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  1. Hi everyone! As boom operator, I use to work with few boom boxes on set. I aprecciate skills like light weight, some compartiment to keep my script and callsheets safe, and some gadgets to keep wires and stuff like that... and of course enough strong to up me for booming in shadows problems... I have a beta version of an IKEA modified stair, and it's working well... What do you use for boom box? Maybe it would be fine share pics of our boom boxes to put some ideas in common. This night I will take some photos of mine on set
  2. So happy with my Invision7 for my km100 series. I'd never try cinela ones, but they're good looking...
  3. Thanks Richard! I didn´t found that...
  4. Good afternoon, I just want to know If is there any kind of active cable for AKG SE300 and CK capsules. I've been looking for it at internet, in some forums people talk about that, what here in Europe is impossible to find something like that. So, if someone knows something about that... Thanks for all, and merry christmas!!
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