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  1. foliver

    RIP Eric Toline

    I remember Eric on CAS forum, 20 years ago, as in RAMPS. It was a loss
  2. foliver

    RIP Eric Toline

    Eric was an invaluable colleague, I learned a lot with him, I don’t remember if my firsts exchange were in CAS forum, or later in Ramps, great humor, what a peety.
  3. Hi, Thanks for your replies Vincent and Jeff, no, i was not thinking about cinela. I was thinking at one comment you made some time ago Jeff: here: Posted March 21, 2013 "I feel, mainly from listening over the last month with each, that the LEO has a more natural sound and matches the microphone with only a foam screen." I'm glad you finally said that --- I would have been very surprised if you felt that the Rycote Ball Gag sounded the same as the Cinela. The beauty of th
  4. Hello all. I was reading here, about Don Coufal, mostly Jeff Wexler comments. I'm very curious about his windsceens, how they looked, as Jeff said they was very transparent. If someone knows any Don Coufal anecdotes, i'll be glad to hear them. If any has pictures of his windscreens, or comments, welcome! Thanks Fabian
  5. that's a nice service
  6. Hello, all. Has someone tried with success, the Sennheiser and lectro compatibility? Does it sounds good? With what lectros tx's? and senns? Thanks for your comments! Fabian
  7. Hi, thanks Turi. i think it can be cool to be able to upload to a day folder, into different sub folders ( one for each recorder) so if you use more than one recorder at same time, or if you are working in two or more units, all the job keeps organised.
  8. Hello all. i was thinking about to do a diy cable replacement in one of my Cos 11. someone has try to do that? I’ve seen some pictures of dismantled cos 11, but my main concern is if the lower part of the capsule ( under the rubber protection) has the solder points exposed. any tip in the soldering process? i know Wilcox repair them, but I want to try. any advice on the cable type? Any experience with Mogami W2901. All comments about lavalier cable replacement is welcome. Thanks! Fabian
  9. Thanks Cujo to share your experience, and test.
  10. I don't know how you power it, but 2X 18650 batteries, in an enclosure can do the trick, what's your power solution for the Papi?
  11. I'm interested on this answer too, I don't know if just SD-MM1, but any good pre
  12. Hi, I'm using UH400 from Lectro. seems that the better will be, a good preamp with clean 48V ph, good analog to digital converter, digital transmission, and AES to the recorder..... I don't have any zaxcom here to try... anyway, despite that is obvious that a plug on is the simplest way to go, we can agree that even if the boom op has a pair of light boxes in the belt, he continue to be free....
  13. Hi, I have 2 CMC6 + 2CMC4 +2 MK41+1 MK4 and 1 MK8 My fist stereo matched pair was the CMC6's in 1996. They worked on all my films. I have a Newman 82, and I don't have and want nothing between them. In 2008, I was 50 days in Amazonia, in a doc, I bring there 2 schoeps, and a Dynamis mic + some wireless. I use just one of them, and has never had a problem. Just one capsule 41, has has a problem in all these years ( a used one I bought with a CMC4) and went to Germany ( 80 U$S invoice). I make some films in Brazil, even in the north east ( Recife) , lots of dust and
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