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  1. Yes that one looks awesome, similar to the Orca. Have you tried that one? The Portabrace AH-3HD looks pretty dang awesome. And it's significantly lower in cost. I must say I'm super intrigued by the KTek invention, but that Portabrace does look like a great alternative to the Petrol.
  2. Oh dang that is great info! Thank you so much. I guess I have a fairly long torso, so I should probably get the standard fit. Probably exactly like you say, the standard upper and the smaller lower would be a perfect fit. If I can't get a vintage Petrol, this KTek is looking like the best choice. The Orca does kind of look like a decent replacement for the Petrol tho-
  3. Dude! Yes please! I'm PMing my email. I'd love to see if it's the same one, it had wide shoulders. Wider than 4" I think. I just went to the sporting goods store and purchased some boxing shin pads to put on my shoulders for the next few days. I totally need a proper harness. I wish I knew what happened to my old one, it's one of those mysteries.
  4. You might be right about the wider harness still hurting the shoulders, but somehow I feel that will make all of the difference. I remember wearing the petrol harness with a 35 pound bag and being fine! Also I kind of feel like my shoulders would be more sore if the bag were lower, because the angle would be pulling the muscles further downward. But then again I have not tried anything except the Petrol and the old Versaflex. Yep, that Stingray harness looks amazing. That's probably what I'll go for. Question - does your K tech harness allow you to set the bag up high? The Orca looks very good also, as does the Versaflex short harness.
  5. I used to have a brilliant Petrol harness. It is gone, and in its place is my old Versaflex harness. Today my shoulders just about died. I miss my petrol harness. So of course they don't make it anymore. I see some nice looking ones from Orca and Portabrace and Versaflex. I have a heavy bag that I almost never wore because it had been years since I worked an actual run and gun gig. I took out some rx and made the bag as light as possible, but it's still a beast. My back and feet are fine, it's just the harness digs into my shoulders. I'm quite intrigued by the short bag version from Versaflex. I like wearing the bag tight and high up so the bottom is at my belt line. Also I guess I have a fairly small frame - I think I'm a normal 160 pound 5'10"er - so there's always a foot or more of extra strap after tightening! Thanks JWers! Dan Izen
  6. Sometimes I wonder how long this site will be active, and thank my lucky stars that I was able to get in early! Despite the like button, this is one of the greatest (and only) places I visit online. Thank you Jeff and thank you donators!
  7. Wow I hadn't seen those freq distinctions in a diagram before! I wish every maker did that. (Heh, do they already do this now?) All these years my ears have told me just how much of a giant rear lobe that mic has, in fact to me it's practically an omni at those lower freqs. Thanks for posting! Dan Izen
  8. Thank you all for your replies! After getting majorly burned in 2008 using digital wires I just stuck with the Lectro hybrids. Good to know they work as advertised these days! Dan Izen
  9. Is 35 watts enough, or are these semi-immune to RFI or something?
  10. Haha! Nice. I once had an issue with a guitar amp where everything was working great, but when I installed the chassis into the cabinet, the sound disappeared. I took it in and out and couldn't find any cause. Then I looked at where the chassis screws went and noticed another wire in close proximity to one of the holes. Turns out the screw was grounding a signal wire and I had to reroute the wire and repair the break in its insulation. Glad it's solved
  11. I have seen a high res of this that was part of a commercial. I thought that whole thing was just for a commercial? I agree that it is amazing and I watched it many times when I first saw it. I couldn't believe it was staged either.
  12. That is crazy, never heard that before. I'm very interested in this, I hope it gets solved. Did it happen with more than one mic? It does kind of sound like resistor hiss, but I can't imagine this being that since they recover and sound normal again. It may have something to do with those resistors? Are you trying to simply add a dB pad? Maybe remove the resistor and see if it still happens. (Calling John Blankenship!)
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