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    I love non-capey comics, experimental noise music, and horror movies. And I once played guitar in an instrumental surf band in Boston, we rocked.
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  1. I really like where this has led. I’m in the “I realize it’s imperfect but it tells me the important stuff” category. The OP seems to assume it’s some kind of choice. “Oh hey the lavs aren’t clear enough, let’s just move them to where they’re clearer. I’ll be able to tell because of my headphones, which are way better than the headphones everyone else uses.” But forgot to add the fantasy “The AD, DP, wardrobe, talent, hair, and everyone else in the crew will let you do whatever you need.” I mean come on! It’s not always t shirts and skin mics! To be honest, a better
  2. I just learned this fellow recorded Surfing With The Astronauts! WOW! Possibly the most epic of all surf albums, and widely acknowledged to have the most reverb of any surf record. Everything has reverb. Some people guess that plate reverb or room reverb was added to the complete mix. Sounds like a really incredible person, wish I knew him.
  3. I’d love to see PAs wearing that! But it’s a bit undignified for a soundie...
  4. Great topic!! And the replies... wow! I used to think all those Twilight Zones and Alfred Hitchcock Presents were all looped. Then I paid more attention and realized they were being boomed. What a shocker! I then asked around and discovered the way described above, including how REAL actors work. Must have been awesome. Dan Izen
  5. I have heard leaving cables in the sun in Summer makes em straight again...
  6. There were helicopters that played music as psychological warfare in Vietnam... See this topic:
  7. Whoa! Is that what that sounds like?! I could buy that! I’ve heard of CMITs that don’t do this sound, but both of mine do. I am grateful heh!
  8. I’ve been hearing that fart for over ten years, and after hearing it today I realized I had no idea what is causing it. It’s so fartlike I’ve had boom ops joke, “Excuse me!” after plugging in. Normal XLR from mic to a Denecke PS-1a, then via a Lectro MC41 cable into an SMQV tx. Sometimes it’s a “boat motor turning over,” sometimes a near-squeaky “petite,” sometimes a proud “floor rumbler;” it’s always a little different. It seems to only do it once per startup. Other mics only have that deep “phantom power bump” sound. Are the electrons in the Schoeps doing some so
  9. Those are great action shots! Here’s my interior version!
  10. Thank you so much for these! They are just brilliant. I must have sensitive ears because an hour with a ear loop mask starts to hurt. These fit so well I don’t even need the lower straps, just the upper strap around my head. It fits perfectly and never even tries to come off. Wearing with glasses works but they must be pulled up higher than normal so it is not as comfortable. I am going to order another more. These are great! The Halolife ones hurt my ear skin.
  11. I apologize for misunderstanding you. I thought when you said to move along, you were telling me what to do. It also appeared you were judging everyone for discussing a problem because you don’t think it’s is a real problem. And by the way that is not projection, that is misunderstanding. Accusing Paul F of playing below the belt is projecting.
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