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  1. Just go with it, they work great.
  2. Same as Henrimic! The range was not as good as with my MCR41 but it worked though. Firmware changed and great reception. With my boom op we were surprised that it performed so well without antennas already! I am thinking about buying another one.
  3. Hi everyone, I recently purchased a 8050 with a cinela minix so I could have a very short and light mic when shooting indoors. Usefull too in case of a very low ceiling. The windscreen supplied with the 8050 is not effective enough when moving the boom, a lot of wind is hitting the capsule when booming from one person to the other. Cinela and sennheiser don't provide any protection for that set up. I am looking around and I see 2 options, though probably not optimal: the rycote baseball (in 19/20mm diameter) and the schoeps b5d (1mm in diameter too big but there might be someting to do about that...) Do you guys have any idea(s)? The idea is to keep it small (I have a cosi already). Thx
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