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  1. This is my Cantar x3 bag V2 build by myself and inspired by (even partly used) originaliteit Cantar bag but customized it to fit receivers and power distribution. For portable jobs I use a k-tec KSHRN2 which just started squeaking unfortunately. On set I work with a customized foldable table cart with extendable platform and leg. Also it will be possible to tower-up on to the receivers bag my PS3 multi sma antenna distribution and other stuff. Let me know what you think! best, Jaap
  2. Thanks guys for your great comments, they are absolutely helpful. I'll let you know what my outcome will be. Tomorrow I'll post some pictures of my prototype adjustment of the modulair portable bag. Best, Jaap
  3. Hello, Very happy with my new Cantar x3 of course! Though at moment the talkback system only seems to be one-way, from the soundmixer to the boom operator/or any other line-out. I'm missing a bit a internal talkback system which can be used both directions and activated at both ends of the line. My previous recorder (sonosax sx62) had a boomoperator connection with a dedicated headphone output, talkbackmic and talkbackmic-activation for a button on the boomoperator belt-box (boombox). This was a perfect line which could be private or being recorded. For now the solution to have the same communication options seems to me to have a talkback system almost fully separated from the cantar. Though I really like to have it intergraded to keep my filmcart as simple as possible. A second headphone output can now only be created via 2 line outputs of the SubD connector and adding a pre-amp to it, thats fine. But, if possible, a talkbackmic with also activation on the boomoperator-side would be great for an update! There could be a activation on the option-connector which opens talkback 1 and a XLR input at the same time. The talkback 1 button should be able to do the same of course. Maybe there could even be a dedicated headphone-output on the option-connector. How do other cantar users work around this issue?
  4. I just pre-ordered a package, and hope they reach the total crowd funding amount because it looks great! It would be really useful to see a threaded mini-jack output like Sennheiser does with its transmitters and receivers. It would make sure the plug won't accidently be pulled out. If not added I'll let de herrieboerderij customize it.
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