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    I love non-capey comics, experimental noise music, and horror movies. And I once played guitar in an instrumental surf band in Boston, we rocked.

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  1. Izen Ears

    NYTimes sound backgrounds from around world

    Exactly. I’ve often longed for 12 and 24 hour long recordings, or even a week long field recordings!
  2. Izen Ears

    Etymotic or other brand for low-cost earplugs?

    “The DefendEar Hunter has increased noise suppression for large caliber D-bags on a job“ How I wish there was anything for this... No way that claim can ever be true!
  3. Izen Ears

    Etymotic or other brand for low-cost earplugs?

    Can anyone comment on the frequency response, or whatever the hell you call it? Does it make music too bassy? Can you still hear high freqs? I’ve been using Vibes and they are great for band practice, but a little weak for a show. Saw the 5, 6, 7, 8’s last week and the bass was a little uncomfortable.
  4. Izen Ears

    Keeping current and abreast of new techniques

    Minus Optical Stripe (or strip) is what I thought it was?
  5. I got one a year ago at $418. Spent all but .18 of it. Wish I'd gotten ten! It's easy as pie to convert back into real money.
  6. Izen Ears

    Sounds Good! Sound for Film and Video (humor)

    That is so funny!!!! I actually laughed a bunch. Thanks for the share I have to send that to some pals. I don't wanna spoil it but there are some really smart jokes. Brilliant thanks Mista Feeley! Dan Izen
  7. Izen Ears

    Boom and Live Vocals. Good lesson from 1955.

    That is truly incredible. On my show there is a ton of music and all of it is recorded live, often during takes. Those become the prerecs and used when the band's in the background. 95% of the band's coverage is a live take, or synced to an previous live performance. I get a feed from the music dept. and throw just a single CMIT in the room. The CMIT by itself often sounds the best to me, but sometimes I'll mix in the feed a little. It usually sounds great. Then post music dept. remixes it and it sounds like canned crap in the show...
  8. Izen Ears

    At the Dawn of Recorded Sound, No One Cared

    Awesome article! So weird about how he never wanted to listen back to his "recording." It's just incredible the work done to play that back!! A few years ago I stumbled upon a one-sides 7" featuring that first recording! It was on inferior clear wax but honestly it sounds almost exactly as it does in that video.
  9. Izen Ears


    WOWEEEEE what a great read! And very exciting about the nerve sensors. I wish I'd become an engineer or something so I coulda perhaps taken part or helped in stuff like this. Thanks for the great post!
  10. Izen Ears

    Recording, '50s Style

    Awesome!!! I'm totally gonna watch this. Thanks for the link!
  11. Izen Ears

    Current and near-future recording modalities

    Wow. It's real. Damn it! I've never seen any of those movies. They don't sound like movies where actors mumble, more like how non-actors can't project. The article calls it natural. Bah!
  12. Izen Ears

    Current and near-future recording modalities

    - rant on - Are we going for reality, or are we trying to tell a story? Mumbling in film, as in life, makes it hard to hear words. Mumblecore is utterly and indefensibly ridiculous. A genre driven by dialog that you can't hear. I hate actors who mumble and think it's all dramatic. Yes, I hate them. I don't care how nice they are, if they mumble and I have to record them, I hate them. When I watch something and the actors mumble, I hate them too. If Mumbling were a country I'd want to invade it and erase its entire cultural history. Mumbling is only appropriate if the speaker is insecure about it, or wants you to not hear then. - rant off - Dan Izen
  13. I found that hilarious too. But damn. Ghost cities!
  14. Izen Ears

    What do I do?

    Mirror has actually provided some help too. In the production world, there are people you will encounter who's egos are so swollen they truly believe the world revolves around them. They have a sense of entitlement that is laughable. Production not only attracts these types, it often rewards them. Mirror does a really great job representing this type of douche, and is a fantastic resource for building up thick skin. If you don't have a thick skin you'll just be miserable. I should know, because I have very thin skin! In fact my friend, after all the technical and networking crap you do to become a Professional Sound Person, this will be your biggest challenge: dealing with crazy douches who control your cash flow. At least that's been true for me and every other soundie I know personally. And, amazingly, this is the ONLY area where being a soundie can actually help your Real Life Skills! In other words, if you can learn to negotiate with irrational people in production, you will have a better life outside in the real world. Dan Izen