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Found 7 results

  1. Hello everyone. I 'm afraid I've fried my SD633. I was testing a non- original external DC power supply. After connecting the mixer it worked perfectly for a few minutes, at some point I disconnected the power supply. The unit switched to batteries flawlessly. But when reconnecting the external power supply, It abruptly turned off. after that it doesn't turn on anymore. Not any LED lights up (anyone) and does not respond to power cycles and hard resets. Anyone of you ever suffered a similar problem? it is possible that the equipment has been damaged? or there is a possibility that possess some kind of protection and possibly react after a while? Thanks in advance.
  2. I also posted this in the official zaxcom forum, but thought I would double my chances for a quick answer. I had a client call me today about a single one of my files (out of several) sounding slow. I was sure it was an import problem on their part, at worst a mirroring problem, but when I went back and listened to the original .marf file on the nomad it does sound as if it were stretched or slowed down. I have never experienced anything like this. I have had the nomad since it was first released and have been on version 7.27 for at least a few months with no problems. The file was 24bit 48k 23.98. No other files sound like this and no setting changes were made for that take. I need to know why this happened so I can prevent it and know if I can I save this file for my client. I will, of course, start by updating firmware. Any suggestions?
  3. Greetings 744T afficianados, SD experts, and audio experts in general, I recorded a boom and a lav the other day on a job. It sat on the cart all day. I usually record to the INHDD and CF card. All day, it showed the usual available space to the INHDD, and nothing but dashes for the CF card, like it wasn't there. (oh boy). Attempting transfer of the CF files to the Mac, no files showed on the CF card, as I'd feared. The files show up and playback fine on the 744T INHDD. But as far as the CF functions go, I'm getting "Media I/O error," and depending on the CF menu item task, "Drive offline" or "Drive not formatted, would you like to format it?", even when the card is in, seated properly (of course), and formatted. Incidentally, on the last job, it recorded to the cards just fine. But this time it didn't. So now, I'm working to get the files off the INHDD, and I now find that the 744T doesn't seem to recognize, ANY other drives. After connecting a Firewire 400 ready MacBook Pro to the 744T directly, and then a Firewire 400 Lacie drive to the 744T directly, none of the seem to mount. It doesn't see it's own CF card (or drive) upon attempting to do an INHDD > CF transfer, either. It looks as if the only drive the 744T can see...would be it's own internal drive, and that's it. I love my 744T. I've always handled it with extreme care. It's never been subjected to harsh elements, hard jolts, drops or vibrations, luggage compartments (I carry it on), or anything like that. I purchased it new in 2010. Has anyone experienced issues like this, or similar? Does the 744T have any history of this? I sure don't see one. I did a little search of the site here, and didn't come up with anything, so I'm looking for advice before I send it off. Is there a firmware upgrade needed? What am I missing here? Above all, how can I get at these files? This doesn't look good. It's getting downright sassy with me. Help. Rachel Cameron www.rachelcameron.com
  4. Seeing if anyone has had this issue with the Lectrosonics UM400a BLK 26 in IFB mode. The issue encountered is, after about 10 min of good strong audio sending to multiple R1a units on set. The audio just fades away, comes back and then fade away. Here are all the things tried and observed to solve the issue. When I send it back to Lectrosonics how should I describe it? So I don't get a message back "We can't find anything wrong." because it looks and acts fine at first, but it seems to take a few minutes for it to happen. Thanks Observations: 1. Still solid green power light on UM400a 2. Green modulation on audio lights on UM400a 3. 3 other identical setup bag rigs with own IFB UM400a on other frequencies (swapped with others for testing) same result with bad unit 4. Sound Devices 664 x1 out put is used on all bags (swapped with others for testing) same result 5. Ta3 -Ta5 cables (swapped with others for testing) same result 6. Uses 9v eliminator (swapped with others for testing) same result 7. IFB is five frequency blocks away from nearest other Lectros on set and changed multiple times to clear channels and checked with other bags IFB to not be intermod. 8. Power cycle unit for 30 sec. fixes issue for about 10 minutes 9. Running just one bag or all bags with IFBs and same result with bad unit
  5. Having an issue with a new block 21 SRb. Once in a while it will randomly block out all frequencies (as in, if you scan, everything will be unavailable) and it sends a fairly intense feedback into the mixer, sounds almost like a fax machine. Only lasts for a few minutes then goes back to normal. Power cycling doesn't fix it. Currently on the road and it will be awhile until I can take it back. Any ideas welcome. Thanks
  6. I am having an issue with my trx900la, where it seems to have reverted to lower power transmission options. I was in recording mode and the units' battery died. In the past when the batteries have died, I've had transmitters that would not display anything on the QRX but still had something on the transmitter display as if it was in low power standby. This time nothing displayed and the unit was completely off. When I put new batteries into it, there was an error screen that came up. Unfortunately I do not remember what the actual message was. I cycled the power twice and then the unit booted into what appeared to be the normal boot sequence, but upon further inspection it had reset all settings, including frame rate, and all of the zaxnet control options. As I was scrolling through the extended menu, I noticed that the TX Power menu was different and now it only has the options of 10MW, 25MW, and 50MW instead of 25MW, 50MW, and 125MW. I was running version 7.81 of the firmware and I tried re-updating to that firmware but nothing changed within the TX Power Extended Menu screen. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. I wasn't sure if here or "Post to the host" was the right place to post this... Many people wisely recommend using this forum's search feature before posting, but I found it to be less than helpful. It often does not return results, or returns very few even when searching for common words. For example, I was just reading in which page__view__findpost__p__117208 contains the words "SM58" and "Alexa". So I tried searching for "SM58 Alexa" without any quotes and it returned zero results. Even a simple searches for "schoeps mic" only returns 154 posts (not just threads) and "schoeps condenser" 0 results. contains all three words as typed and as part of another word, like mics and microphones. I know that these words have been used together in other posts. I also tried the advanced search to verify that it searches "title and content" in "Forums". I've learned that using Google produces much better results. For example, googling "site:jwsoundgroup.net schoeps mic" produces 2,020 results, "site:jwsoundgroup.net schoeps condenser" 182 results. Is there a reason why this forum's search feature doesn't work well? Is there a trick I don't know about? I've had decent results with other forums' searches. Mark O.
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