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  1. Hello all. I wanted to confirm, if Lectros SMV's 1 and 2nd gen, just differs in the 250 mw, recording option and wide band for the 2nd edition? Sound quality is the same for both? Service repair too? Does both sound ok with the 200 series in the compat mode?, i mean at least as a UM200C or better? Thanks you all for your replies! Fabian
  2. Thanks Larry and all for the contribution to this thread, i've learned a lot ! Fabian
  3. Thanks all for your replies, and information! BAB414, what shark fins are you using? How many feet run you can do without using powered antennas?, i know it's a difficult question, but ... Thanks again!!
  4. Hello all. I need to buy a bit of coaxial 50 ohm low loss cable for my shark fins. I prefer the soft cables, and light ones..... Someone has a good one to recomend? Thanks a lot! Fabian
  5. Hi Trey, just to know cause may be I need 2 new ones....how much does it cost? Thanks!
  6. Hi Lloyd, thanks for your answer. You have a stock there! Is from one seller that has this diagram along with his unit is a KAT 15-3 diagram ( is written in the lower part of the diagram, not present in my picture) I'm reading now about a way to convert current to voltage. If you have any news , I'm here! Fabian
  7. hello Lloyd, how are you. Thanks for your answer, and info. Two days ago, i bought from germany, a Diagram of one KAT-15 ( i thing the unit in question has been modified for 48V), and i've recieved from spain, some pictures of another unit, with black cable as the one you described. Ok, now i'm good on wiring, codes on my unit doesn't works because it was repaired, and someone changed the mic side cables..... But now i'm good, but anyway no signal. I follow your comment, and make a read on page 19 about current feed and voltage feed. I think here is the problem now. My asymetrical out ( 6,3 mono plug, wired tip with equivalent of pin 3 in the tuchel, and ground with equivalent with pin 2, or pin 2+ braid in the tuchel) is current feed , and i'm connecting it to a Mackie mixer, that is waiting for a voltage feed. I'll try to find how to stay in voltage feed out of the preamp ( as i said, my idea is to use it as a stand alone 12V preamp). Good read, and important one, this page 19. i upload it here,as the diagram. May be i can connect my outputs at a stage before in the preamp, cause i assume the preamp, converts the voltage feed to current feed. Any ideas where i can try to do that in the diagram? Thanks Lloyd!!!!, thanks all. Schematic KAT15 - 3.pdf
  8. Lloyd, thanks for your invaluable info ok, now mic side : XLR connector was soldered in a way it doesn’t seems to be good. reading your info XLR can be: pin 2 : blue pin 3 clear pin 1 yellow ( or yellow+ braid) ? I’m good with that? I’ve the 4.2 manual at home, i”ll put more time in the reading. As I will “build” this preamp to use with another recorders ( I need to build a battery pack) my signal unbalanced out will be: imagine a banana out Red banana conector : + blue cable Black banana conector : ground yellow cable you agree with that as a way to start? thanks again for your time and patience! 👏👏👏 fabian
  9. Lloyd or Philip or ..... is this Nagra input unbalanced? I guess it is, This is an important info to know, I’ve thought it was balanced until now, but now I’m in the doubt...... Any ideas about that?
  10. Hi Lloyd thanks for the information. As the wires were unsoldered in the connector, I need to figure out what cable goes to each pin. For that, the shortest way is a diagram, but I cannot find it on the web! If anyone has a KAT 15 on the shelf, can take a look on what color cable goes to what pin in the Nagra side connector?
  11. Hi David, thanks for your reply, yes I'm taking care of. The problem I faced today, is that the connector (Nagra side, 6 pins), has 3 of the 4 cables unsoldered...so I don't know exactly .. Dismantling the xlr3 mic side, I see ground+ one cable in pin 1 ( standard) blue pin 2 yellow pin 3. So, my problem now is to wire the recorder side, so, if the signal is balances ( as I suppose), I wire pin 2 with blue and pin 3 with yellow, as mic conector ( decision I take, good or bad?). But I need to apply voltage in the recorder side, so i tested with a 9V batterie: + in the ground cable, and - in the other cable ( the one weld with ground in pin 1 of the mic connector). I run a jumper cable from pin1 recorder side to ground in the pcb. I sent the signal to a line in in a Mackie mixer. No sound, solo hum. Sensibility, hum level changes as I move With from dynamic to condenser, and bass changes, when I switch low freq cut. I know this is confused to read, but any ideas are welcome! Thanks for your patience. Fabian
  12. Hi Philip, thanks for your opinion, you are right, I don't know if it worth the pain, but, is just because I've time now, it's like a toy, a fun project. I've just finished to recap a Uher 4000IC, imagine.... I've repaired a Dual 1019, and a 1229, and past friday, I suspected that one of my CMC4's ( dead in a film 2 years ago), maybe had a simple cap fix, and bingo!, a 1 $ cap solved the schoeps problem (220uf/10V) , amazing good new to me. I'll try to power the preamp from a T power supply, and see what happens. I keep in touch with results. Have a good Sunday Philip, here, it's sunny. Fabian
  13. Hi Philip, thanks for your answer. Today I dismantle the unit, and it's a transformer, as marked o the pcb. I guess it should be a good one.......? I have a pair of T powered Schoeps ( and another CMC6 pair), so I will be able to test it, if I arrive to make it work. I don't have a Nagra to test it..... Here are the specs. I'm afraid, to feed it with 12V ( from a T powered mixer, after building a correct cable) these old caps.....I need to look at caps voltage values, may be the unit can handle it ( as I see now, some tantalums are 35V) Someone can have a circuit diagram? I cannot find it in the web. This coronavirus enable us to make things, we never do, ja!
  14. Hello all. I was wondering if the vintage Sennheiser Kat 15 preamp designed for NagraIII, IV and E, , is good enough to make a project, to work this days for any recorder. Dismantling one i've seen a big cilinder component inside, is a jensen transformer? How can be the sound?, i've never listen throug one, any comments, experienced sound mixers?! Thanks a lot! Fabian kat 15.tiff
  15. Hello all. I'm trying to contact Jean Paul Mugel in France, and I cannot arrive to his cel phone or email, someone can help me with this info? We met in Uruguay some years ago, and I would like to contact him , to give thanks, after lots of recorded films. Thanks! Fabian
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