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  1. Cheers for all of us, who spend lot of time of our lives out of home! have a happy day fabian
  2. Hello all. time to time i work with the shogun flame. big Alexas, Alexas mini, Sony Venice..... all of them give me a noisy sound in the xlr outputs. Not in the headphones connector. i’ve tried the sdi input, from camera, and the line input connecting a G3 straight. Always a pdfffffffff bou se floor. someone knows how to hace a clean sígnal in the balances output? it makes me crazy! thanks for the tips.
  3. Thanks for the link Peter! Top interesting reading The other question remains, How can i dismantle the BNC connector? Scan point to me where to buy this BNC's connectors?
  4. Hello all. Long time without posting. The other day i broke 2 whip Lectros bnc's antennas. So it comes to my mind to test to solder again the antenna to the tip. The point is how can i dismantle the BNC connector? I want to make some tests soldering a new thin steel wire, to the connector. someone can point to me where to buy this BNC's connectors and how to dismantle them? All that i find in the web is others connectors intended more to video...... Same goes for SMA connectors to wire an antenna....... Any ideas?
  5. Hello all, I need to contact Kirk Francis for personal reasons, someone can give me his contact by personal message? I’m aware he dosen’t answers work calls, mine is not. Thanks for your help! Fabian
  6. Hi Marc. I was not able to stick the mic in the bridge, because the cable stays exposed when running to the tx. i was thinking to stick the tx in the tailpiece, it's a nice place for frontal shot, buy if the short was done from the side of the instrument it will be exposed... it's a film, about two families, living at the seashore, the girl is the daughter of one of them.
  7. Hi, it's a feature film, so no way to have it exposed.. The tx was a high power 250C I don't know the double bass parts in english to describe the position, so it's better to post the pictures. Sticky+overcover, and some black tape. Sorry for the picture size but i'm running to the set!
  8. Hi, i was shocked, because i was affraid of the wind, and the ocean sound, i've never recorded a double bass with a hidden lav before, and i've finished the day with a nice ( to me ) recording, rich, with nice dynamics...the part i share here is just the first tests, then the girl played a full theme.
  9. Hello group, 'm posting here a recording ( just the dpa track) i made yesterday, in a difficult situation. see the picture. Dpa 4061, Lectro 211, Cantar. I was schocked by the dpa. Fabian contrabajo dpa lectro Aaton Cantar.m4a
  10. Hello, i would like to know if someone has modified a Comtek M72 microphone tx, to fit a BNC antenna connector as the M72 option 7. What cables are the antenna ones? Any ideas? Here's some pics of a recently bought M72 (with a clean XLR input connector modification). Thanks for your opinions, and ideas. fabian
  11. Very good información, thanks all!!
  12. Thanks for your answers Philip and Lancashire, the ambient is expensive but looks good! Enviado desde mi iPhone utilizando Tapatalk
  13. Txs for your answer Philip, 22v...uhhh Enviado desde mi iPhone utilizando Tapatalk
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