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Found 10 results

  1. Editor/Re-Recording Mixer looking for work! 6 nominations, 4 wins! I have a reel available for review. MPEG/Local 700 member. If you need someone for your team, please let me know! John Bennett https://www.imdb.com/nm2968276 (415) 305-1667
  2. Hey everyone! I know this will probably be contentious so I will start by saying that in a perfect world post production shouldn't be using 'automix' BUT is there a similar plugin or system to how the Sound Devices Automix or Dugan Automix works for post production? Sometimes I get a bunch of ISOs and I need to get out a clean mix quickly. There's not the time for going through and automating all the ISOs. Recently, I've been running tracks through my 633 in realtime and recording back in the Automix. But since this is a digital process it has to exist in some plugin form. I know Waves has it but only for live production desks as far as I can see. I've tried using sidechains and gates but haven't found anything as good as the SD automixes. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  3. Hello, I'm currently a student and I would like to start gaining feedback and start networking within the industry. If you could take a few minutes out of your day to look at the work i'm currently doing and give some feedback that would be greatly appreciated. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd-oFn9NEGfsCxKzgxnAByWe6wkX_6XzyktXqkudUV1_FeIVw/viewform Thank you in advance!
  4. Actually getting drunk is not needed to perform this task but wanted to show that even someone after a couple of drinks couldn't mess it up.
  5. Hey guys, hope you are all well. We have just launched a huge sale over at Sonniss in celebration of Halloween 2015. (You might want to check it out). There are some great deals to be had this week on many popular indie sound libraries from people like Coll Anderson, SoundBits, Detunized, SoundMorph, etc (over 200+ are on sale).http://www.sonniss.com/sound-effects-sale/I have compiled a list of the discounts available on Google Sheets... (hopefully this makes things a little easier for you all)https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1N1s8z0F5VMcP1c987Hup4urSe1Zyz-VgnKMrUf-c_48/edit?usp=sharingIf you have any problems with your order, just drop me a message (we offer 24 / 7 instant support).- Timothy McHugh(CEO) & Co-Founder / Sonniss.com
  6. This is the 1st part in an ongoing weekly series looking at the audio post production workflow. We have enlisted the help of top end professionals in their respective fields to walk us through what they do and sharing some tips and tricks along the way. The series will be based on TV drama in the UK and these days takes a lot from the film workflow but also a lot of what applies is very similar in other genres all be it not on as big a scale. Part 1 - Assistant Editor, preping sessions Part 2 - Assistant Editor, preping sessions Part 3 - Dialog Editor, setting up dialog sessions Part 4 - Dialog Editor, preping for ADR and finishing the dialog edit Part 5 - Dialog Editor, marking up for ADR and handing on to the re-recording mixer Part 6 - ADR on location - part 1 Part 7 - ADR on location - part 2 Part 8 - Foley - part 1 Part 9 - Foley - part 2 Part 10 - Sound Effects Part 11 - Mixing part 1 Part 12 - Mixing part 2
  7. I don't have done a project with high amount of production sound effects like rifle guns, explosions etc. I am always curious about the collaboration between production sound department and post production sound department for this. Not only for feature films, but also for television series which the time for editing, mixing etc it's more tight.
  8. Hey Guys, I am doing Post-Production on a series pilot that was shot in Brazil. They didn't bring a very good sound guy and I am left to deal with the consequences. Their "Sound Guy" provided me with no general ambiences or sound effects and I was wondering if anyone on here could help me out. I was able to salvage a lot of what I needed from the raw files but now I just need a few things. Thanks!
  9. Hey Guys, Just wondering, for those who are doing a stereo mix of booms/wireless and recording those two tracks, how often are those the tracks that post goes to? Do they use the stereo mix for the most part unless they need something specific? Or is the stereo mix just a guide for post production (And for IFBs) these days? Thanks!
  10. Hey guys, Just wondering how different people charge for Post Production services? (And Also so Musical Composing services) (At home people, projects studios, studios, etc.) Anybody do a black$/min fee? A general estimated based on the amount of time you estimate it will take? Hourly work? Think it is better to separate the music and audio component on the invoice? Any input would be appreciated Thanks Guys
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