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  1. Found this battery https://www.canbat.com/product/12v-20ah-lithium-battery/ Do I need a Battery Management System or the battery poles straight to the XLR4 ? What kind of charger do you suggest ?
  2. What sparked my questioning is that I was looking into upgrading my recorder for this "flagship" model and realized it was 24/48 maximum. I even see many "prosumer" recorders with 32/192. I know that recorders are much more than just specs but I would hate for this expensive recorder to be "obsolete" if I start getting requests for higher resolution within the next years.
  3. Hello, everybody. I just wanted to get your thoughts on audio file resolution (bits and sample rate) since more recorders are being released with higher specs. I’ve been delivering 24/48 files for years. Do you feel this will change anytime soon ?
  4. Does the nomad trip the battery protection even when using a RA BDS ?
  5. Hi, I'm well aware of the Deva 24 my point is I don't need 12 analog mic inputs and having 2-4 would make the machine cheaper and smaller. ; )
  6. I would like a D (digital) version on the Deva . A lot of us are running wireless only systems and as a zaxcom wireless user i'v been using the aes outputs on my Qrx's for years. A recorder with 2-4 analog inputs and 10-12 aes would be great, Something similar to the sound devices 970 but controller (fader board) compatible.
  7. Big miss for me if it's under 8 aes inputs... The rest seems amazing.
  8. Anybody is using this kind of cable to charge and use the usb at the same time ? http://accessories.dell.com/sna/productdetail.aspx?c=us&cs=19&l=en&sku=470-abes
  9. Any other tablet options ? The winbook seems hard to find in Canada...
  10. On Nomad in the Scene field I enter the "scène" and "plan" and separate with a dash "-" and the take field is the take. So if I do Scène 21 plan 1, my scene field would be 21-1 very simple, never had any confusion.
  11. In my situation Zaxnet is only for my Boom op, the scratch track and Tx control. The rest is on a different system (Comtek). This is why i'm looking into a more directional solution mostly for exteriors.
  12. Anybody tested this with Zaxnet ? I'm using the Omni antenna at the moment which is great to have on the antenna mast but doesn't give me anymore range than the standard antenna.
  13. Same as Justin, backup, sound ok just taking less spl than cos11
  14. http://professionalsound.com/specs/solicemini.html New from PSC.
  15. There is no hardware adaptor for trxla's and zfr300, only for the Trx900AA and Zfr100. About the ZFT300 from Zaxcom website. "The Zaxcom ZFR 300 (Zaxcom Flash Recorder) is the same size as Zaxcom TRXLA2 wireless transmitter and can accept standard lavaliere microphones. A stereo ZFR can accept two lavaliere microphones, or two unbalanced microphone inputs."
  16. Great carts, are you able to fold the bottom plate on the filmtools cart ?
  17. Is the Maxx Tx the same as the CL ? Minus Zaxnet of course.
  18. I'm comparing the Tx manual from 2010 and the 2013 (trx900LA) manual The manual indicated the exact same lengths for Tx and Rx ( Qrx100 manual and trx900LA manual)
  19. The older user guide shows 3.81" for the blk 24 and the new one 4.69" Did i cut my older antennas too short ?
  20. I use my Cub-1 with my zax tx with no problem.
  21. No pic of your boom op on that sunny day ? That was the best part
  22. I strap it to the end of the boom and use velcro on the bottom of the tx and on the boom. I use a short XLR to connect to the mic jumper cable.Works pretty well.
  23. Can this unit be used for both, camera hop or in-bag Yes. receiving audio from 4 individual Txs No, only 2 tx's like an Srb.
  24. I don't want to derail the thread but could the problem be that there is not enough people working on that list ? Just a thought.
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