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    Started in the Los Angeles, and was a 695 member. I moved back home to NYC for personal reasons. Looking to resume sound career.

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  1. DSX

    Rycote lyre indestructable?

    Hey Simon, I have an Inv7 HG MKIII with a broken set of lyres. Can I receive a set of replacement lyres? I would gladly send pics or the actual lyres if you wish. But first, I must admit that I had epoxy glued the suspension to the clip to eliminate a squeak that developed. I'm not sure if the glue weakened the integrity of the lyre suspensions, but I am down one Inv7 HG MKIII mount. Denzil X.
  2. DSX

    DUGAN for the 633!! Firmware update 4.50!!

    Yay!!! A wish has been granted by the Genies of Sound Devices. I didn't expect the current model of 633 to ever receive Automix. I can't wait to test it out.
  3. DSX

    30 day car rentals - Los Angeles

    Try Galpin Studio Rentals in Los Angeles (https://www.galpinstudiorentals.com) Most production companies rent vehicles from them and I have rented from them as well. I don't know if them renting me a vehicle was a favor or not, but it was done. They are very familiar with the ways of film production.
  4. Yes, a 416 p48 will be there.
  5. Well, pardon my rare, extremely rare participation on JWSound. My name is Denzil Xavier and I'd like to attend. I can bring my mkh 50, 416, and NTG3. Plus, if desired my 816t. I'm curious to compare mics, plus it would be nice to meet a few more sound folks. Feel free to pm me any replies.
  6. DSX

    Tragic accident in NOLA

    Plus one for national 695.