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    I've worked in the San Francisco Bay Area as a freelance Video/Audio Technician since 1991, and have traveled extensively around the globe, providing audio and video technical support for thousands of broadcast, corporate, commercial, sports, music, documentary, and travel productions. I've worked as Digital Imaging Technician (D.I.T.) on many high definition television productions, for clients ranging from Google, Microsoft and Cisco Systems to NBC, PBS, and American Zoetrope.

    I'm very knowledgeable about and confident working with all makes and models of broadcast-quality and prosumer high definition television equipment, and am skilled in multiple camera shading and engineering. In addition, I am experienced in documentary style and field production audio mixing, and own a complete location audio package. I'm an all around “left-brainer,” comfortable with supporting, troubleshooting, and repairing equipment in the field.
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  1. Yeah, I think antenna distro is overkill for most of the work I do. Although the 822 is a nice looking piece of gear, I'm pretty sold on the size and price of the SRc.
  2. My 2 Lectrosonics 411/400 Block 22 systems have been very dependable workhorses for many years in the San Francisco Bay Area. For the past year, most of my work has been boom only, due to COVID safety constraints. Now my work is picking up again, I'm vaccinated, and my clients are once again getting comfortable with me placing wireless lavalier microphones. I feel like I'm coming out of hibernation. I've gotten caught unexpectedly several times recently when there have been NO open frequencies in my block. All of these experiences were in outdoor locations, mostly on the peninsula. I can see that I need to enter the present day and upgrade my systems. I'm looking at an A1 SrC receiver. I use a Sound Devices 833, and the idea of getting a slot adapter at some point down the road is very attractive. I rarely have a need for more than two mics, but four seems like a good idea for adaptability and versatility. I'd probably start with 2 transmitters/1 SrC, backed up by my 411s, and sell those down the road to buy a second SrC system. My confusion is over transmitters. I think my choice is between the LT and the LMb. I like the feature set of the LT, particularly the option to bump the output power, but they seem rather bulky. Most of my work is talking head corporate interviews, but occasionally I do dramatic and documentary work. Maybe the transmitter size isn't all THAT critical. I also really like the idea of being able to remotely change frequency, either via IR or dweedle tone. My system is based on 9volts batteries now - I realize I'll need to adapt to AAs. At the risk of sounding massively uninformed, what would you folks recommend? Honestly, I haven't needed to worry about my wireless systems for years, as they just worked. Are there other transmitters I should be looking at? Thanks for any and all advice.
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