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  1. valpri31

    Noisy R1a?

    Hi All, Thank you for the input on this R1a issue. I have 2 systems 1 Public BL 24 no issues all clean. My private BL 22 for my boom ops high peach noise all through out. I took the system to Lectrosonics Toronto, and yes the issue is in the R1a, waiting for a fix from Joe ?!
  2. Hi, I have 2 B6 in the original cases never used on consignment with Trew Audi Toronto , if you are interested way cheaper $175 Cad. Cheers, V
  3. Hi, I am in Toronto and use the DPA C preamp s/n:CJ578, + 4011 card or 4017 w/ Lectro HM excellent results, never an issue.
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