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  1. I noticed it too but I thought it was cool and maybe a nod to film dialog processing of that era? Maybe not, ha. It made the movie feel dreamy and vintage, and perhaps authentic but that is tbd. Hey I can’t imagine a better crowd to weigh in on wether or not the reverb in Mank is referencial !
  2. This one was huge for me: Wristband Phone Holder. Heard about it on the Location Sound Podcast. I wear it on my upper forearm, receiving video from HollyView or Red Control, to make sure my boom/shadow/reflection isn't in the shot before they call action. Bet someone's mentioned this before but I didn't see it in this thread. Thanks for all the helpful tips for a newbie, I'm about to paint my castor brakes with nail polish
  3. I believe Splice does this, and probably a competitor or two. My band syncs reaper sessions on our computers across the country via google’s Backup and Sync. It’s a little buggy but not in any important way; so far we haven’t had any problems with syncing. hope one of these options is helpful. Probably look into splice!
  4. This just makes me wonder if I could jget an SD reader for iPhone, drive to public hi speed wifi (that would be the QLine in detroit) and upload to the cloud...
  5. I'm running my Zoom F8 on a Talentcell 6000 mHz Li-On battery. I decided to add wireless, so now I need to power my SRb as well as my F8. Considering that I intend to keep adding to my kit, AudioRoot's BDS systems seem like they'll give me plenty of head room for expansion. If I buy their BG-DU, I'll be able to eventually upgrade to a an Inspired Energy battery, but for now is there any reason not to connect my Talentcell to a BG-DU, until I can afford the upgrade? Been researching a lot, and thought I'd run it by people with plenty of experience before making the purchase. Thanks y'all!
  6. Good call. Narrower strap would've been ideal. Ya live and ya learn. ...or ya read message boards and ya learn.
  7. https://www.ebay.com/sch/619/i.html?_from=R40&_nkw=hs1n+versa-flex&LH_TitleDesc=0 Am I missing something? These are usually $200+ I've ordered one, can report back on the quality once I get it if anyone's interested.
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