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    I love Films, I´m a sound recordist, I work in films, tv, shortfilms and videogames. I try to learn about everything and train to do it the best I can.I want to travel abroad to work in better proyects
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  1. It looks very very good.
  2. Does this mod add any little hiss to your cans? Can u use any cable? When I connect my 633 to the CL12 I need to use the SD cable only, otherwise I've got a hiss in my hp.
  3. Yeah, this sometimes happens to my 633 since 2 or 3 firmwares back and does't seem like something that will be fixed soon...
  4. I would go with the HN-7506, not as bassy as the HD26 but they are pretty good.
  5. Hi there, I´ve used the UMP II by Ambient for some time now with an old Lectro Txs UM400 but I want to use them now with a Wisycom's MTP40. Problem is my Wisycoms use microdot conector and I can't seem to find the way of making the cable from the UMP to the Tx. I tried using an old DPA microdot cable but it only has 2 wires, so tried positive / ground, positive / Negative + Ground. I think there's no way of soldering a Microdot to any other 3 way cable. Has anyone use this setup? Know how to solve this?
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