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    Started in the Los Angeles, and was a 695 member. I moved back home to NYC for personal reasons. Looking to resume sound career.
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  1. Hey Simon, I have an Inv7 HG MKIII with a broken set of lyres. Can I receive a set of replacement lyres? I would gladly send pics or the actual lyres if you wish. But first, I must admit that I had epoxy glued the suspension to the clip to eliminate a squeak that developed. I'm not sure if the glue weakened the integrity of the lyre suspensions, but I am down one Inv7 HG MKIII mount. Denzil X.
  2. Yay!!! A wish has been granted by the Genies of Sound Devices. I didn't expect the current model of 633 to ever receive Automix. I can't wait to test it out.
  3. Try Galpin Studio Rentals in Los Angeles (https://www.galpinstudiorentals.com) Most production companies rent vehicles from them and I have rented from them as well. I don't know if them renting me a vehicle was a favor or not, but it was done. They are very familiar with the ways of film production.
  4. Well, pardon my rare, extremely rare participation on JWSound. My name is Denzil Xavier and I'd like to attend. I can bring my mkh 50, 416, and NTG3. Plus, if desired my 816t. I'm curious to compare mics, plus it would be nice to meet a few more sound folks. Feel free to pm me any replies.
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