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    I love non-capey comics, experimental noise music, and horror movies. And I once played guitar in an instrumental surf band in Boston, we rocked.
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  1. Oh MAN I would love to hear that CD! That is pure genius!
  2. This is part of a trend, and not really the time to move along in my opinion. He is certainly not the main culprit, but part of this “movement” towards an audible dialogue can be attributed directly to him. I am really glad to see people other than sound professionals talking about this! Thanks for posting Jim!
  3. And HERE’S One of the coolest things I’ve ever heard of an airport sponsoring. This little museum is insane! Anyone in San Francisco can go, they don’t have to take a flight. https://www.sfomuseum.org/about/blog/surfs-behind-scenes-exhibition-sfo-museum
  4. Sounds like a perfect way to record surf!
  5. Well that makes a lot more sense! I was thrown off!
  6. Great article! I really like the conclusion to, that the main culprit of this problem is too much technology. Too many toys. Too many ways to express your “style.” I believe that is a much larger problem with the world, especially young people. I used to think this would ebb and flow, but now I feel that we have gone too digital. There’s no going back. It’s kind of like guitar amplifiers, the old tube battleships still sound the best, but everyone is using new digital ones. No one is going back and doing analog sound design. That will never happen again. Instead I must lay in wai
  7. This is gold! It reminds me distinctly of rehearsals for action sequences where the actors yell bang instead of actually shooting. We had an actress who actually did the “pew pew pew” sounds when she fired and it was really funny. that is incredible! How did they do the metal sound? Kind of like metal pinging on a flagpole? I can see the rocks tumbling being mouth sounds, but the metallic ones are utterly convincing.
  8. Hey some cool people are attempting to fund a proper documentary about surf. A real historical perspective. If you are the type to donate to documentaries, why not contribute to the kick starter fund? I just did this today.
  9. Izen Ears

    RIP Eric Toline

    Oh no! I got to know him over the phone and had a number of great conversations with him. I look forward to meeting him someday. What a bummer. RIP sir.
  10. Dammit, I missed the fact that there is a like button! Hey Jeff, please remove this!
  11. We all know Facebook has detrimental effects on people. We also know that Rado loves to be controversial and outspoken. Those two ingredients do not make a very tasty meal. Rado you must remember your first year on this site? Constantly being told to calm down and stop bragging about your $100,000 computer job. I’m sorry you got banned from the group, but that’s no need to start bringing that crap back here. This site is pure gold. One of the very few offerings on the Internet that is truly worthwhile and life-changing. No like buttons, no badges, no site sponsored populari
  12. I love this. Especially only using two microphones. What a concept!
  13. Wow that is super cool! I wish the music sounded more National Geographic than action movie haha.
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