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  1. Does it perform any filtering or just lossless distro? Manufacturer’s website isn’t too clear.
  2. Paul Katzman


    @Geoff Maxwell Have you tried a powered USB hub? The trick is finding one designed to run on 12v power input instead of the more usual 5v, but they do exist. Curious if that remedies the tablet issue. Thanks for sharing your experiences. As someone considering buying a Scorpio, some of these software issues are pretty significant shortcomings that I’m glad to be aware of. Hope to see these get addressed very soon. Other concerns (to me) include no SL-6 comparability for anything but their own brand of wireless (yet) and no Dugan. On the other hand, the machine is essentially guaranteed to get better and more capable over time, so there’s that!
  3. Paul Katzman


    1. Literally any control surface supporting MCU will “work.” How well, to what extent, and how flexibly, is anyone’s guess until release. 2. Good question I’m curious too. 3. Presumably on the Scorpio itself, though I for one would hope for the ability to have “profiles” for certain control surfaces, editable on a real computer app and then loadable onto the Scorpio itself. 4. Just like with any other DAW control surface, with MCU you can move one channel at a time or a whole bank (usually 8 channels) at a time, up or down the list. I would expect that behavior to be the same here. The Icon surface supported out of the gate is definitely capable of this. 5. YES!! 6. For the time being SD seems to directly support using the Icon Platform m+ with the Scorpio, seems as though they will be directly supporting it themselves. Maybe not, but that’s my take from what they’ve said. I believe the thinking is that this list will grow over time. 7. Thankfully Android only is purely a release thing, they have said iOS support is coming too.
  4. Damn, this sucks. Thanks for your exhaustive testing and research. Maybe @Gordonmoore1 can shed some light on the design decisions and if this can be helped in firmware updates at all.
  5. Paul Katzman


    Adjustable threshold is a must on professional devices (also glad for a return to all metering in dBFS!!) but adjustable release time is a fantastic addition as well. Wondering if we’ll have knee options, or sidechain filtering - it does already do EQ...
  6. Did you have this issue when using Tentacle Sync Studio or when using Avid to read the TC?
  7. Paul Katzman


    I’ve heard the A10 rack supports remote control via USB (essentially the Super Slot protocol transported over USB, ala the PSC SixPack and their mod for the Lectro OctoPack) with Cantar X3 line, I would bet pretty hard on this coming to Scorpio as well. And maybe an SL6-mk2 that allows for this, maybe with Dante, and maybe even stacking 2 of them together on top of a Scorpio...
  8. Does this custom MZF still retain the pad? When the switched filter is disabled, is the subsonic filter still present or is that modified too?
  9. On top of that, it’s poorly constructed sentence structure and grammar and full of typos and straight up misinformation. This truly is useless for beginners. Some of the items on here are wireless systems (which include mics) and some are just mics! That you didn’t include the G3/G4 line (probably the most commercially successful option among amateurs, beginners and single operators) let alone any of the newer options like Sennheiser XS digital or the Deity stuff shows nobody actually did any real research at all. Shit, searching Adorama or B&H would have given you more and better information, and both of those places I believe offer affiliate links to achieve the same result as linking to Amazon. This “article” is truly useless and IMO will do more harm than good, leaving prospective users with no holistic understanding of what a lav mic or wireless system is, what the parts are, and what makes a good product from a bad one. It’s a mindless collation of manufacturer specs with no actual analysis or opinion of its own. Like Chris, sorry for the harsh words, but...
  10. To that end, I only use RX for these purposes to avoid aliasing and filter artifacts. It also does a great job of preserving metadata on export.
  11. Sure, all depends what they can pull of in firmware. Andrew seems to think it’s possible, but we shall see.
  12. Yes omg please do. An 18dB/8ve cut with pad would be amazingly useful. Hopefully it’s at a lower corner frequency too (60-80Hz)
  13. For clarification’s sake (and because I just re watched the video this morning) I believe Andrew explains that at the moment the packs are only 1 to 1 transmission, but 1 to many may be coming later in a firmware update.
  14. I would get in touch with your local DPA dealer, but it looks like you could achieve what you’re asking about. You would need a dedicated preamp for film/tv use, keep in mind. I would also maybe buy the pieces individually for maximum flexibility. The 4018V has a vocal performance oriented boost, which is probably not desirable as a fixed boost for film production, especially when preamps like the MMP-B can achieve this boost anyway. The 4018VL looks like what you want, but I am not clear if that SKU is just packaging the normal 4018 capsule with the handheld body and windscreen, or if in fact that capsule has a different response than the standard 4018 capsule. I say this because you can buy SKUs that are just pre packaged combinations of capsule and preamp, which is exactly what the 4018ES is - a 4018 capsule with an ES preamp.
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