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Found 5 results

  1. Hello folks, I am about to head onto the open seas to record several live accoustic performances of traditional songs on the deck of a schooner under sail. Wind will be a factor for sure. Instruments will be captured using on pickups but the vocals are to be captured live, yet the mics must remain hidden from view. I am planning to use COS 11s everywhere and I have a day of testing in which I can rent other mics and do a test for wind resistance. I will pick up extra wind protection from Trew in the coming days. I have a month prior to sailing, any tips would be appreciated. Brian Power, CAS Hideout Studios
  2. Hey all, Here is a link to a new Cyclone test that I put together shooting out the Cyclone and the WS4. Be sure to check out the response from Rycote under the video! Huge thanks to Gotham Sound! Hope you enjoy! https://www.gothamsound.com/news/rycote-vs-rycote
  3. Hey everyone, I have a commercial spot coming up where their is a possibility that I have to capture audio in a car that is traveling thru an obstacle course. The windows will be open. 2 cameras. don't know the frames yet. I suspect they may do a closeup on the driver and a two shot. I will wire the talent for sure but you know how it goes with seat belts and wind. I would like to put mics in the visors if I can. Might be a cub. Trying to stay away with lavs in the visors because they usually don't sound very good. Easier to hide for sure and I have adequate wind protection. The Cub-01 I can get wind protection for also but I may have to wire 3 cars so that would be 6 in total if I wire both passenger and driver side, and that's if the shot allows it. other useful suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you B
  4. Wind Map for USA http://hint.fm/wind
  5. Hi All, I was taught to mount mics (a 416 at the time) such that the tip doesn't protrude past the cylindrical section of the basket (where the frontal end cap would attach in the newer generation baskets) in order to achieve maximum wind protection. I never questioned this since but just found myself wanting my MKH60 to protrude an inch further, for convenience. How much difference would this make? Roughly where after the interference tube is the capsule on the 60? Thanks
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