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Banana jacks on Nagra 4.2 power supply

Ty Ford

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Right after I graduated from SUNY Purchase, I got hired to record sound on a feature ("Burnzy's Last Call") made by a bunch of Purchase alumn. It was a smartly produced low-budget feature - 90% of it took place in one location, a bar. They took over the whole brownstone building and put the editing rooms on the second floor.


I bought an old MTE? 16mm dubber from Matt Price and installed it on the second floor. After each shooting day, I would go upstairs and transfer the 1/4" to mag, and give it to the assistant editor (also a friend from Purchase).


It was grueling but incredibly gratifying.


I gave the dubber away and last I heard it was put on the curb to be picked up with the rest of the bulk garbage.



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