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    I'm Tristan Pontécaille, I have been working as production sound mixer, sound editor & dialogue editor for four years. Mainly short films for now, but I have also worked on a couple of feature films, dramas as well as documentaries.
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  1. Hi, I also use the PS-1A to power my mics. Works fine with Mkh60 & Km184-185, but doesn't with CS-M1. I have the same loud hum noise that you experience without any signal. I assume the Sanken isn't compatible with the Denecke.
  2. CS-M1 is indeed a great microphone, but I wouldn't say it has a low self noise. That's its main, and probably only disadvantage. Compared to a KM185 or a MKH60, it is much more audible. You won't probably hear it outdoor, but you might be annoyed in a quiet indoor. I haven't tried other short shotguns though. I totally agree what you say about handling noise and tonal characteristics. CS-M1 + Cinela Cosi combo is very pleasant to work with. Very hot output also, but no distortion in my case. Best, Tristan
  3. Hi ! I use two Mini-Circuits zfsc-4-1 passive splitters (one for each antenna). Not very useful with that kind of omni antennas, but very effective with Zaxcom Bluefin that have +8dB even if they are passive too.
  4. Hi there ! Maybe a bit old school, but still powerful
  5. Hi, I also have some Microns (SDR550). I use Zaxcom Bluefin passive antennas, and ZFSC-4-1 SMA passive splitters on each antenna. There is about 6dB RF attenuation on each output but Bluefins have +8dB gain. This substantially increases my range for a reasonable cost. Active antennas & distribution are much more expensive, but not very useful in my case as long as I can keep my antennas near my recorder (coax cable lenght < 2m , rf loss is not significant). I hope this helps, Tristan
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