit to carried away in being surprised at prices and such. And i can only see the post getting more toxic and i started it, so i removed it. I will keep my opinion to myself, and my apologies for your time wasted.
  8. WrineX

    DPA 4017C

    cool i wonder what there setup is, since yeah the rise in top end is kind of what you expect from such (relative)big mic, it would be really nice to know how they measure this. its soo smooth
  9. WrineX

    DPA 4017C

    Wow thats a nice measurement !!, made by DPA ? or where ? since this would be hard to get in any circumstance. looks really smooth !
  10. Thank you for the kind words ! i am really glad it works out ! i am planning on changing some things that will solve the power switch and the whining. It makes me really happy to see someone happy with something i created. Happy holidays !
  11. Well for the ones interested, i still have a few of the units i made when i started all this and as some may know, i cant make it a business at this exact moment. (cant hardly think someone would survive on chargers ) but if someone is still interested, contact/pm me and we can arrange something. since i would love to minimize loses on materials and time spend. Kind regards, Joppe
  12. They suck, very often in the smaller ones pins are not aligned well, and dont work at all or get mushed up when inserted. ALthough lemo prices are complete retarded, these Chinese ones do suck
  13. It is ok, i wondered why not the original material was used. but yeah that explains it. i have no need for any wind protection of any brand. but i kind of moved into the what i would care for if i did mode. some tests would be great ! i think you guys did some AB testing few years back. thats the way to go for me. not so much by shooting other brands down but you can shine with what yours does regardless ! Greetings Joppe
  14. Only nit picking and well for all i know it works as good as shown ! but thats not what i see here. In most of the shots where people show how to abuse it, it is not the actual sound of that suspension....so what the use of that is, is beyond me. watch this https://youtu.be/wuEvIX3N0Sw?t=273 now witch mic sounds like that while doing this and talking into it on the backside (unless it was a rear in a double MS or an omni... but that does sound different .... so yeah text underneath... there is absolutely no noise... yes no noise Then here this couple doing the wobble before and yes we heared nothing... but now when the mic moved towards the guy... yeah nothing either so again we are not listening to the boom but we listen to another boom op that records them moving there new gadget around... okeee. https://youtu.be/wuEvIX3N0Sw?t=332 The thing might rock i dont know... but the video is not saying much
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