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Found 6 results

  1. This is about video, but the results will surely filter down to our department(s): Engineers are teaching upscalers to recognize different kinds of scenes, and fill in missing pixels by using neural networks. Samsung is trying to build this AI into consumer sets. TV Tech article. Ultimately of course this depends on the quality of the AI training. But low-cost engines are getting faster, and there's a lot of training capacity available. So it's sure to grow. Here's the thing: if this becomes the standard in a few years, and content providers start using more compression to save money, because they know the viewers have AI upscaling... it'll be almost impossible for a director to come up with a new look for a show! Once a show goes into distribution, if consumer sets haven't been trained for that look, the sets will force the new footage to match something they already know! Think of it as 'mandatory auto-tune' wrecking all the great jazz singers of the past...
  2. (I know this has been covered in the past, but the tech has evolved since the previous posts) Hello all! Has anyone found unique and/or cheap new ways to monitor video feeds wirelessly from a cart or as a boom operator on the floor? I am familiar with Taradek cubes, QTAKE, and modulous type transmission. What I would like to explore is cheaper alternatives that provide streams to IOS or android devices. Ideally, these solutions have little to no additional equipment needed on the receiving side. The reason I bring this up again is due to my friend's newly installed vehicle dash cam. It is a BlackVue DR650GW-2CH, that has a proprietary live view via wifi app (ios and android). I was blown away by the reasonable latency, great quality and range. Has anyone found success with new lightweight solutions? Thanks!
  3. Maybe this is already happening for you guys, but in case it's not... If you're ever unable to go on recce, you should ask them to record videos of the location instead of photos. Some of the location's audio issues might become apparent.
  4. Last year's 'SHARE YOUR SANKEN STORY' was such a huge success that we are adding to the fun this year with VIDEO. Reenact it, show it or just tell it, you story is worth hearing about. Follow the link below to get involved! http://www.plus24.net/sanken/contest2014.asp
  5. It's Saturday; it's on. Tomorrow too. Here's the LINK. Call me if you need help getting in. Yeah. -- Jan
  6. To facilitate fast moving multi camera TV Shows that exist today I have improved upon Trew Audio's video Asist Kit. This Video Balun System allows me to transport 4 channels of composite video over 1 CAT-5e cable. My improvements enclose it inside a die-cast aluminum box and mount an EtherCON connector to once side and the BNCs to the other. The EtherCON cable is tougher than XLR due to its multi strand nature inside a tough jacket. This will allow a mixer to see 4 separate camera feeds at his cart from far away with only a single cat-5 run. Posted in order of production; sort of a step by step. Drill Holes
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