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Recording ERROR about Sounddevices 552

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I encountered a problem while I was recording with my 552.
It seems that if the power supply was cut suddenly or you start recording when the yellow indicator was still light(I mean you do a quick recording just after the last recording file was stored),and then the digital audio file might be damaged.
I didn't find the problem until the file was imported to my PC.When connecting to PC,it says the file is damaged and can't reach,the error code is 0*8007570
and I found some word in the SOUNDINFO.txt
13Y11M29-051.WAVPN "  
Does anybody know what "PN"means?
BUT the audio file which was damaged can still play both in the 552 and PC.I just can't copy the file and have nothing to do with the file.
I try to find answers in 552's Operation Manual,but there are few words about the "sound info",it just says "for house keeping purpose only"...OMG
Now I am really worried about it,does anyone meet the same situation like mine?
So I wonder if there is some solution to this issue,is there some tools to "save" my file ?Thank you very much,if any message,send me Email please,I really appreciate about it:)
My EMAIL is 249765881@qq.com :)
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" does anyone meet the same situation like mine? "

it is certainly possible.

the best place to go for assistance would appear to be the SD users forum, and SD's excellent technical support folks by email or telephone.

and Google may provide some answers for salvaging damaged files.

" the audio file which was damaged can still play both in the 552 and PC. "

this is hopeful!

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The yellow light indicates that the 552 is still writing to disk.  It is easy to corrupt a file by interrupting the write process before it has finished and closed the file.  This is why MARF was invented, and why the 633 closes the wav files often, and has a short lived internal power backup to complete writing the file if power is lost.

You may be able to use a program like soundhack, or the bwav recovery utility provided by VOS games (sorry Take, I can't remember the name of it right now).  Since it plays ok in the 552, it's likely the header needs to be fixed, but the bulk of the data is ok.

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