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  1. Michael Gilbert

    HiQ battery > Magsafe 2

    The Car charger route is something I was looking at. I am in the process of building a little diy BDS. I have a pelican that I am putting everything in, so that when I am in the field and needing to dump media for my documentary, everything I need is nicely packed into that case and I can just open and go, that is where the power solution would come into place. Typically my laptop would have enough juice, but I want to be able to charge it and a few other things just incase. If I built a hirose or dc locking to cigarette lighter adapter, I should put whatever steps the voltage down to 12v into that custom cable, so that I can connect to any port. Same goes with my USB charging want/need. keep any voltage regulator built into the cable versus building it into specific ports on the bds.
  2. Michael Gilbert

    HiQ battery > Magsafe 2

    Anyone know if it would be possible to utilize my batteries from my audio rig to charge my laptop when I need extra juice on it in the field?
  3. Michael Gilbert

    Re-edit of film years later using 5.1 stems

    Are you trying to do this within your picture editing software or sending it out to pro tools? I always clean up all the edits of the stems individually, making the necessary prelaps and post laps. Anything that doesn't work gets re-edited. Then using all of it, print new(to the current picture version) stems, print master, and LtRt folddowns using the 5.1 print master as the source. You are basically doing what you did for the original print, but using stems and "new material" as your source instead of all of the individual sound files.
  4. Michael Gilbert

    Giving clients stems/ OMF files of final mix.

    Our typical deliverables for a show are 5.1 Printmaster, DX A, DX B, DX C, PFX, Group, Foley, Fx, Music Stems, 5.1 M&E Printmaster, and 5.1 M&E Sweetener(The sweetener consist of anything needed for the ME that is not in PFX, Foley, FX, Music, and our edited DX/Group Stems) this allows us to rebuild the ME later. The stems(M&E Excluded) all equal the 5.1 Printmaster when played back at unity. We have no eq or any moves after our stems prints. We also provide Stereo DME LtRt crashes of the printmaster, DX(A, B, C), MX, and FX(PFX, FX, FO, Group). All this is done in longplay format 23.976 and in by-reels at 24fps. We never turn over the units.
  5. Michael Gilbert

    What Plugins to complete my restoration bundles

    I recently messed around with the demo of Unveil. It is now on my list of plugins to purchase, specifically for a documentary I have coming up. It did not make things perfect, but it brought speech from unintelligible to completely intelligible which is great for docs. It is for a pretty specific problem, but it handles that problem pretty well. http://www.zynaptiq.com/unveil/
  6. Michael Gilbert

    Black Magic Cam ( ANY user?)

    His ssd's are 256gb so it will get us about 30 minutes of RAW. Compressed HD can be done. I will check and see if the compression affects audio and drift in addition to the tests done with RAW. For the sync test, would there be a need to not feed audio from my deck into the camera for the purposes of sync and just use the on board mi?
  7. Michael Gilbert

    Black Magic Cam ( ANY user?)

    My roomate just got his in a week or two ago. He is a camera guy so I can see if there is some time where we run some tests and he can give his insight from a camera perspective and I can do audio/sync tests. Any tests in particular to try and run?
  8. Michael Gilbert

    Schoolin': Sound Engineering

    If your interested in the physics behind speakers and reinforcement, pick up Yamaha's Sound Reinforcement Handbook. This is a comprehensive book on reinforcement from the basics on up. I would recommend looking at the required textbooks for the programs you are looking at and purchase them in advance, read them, see if it's your cup of tea. It is much cheaper to buy a couple books and find out if that direction is something you want to pursue rather than finding out a year into a program that you really cannot stand it. Mike G