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Found 10 results

  1. mikewest

    RF Explorer

    After updating my RF Explorer to firmware 1.20 I noticed that the battery charge only reaches 2/3rds I contacted the agent in Australia and another battery source in the USA "We cannot ship a lithium battery to New Zealand" were the responses. I guess that if I ordered a new unit complete with battery installed there would be no problem!!!??? Any suggestions folks? mike
  2. Hi, I can't upload any images. I've tried small 500kb files, still the same answer as the title is.
  3. I encountered a weird problem on my Nomad. One morning, I wasn't able to get a decent level out of input 2. Even with trim and fader maxed out, I was barely able to get enough level to work with. I was testing with my voice, yelling progressively louder and louder in the mic, and I could see the level going up, and when it was getting close to -8dbfs, the signal was suddenly going very loud and distorted. I tried different cables and mics, same problem. I finished the shoot without using this input, and I performed my regular maintenance on it this morning. I started by opening the Nomad to change the internal battery, I did a factory reset, I updated the firmware, and then I performed the trim calibration procedure. Everything went back to normal for about an hour, and then suddenly, the levels went super low again. I performed trim calibration a second time, but this time I couldn't see the levels "creeping up" during calibration on input 2. When calibration was over, I was able to get a normal level of signal in input 2, but now the preamp is VERY noisy. I hear a very annoying buzz that wasn't there before. My guess is that the calibration was performed when the input experienced the "low level" problem and it compensated by maxing out the trim setting. That's why I can hear the noise from the preamp now. I also guess that by some chance, I "fixed" the problem before the first calibration, either by updating the firmware, or by opening the Nomad. My nomad is now read to ship for repair, but I'm still posting here to see if anyone ever had this problem. I'm also curious on what I did the first time that seemed to have fixed it for an hour!
  4. A few days ago my 664 decided to get grumpy with me (and I only show the lil bastard love). The 10 pin Output A sends audio at unbalanced levels to the camera. Channel 2 will send audio at about half the level of channel 1. This only happens for about 10-15 minutes though, then it pops back up without reason. Sometimes it will pop back down randomly too. I've already tried swapping out my snake and pig tail to the camera. I've also tried different cameras, so I've eliminated the possibility of it being other gear. Also, Output B works just fine. Nothing is visibly wrong, but I'm wondering if it's been damaged. I'm going to bring it in to the shop for a look-see, but I just wanted to see if anyone else has experienced this before. Thanks in advance y'all
  5. Sooo my AA battery pack is too loose inside the Nomad and not powering the unit. If I take off the cover and press it in harder it does power the unit, so there just needs to be something wedged in there to keep that pressure up. I tried a nickel and that worked but was wondering if thats a bad idea? Maybe cardboard? Any suggestions? Dont really feel like sending it in.
  6. Hello Hive Mind, I recently bought a second hand UH400a plug on Tx to use with my UCR211 Rx. I read the manual, and followed the instructions to set the UH400a to 200 compatibility mode. I've tried this several times. The Tx LEDs blink the correct amount of times. The Rx shows full RF reception. However, the results are not good. How to best describe the sound... muddy, low level, constant hiss, massive compander pumping sound. The connector is a little loose/wobbly, and does crackle a little when touched/wobbled. It makes very little difference where the Tx gain is set, the problems are audible regardless, but I would say the level is low in general, as the Tx has to have it's gain control cranked pretty far to the right to actually get SOME level registering at the Rx, plus there's the absence of any frequency beyond a hi-mid. I've been using Lectro UM200c Tx's with my 211 Rxs for over a year and they sound great since I became aware of how to drive an analogue system for best signal to noise ratio. This is not merely compander noise. Has anybody here experienced a similar problem with the UH400a in 200 compatibility mode they can share here for some insight? Does anybody have any suggestions? In addition to the above, I've tried - bypassing pilot tone on the Rx - switching between different levels of phantom power (the mic operates pretty well the same on 15v and 48v) - multiple Rx's I am using a Rode NTG3. The mic works fine when cabled EDIT - Just realised, as I was listening to the god awful sound, that when I touch any of the trim knobs on the 664, there is a great big hum that appears, and disappears when I take my finger off. This happens regardless of whether the mic/Tx are in my hand or not. It does not happen when the same mic is cabled. Cheers, Travis
  7. Greetings 744T afficianados, SD experts, and audio experts in general, I recorded a boom and a lav the other day on a job. It sat on the cart all day. I usually record to the INHDD and CF card. All day, it showed the usual available space to the INHDD, and nothing but dashes for the CF card, like it wasn't there. (oh boy). Attempting transfer of the CF files to the Mac, no files showed on the CF card, as I'd feared. The files show up and playback fine on the 744T INHDD. But as far as the CF functions go, I'm getting "Media I/O error," and depending on the CF menu item task, "Drive offline" or "Drive not formatted, would you like to format it?", even when the card is in, seated properly (of course), and formatted. Incidentally, on the last job, it recorded to the cards just fine. But this time it didn't. So now, I'm working to get the files off the INHDD, and I now find that the 744T doesn't seem to recognize, ANY other drives. After connecting a Firewire 400 ready MacBook Pro to the 744T directly, and then a Firewire 400 Lacie drive to the 744T directly, none of the seem to mount. It doesn't see it's own CF card (or drive) upon attempting to do an INHDD > CF transfer, either. It looks as if the only drive the 744T can see...would be it's own internal drive, and that's it. I love my 744T. I've always handled it with extreme care. It's never been subjected to harsh elements, hard jolts, drops or vibrations, luggage compartments (I carry it on), or anything like that. I purchased it new in 2010. Has anyone experienced issues like this, or similar? Does the 744T have any history of this? I sure don't see one. I did a little search of the site here, and didn't come up with anything, so I'm looking for advice before I send it off. Is there a firmware upgrade needed? What am I missing here? Above all, how can I get at these files? This doesn't look good. It's getting downright sassy with me. Help. Rachel Cameron www.rachelcameron.com
  8. Hi all So 2 days ago i was recording a tv add in a house and today i got that awful call from production: 'one of the files is incomplete'. I checked the hard drive of the 788t and on it the file is also incomplete. The camera take is 11:15 and the audio take only 1:38. The weird thing is, the audio is the last 1:38 of the video, not the beginning! During recording no message came up, the recorder didn't freeze or anything like that. I have the A-Time in big numbers so i don't recall seeing the timer of the take at the end of it. Has this ever happen to anyone? Now i need to write an insurance report (1 time ever) and explain what could have gone wrong. Any ideas? Thanks Diego
  9. Lately I've been having noise issues with my 416 and my rode blimp, namely the switch-craft connector that connects to the 416. I've had to use snot tape inside and outside the mic to xlr connection and it STILL makes some noise when the pole is moved around a little to hard. HAs anybody had any problems with the Rode Blimp and a 416? It seems to me there is just a bit too much room between them when they are connected. I want to upgrade to a Rycote or a Cinela mount at some point, but for right now this is what I got. Anybody in the same boat?
  10. I wasn't sure if here or "Post to the host" was the right place to post this... Many people wisely recommend using this forum's search feature before posting, but I found it to be less than helpful. It often does not return results, or returns very few even when searching for common words. For example, I was just reading in which page__view__findpost__p__117208 contains the words "SM58" and "Alexa". So I tried searching for "SM58 Alexa" without any quotes and it returned zero results. Even a simple searches for "schoeps mic" only returns 154 posts (not just threads) and "schoeps condenser" 0 results. contains all three words as typed and as part of another word, like mics and microphones. I know that these words have been used together in other posts. I also tried the advanced search to verify that it searches "title and content" in "Forums". I've learned that using Google produces much better results. For example, googling "site:jwsoundgroup.net schoeps mic" produces 2,020 results, "site:jwsoundgroup.net schoeps condenser" 182 results. Is there a reason why this forum's search feature doesn't work well? Is there a trick I don't know about? I've had decent results with other forums' searches. Mark O.
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