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  1. I did it myself a year ago or so. It´s easy as long as you do it carefully and paying attention ( as jason says about the screws). and make sure about the battery model needed, there´s a very common battery used in domestic devices with an almost exact name that is a little bit smaller.
  2. thank you all for all that info. I have no experience with ambisonics, but I would like to try it in new projects. which ambisonic system do you think is the best choice for being in a backpack, mostly for recording ambiences and sfx? i´m thinking about docs and so, so it would be one man with a backpack doing it all (portable, durable, easy to mount, good sounding, with wind accesories...)
  3. What about the delicacy of the ambisonic microphones?, I mean... you can take care with your mics and be extremely careful with them, but... filming in location is a hard task. some times you have dust, or wet, or heavy vibrations in the truck in the transportations... how hard or delicate are they? I´m interested specially in how delicate is the Sennheiser Ambeo VR?
  4. Thank you all for your comments. well, good manners and good behavior are a MUST. My bigger worries are about the legal frecuency range for wireless mics, how to face a recording in the desert with 43ºC or more... I´ll go with a Zax Nomad, it will be ok working with such temperatures? the can of compressed air is a good point, I think I´ll have to talk with the local fixer for that.
  5. Thanks for the aclarations jbp
  6. you are right... post edited!
  7. Hi! I don´t know if this is the right place to post this thread... but I don´t know if there´s a more appropiate place to talk about "asking for advice to filming in a foregine country". I may have a recording in Dubai in the short term, probably in the next few weeks, but it could be in a month or so. It will be a local fixer to help me, but I don´t have his contact yet and I have some things I would like think about and preparing my setup. I would like to know if any of you have experience filming in this country or recording in the desert. Does any
  8. So... I have already checked it with a volt meter. And, yes. F8 stops feeding the microphone with the pantom power when you disable a track for recording. the only thing is that it takes a while to go from 48v (in fact it has 46v) to 0v. When you enable the track it starts to phantom power again. I think it has good reasons to do it. You can unplug the microphone safely and the power consumption of the batteries is optimized.
  9. I think it makes sense... You could disable one track to unplug safely a phantom powered microphone. Another plus, if phantom power turns off in a disabled track the consumption of your batteries would be optimized
  10. Hi. old topic but I have a doubt about the Zoom f8 that I can´t solve reading the manual or searching in the web (maybe I´m not searching the appropiate words...) the question is: when the phantom power in one track is activated, is it turned off automatically when you push the button of "disable for recording" of that track? when you disable for recording one track it goes mute, but i don´t know if it stops giving phantom power to the microphone. regards!
  11. good document, thanks for sharing suso. as long as I know... the frecuencies with the red background belongs to TDT and 4G. all the rest are still in use. the frecuencies inside the red rectangle will be assigned to TDT, 4G, 5G... , probably in 2020
  12. No powering? I didn't try that, thougth it wont work. I'm agree, they are like most of the capsules mounted in the devices mentioned. They worked for me in that case. When I did it I thought about how to isolate the capsule in order to put it underwater and listen what happens and how it works. (Never did it already) I had tried it before with a piezo and it didn't work very well.
  13. I did something similar. I built two capsules (with panasonic transducers, don´t remember the model) with intended low sensibility for an specific use where I had to manage high sound level with lots of peaks. I made it for plugin in a lectro wireless system. they did their job, a take with a close point of view (for sound definition) perfect to mix with the boom. notice that this transducers needs to be powered, I think it´s called "5v plug-in power".
  14. thanks for the info. i had no idea about the opaque resin... what a thing! there´s some issues then... electronic components, faders aging poorly, the opaque resin... most of the info I have read in the web is about the high quality of the mic´s pres, and I am tempted to try it cause the offer is a bargain. I have seen that there´s a guy (or team) in switzerland that still service stella´s devices (http://www.audioprojpg.com) but I guess that puting a hand on AMI will cost like a house in the shore... i´ll try to have a chance to check the unit, and then deci
  15. Hi. not sure if this is the right thread to post, it´s an old thread and my query is about an specific mixer. I found this thread diving in the web serching for some info, maybe some of the members writing here can help me. if this is not the place where i should write, let me know and I´ll start a new topic. my situation is... I know a guy who offers me an old stella ami 48 for a good deal. I can´t check it for myself cause it´s in a city far from me. I have some pics and the device looks pretty well, very good consevation. I have been reading a while and I know som
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