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  1. As someone looking to get rid of my Tascam DR100mkII and Mix-Pre-D to do similar as yourself with a single device, I found this review both insightful, earnest, and full of good real world examples that may help cut through some of the forum back/forth if you're still on the fence: https://transom.org/2017/sound-devices-mixpre-3-mixpre-6/
  2. I'm looking at the OWC adapter too - I've used a lot of their other products through the years and while not always the "flashiest" they have a good sense of the needs of the pro community and deliver products that meet that need. I don't think you'd be off for waiting for G-Tech to come out with TB3 devices either, as they make fantastic kit. As other users have also pointed out you're probably fine on USBC, however it never hurts to future proof wherever possible.
  3. Just chiming in - not sure if I saw this posted but I do a lot of audio/video from a bike (it's my biggest factor when making a purchase decision, as to whether it will fit for the next adventure.) Tons of great advice in this thread, and Russ & Laura are some of the best in the business for making it work if you hadn't come across their channel yet: https://www.youtube.com/user/russroca If you have any specific questions, or have gotten stuck in the process let me know, always happy to help, and it looks like we're posting bike / recording videos - I'll just drop this here for additional inspiration... http://filmedbybike.org/ Cheers,
  4. Thanks folks - I realize I'm probably in the minority here - also have a DVX user account and have pursued similar there. I really do appreciate the time you folks took to write response, thank you! (I saw that there was a 'video cameras' section, so I figured what the heck, some folks might do both) re: Lancashire, I get it, I really do... it's not what I have the funds to do myself, so I settle for compromise. Also, with over 7k in lenses, I feel that sound should be as important, and am willing to spend money to do so, just wanted advice from the folks that know re: Omaha - thanks! I'll check those out - I do also have an NTG3 that I use for booming when I have the funds for a dedicated audio person. re: Christian, and Jim - thanks for the insight, and the time taken to reply! Cheers!
  5. *edit* Thanks for the advice! Greetings! I'm almost always a 1-man run n' gun fellow that's looking for a good B-roll ambient solution for my shots. I have a SD Mix-Pre-D that I run with my kit, and was wondering if in your opinion, paying the extra for the VideoMicPro X would be sensible as compared to just getting the NT4 and running it though my SD mixer. The only upsides I can think of of the Videomic would be the well-engineered windscreen & dead cat. Any thoughts would be appreciated, and thanks for having a gander!
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