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Can TRXLAs and ZFR300s record & receive stereo without hardware adapters?

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i believe that Zaxcom make (or at least made) a 2 mic input version of the LA and ZFR.

that is the only way you will get 2 signals into the black bodied versions of their transmitters or body pack recorders.


the silver versions are the ones to go for if you want a stereo line level in or AES3 input. but that needs the hardware adapter you are trying to avoid.

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There is no hardware adaptor for trxla's and zfr300, only for the Trx900AA and Zfr100.


About the ZFT300 from Zaxcom website.

"The Zaxcom ZFR 300 (Zaxcom Flash Recorder) is the same size as Zaxcom TRXLA2 wireless transmitter and can accept standard lavaliere microphones. A stereo ZFR can accept two lavaliere microphones, or two unbalanced microphone inputs."

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