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If I'm reading this correctly, in order to get the wireless timecode generation and audio, you need a separate device.

REDsync Master - $2900

Weight: Aprox. 1lb


  • RF ISM Band Transceiver 865MHz/915Mhz for wireless audio and timecode
    • Deliver audio stream to multiple devices
  • 802.11b Transceiver
    • Receive and deliver timecode and metadata to multiple devices
    • Able to connect up to 14 devices
  • Supported FPS modes: 23.98, 24, 25, 29.97, 30, 29.97DF, 30DF.
  • Output sync modes: PAL, NTSC, 720p, 720p double frame, 1080i, 1080p, 1080i double frame, 1080p double frame
  • V Sync and H Sync Output to Camera
  • Timecode Output to Camera
  • Timecode output to audio recorder
  • 2 channel guide audio input for RF datalink distribution to camera(s) and other devices
  • Interface to iPad, iPhone & iTouch apps

Physical Interfaces

  • External Power
  • Timecode input
  • Timecode output
  • Output Video Sync
  • 48Khz 16bit audio input
  • Internal Power: 2 x ‘AA’ batteries



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I believe the full module is $13,000 (almost as much as the $19,000 camera) and there's some extra-priced options. My concern is that not every camera owner will buy the full package. I'm still fuzzy on what kind of wireless timecode it can deal with (that is: what the wireless timecode transmitter involves). 



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