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  1. I’m rigging mics into a practical overhead lighting fixture for a show - it’ll be semi-permanent as they’ll live this way for the 15 weeks we’re shooting. Art wants to run the XLR cables with the electrical cables for the lights inside of a PVC tube for a clean look. I’m concerned about running the XLRs right next to the electrical cables - is there anything I can use to shield the XLR cables to prevent interference and buzzing?
  2. Yeah - we have five 360 camera rigs that we're placing in five locations around a court for a basketball game, and we want the audio to go along with it. I've done audio with my soundfield mic for a single 360 rig before, and I've also used an "octa-aural" setup with 4 binaural mics - basically the same that was used for the Beck video. Thanks for the suggestions! So far I've come up with nothing but I haven't exhausted all of my resources yet. I have one - I'd be happy to rent it.
  3. I need to rent 4 Soundfield SPS200 mics for a shoot on 11/21. If you have one, or know someone who does who would be willing to rent, please let me know. Thanks!
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