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  1. Who is it? Looking at your correspondences, it is clear that this person is a terrible businessman. People need to learn about customer service if they decide to start taking people’s money. You were more than patient. Please out this person as they should not be in business if this is how they treat customers. Dan Izen
  2. If you want to end your searching and empty your bank account, get the DPA surround (bicycle seat) mic. (Plus a 6- track recorder and a surround sound system.) If you want to get mono sounds, listen to the folks upthread! I’ve used CMITs and MK41s for nature / ambience and they worked great. I preferred the cardioid. Dan Izen
  3. Can’t help you, but this crap just kills me. I will walk right through the set, right up to the actors, interrupt any discussion and tell them that they need to tell someone (who will tell me) when they decide to yell. Then I say how I need my ears, and that I will go home if they do it again. It has always worked, and I do this no matter how famous they are. Your hearing is way more important than some show! Headphone limiting sounds good tho! I wish the Devas I use had it. Dan Izen
  4. It’s probably a screw. Possibly the big one at the main tilting joint. Or possibly the smaller one at the same place. Or it’s the allen screw way inside that attaches the cage to the mount. You have to take it all apart to tighten that one. Me and my team had this keep popping up, and it was usually one of those three screws. The only other sources of squeak we found were right around the mic and its shock mount. Either a wire lightly brushing the mic (not a squeak really, more of a creak), or the actual shock mount thingees touching each other (that’s a squeak). Best of luck! You shouldn’t need to send it back. Great blimps! Mine have lasted 12 - 13 years and going strong. Had to bend them back into shape a few times but man, they are just as quiet and awesome as when they were new. Dan Izen
  5. Heh, I thought it was Minus Optical Stripe! As in, the edge of film where optical sound lived. I love Motor Only Sync, that sounds like a synth band! Dan Izen
  6. Oh wow! I have to check these, I bet they’re both wound the same way. If so, I will probably get see if they can reverse one of em. The creepy dolls are all donations, and I feel they’re more of a messed up mast head than a sacrifice. Maybe if I was having a rough RFI day, I could burn one and see if it clears up haha! Dan Izen
  7. No experience with the Wickeds, but the Beyers are just wonderful. They don’t seem to age.
  8. And to update my deal - the director ended up not liking it because he was often in the room and found it distracting. Because he could hear their voices in real time... So after a single take, we took off the delay haha!
  9. I read Moderna + Pfizer works in place of Pfizer + Pfizer. Thanks to the hoards of dumb asses that think science is a liberal hoax, we will likely all need boosters for the rest of our lives. I’d get that Delta booster in a heartbeat.
  10. Sharkfins are nice, small, and they have a cool name. But if you have the room on your new cart, no other passive antenna can beat PW’s helicals. These smaller ones are ridiculously awesome. Around corners, through metal, I’ve really only had issues with being stepped on or like 400’ away. Not cheap, but you won’t ever have to replace em! https://www.professionalwireless.com/product/domed-helical-antenna/ Dan Izen
  11. Isn’t that space always covered by labels? Does it matter enough to get a new face? Those are pretty cheap, but I think Denecke may have to do the swap. They’ve done it every time I’ve gotten a new face, but maybe you can do it at home!
  12. “We get the best sound they will let us.” The only thing you can do is tell your bosses the situation. Preferably during the situation, or at least right after. Before is best, “Hey Mr. Producer I am not being allowed to do my job, so you’re going to get bad sound.” or my personal favorite, “Hey Mr. Director I’m not being allowed to do my job so everyone will have to loop everything. Just thought you should know.” If you get to them before, they might be able to help you. For example, they can instruct the 1st AD to give you time and rehearsals. But like the others said, your stress is just not appropriate. You are going to be fine, let them stress about it if they need to. Stepping back, this sounds like the push you needed to truly go on to what you want to do. Congrats on the new direction! Dan Izen
  13. This is no help but after six years on that show, I’m on another one where there is a 170ms lag on the director’s monitors. How do I know it’s 170ms? Because I easily popped the Kramer delay box in the cart and put it on the Comtek out, and it was 170ms! I am super stoked to be able to solve the issue without buying anything else. We just installed the thing yesterday. That Kramer goes up to 5.4 seconds. And it’s awesomely simple and works great! Heh heh, I have two of these so if needed I could daisy chain them and get 10.8 seconds of delay... Dan
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