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  1. Hey Fellas,


    Thanks for all the replies. I had a feeling when I posted someone would tell me to go elsewhere. I was almost hoping it would be Senator. LOL...but I've not been here it quite some time so I understand and no biggie. The audio was clipping quite a bit. I was able to clean it up a little bit via Adobe Audition but I figured someone in post would be able to do this with their eyes closed. I would have paid too. But, the party came and went and it was all nice either way. Ultimately I've moved on from sound as my Real Estate/Lending business took off. I miss the gatherings, friendships, and camaraderie that resulted from being on this site. I guess maybe I can still stay relevant and post and help some of the newer folks out from time to time. 

    On 5/2/2021 at 8:54 AM, Rick Reineke said:

    Sorry, I should have recolonized the name. duh.

    No problem Rick. Your response was warranted if I was someone who hadn't put in their time yet. 


  2. Hello everyone, I have a very short audio clip from my wedding that sounds like garbage. It was recorded back in 2005 on a non HD camera with who knows what kind of mic. I'm putting a video together for my wife's bday tomorrow and was hoping someone can help me fix the audio. The audio is from the onboard mic that the video guy recorded. It's at my reception so the DJ's announcement was too loud for his cheapo mic to handle, so the audio clips. Is this something that can be salvaged? The audio clip is 20 seconds long. Any help is appreciated.


  3. I'll never forget one of my first "high paying legit jobs"for Fox Sports West. At the time I was getting by doing Indy crap with a zoom h4n. So, when I got this decent paying FSW job I was so nervous showing up with just a zoom/boom that I rented a Sound Devices unit and threw it in the bag. I had no clue how to use it nor was I planning to. It was merely there so the client would see all the shiny lights. I ended up hiding the Zoom in the bag and recording everything on it. The commercial made it to TV and I worked for that client for many years thereafter. I eventually graduated up to a Nomad but you get the point of my story I'm sure.

  4. 3 hours ago, SoundHound said:

    In the good old days when I started a show I would have a case of beer delivered to the grip truck and the lighting truck. Afterwards, I would endeavor to see what the Key Grip and Gaffer liked in a bottle.


    At the start of a show lots of social contracts are drawn based on 1st impressions. So best to redirect apprehension away from your department. Be inventive and social. You can always ask the D P/Director/etc about their previous films (that you have prescreened so as to know how to Brown Nose credibly). 


    As for ADs just show them how you can save them some time and that you are on their side. No one else is on there side so you can get them to cut your department some slack.


    Since ours is a totally misunderstood medium it is incumbent on getting along with everyone because that's all you are judged on. 



    This sums it up quite a bit. It's your job to win allies in other departments so that the respect/consideration is reciprocated when you need it.


    And then there's this.....

    I've been on jobs where I've heard, more then once, how the last sound guy they worked with was such a goober. More often then not, the "typical sound guy" they've dealt with would:

    1. sit in the corner somewhere and "disconnect from everyone else on set"

    2. wouldn't really say much

    3. be just flat out weird


    Now I know this doesn't speak for everyone who is a sound person. It's just "my opinion" that everyone who falls into that category will find themselves easily forgotten and always struggling to earn respect on set.



  5. I use to cruise the older 2004 Scion XB, aka the "toaster". It got about 30mpg and had plenty of room for my crap when the seats were folded down. It was also a smaller car so I was able to maneuver in/out of tight spaces fairly quickly. I picked one up on craigslist for $3k. They'll last forever if you keep them maintained.


  6. Hello Everyone,

    A previous employer of mine called me up and said his show is possibly going for syndication. Therefore, the powers at be are asking him to provide the following:


    CH.1 – Stereo Full Mix, Original Language, Left

    CH.2 – Stereo Full Mix, Original Language, Right

    CH.3 – Stereo Mix Minus Narration or Music and Effects

    CH.4 - Stereo Mix Minus Narration or Music and Effects

    CH.5 – Stereo Music, Undipped. Left

    CH.6 - Stereo Music, Undipped. Right

    CH.7 – Mono Effects and Background Dialogue, Undipped

    CH.8 – Mono Interview Dialogue, Undipped

    CH.9 - Mono Narration, Original Language


    He asked me if I knew anything about this or someone that can convert 24 episodes (1 hour long) to this format. Since this is Greek to me I figure I'd ask ya'll here about it. Is this something a post-house normally handles? Is it costly? etc.?


    Any info is appreciated. 


  7. On 6/1/2016 at 9:24 AM, Abe Dolinger said:

    You're satisfied that this client is a real person?  I've never heard of Crew Connection, and this sounds like a strong-arm marketing tactic.  I've also never heard of a client that only uses a payment portal like that.  I'm suspicious.

    yep, sounds like a marketing ploy to me. As someone else has said, I would increase your rate to offset the fees if you really wanted the gig that bad.


  8. I'm with Jeff, I think less is more on this one.

    Although discussing rates may help others negotiate I've also seen the flip side to this. I've seen newbies say they are entitled to X amount of dollars because that's what the going rate is yet they absolutely SUCK at their job and have no "setiquette" whatsoever. At the end of the day the low ball Producers end up producing crap work that may never be seen, a hungry mixer will undercut his peers to pay the rent, and those who take this job seriously and work hard will get what they deserve. It's an open market just like anything else. No sense beating a dead horse on this one. 

  9. On 5/27/2015 at 5:49 PM, Michael Miramontes said:

    Regarding all this talk about weight, especially from those that down own an RX12,  it's not that heavy! ….and this is coming from someone with 2 herniated discs. The chassis is already made from aluminum so anything lighter may have to be carbon fiber which will definitely increase the price of the unit. 


    Maybe they can make carbon fiber slot covers for those of us waiting. =)




    Ok, I posted this a year ago and today I'm going to have to recant my original statement. This thing is a freaking brick in a bag! It doesn't help that my back is getting worse but I'm to the point where I'm considering either turning down bag work or selling the RX12 and going back to QRX's. Darn. 

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