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  1. Yes. Though when changing the battery on Maxx you only need to remove the left panel to access the battery. Hi Jack, I couldn't find any instructions on how to change the battery on Maxx. Do you know on which part of the left panel is the battery located?
  2. dani

    Zaxcom- MAXX

    Thanks azw, your DSP replacement was covered under warranty? d.
  3. dani

    Zaxcom- MAXX

    Thank you jack, i will send the sample. I'm sure my player is set to 48kHz, even played it back on Maxx and hear the same issue, and yes time is correct only pitch has shifted.
  4. dani

    Zaxcom- MAXX

    Hi all, I had an issue with my Maxx yesterday: all the takes from one of the scenes I had recorded came out with a pitch shift (afterwards I figured it was about 2 semitones). All the segments recorded before and after this particular scene are perfectly ok. No changes made to the settings during the day, 24bit - 48kHZ recording, I used a Transcend 16gb 133x CF. I've also tried to convert MARF with ZaxConvert afterwards but no luck. Does anyone have any suggestion on what could have happened? cheers
  5. Thanks guys, I was afraid that length of the bar of INV-7 was a bit too long for a KM150 and that I would not be able to place the foam screen properly. Would you say that INV-7 Mark III has any more advantages besides being able to switch mics more quickly? cheers
  6. Hi everyone, was wandering if anyone has any suggestion for a good shock mount for Neumann km 100 series (single mic configuration). I've been checkin' Rycote INV-2 but doesn't look like it's the best to be mounted on a boom pole...and softie mounts seem to be too long to fit the mic properly with a foam screen on. thanks d.
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