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Free room tone generator

Jay Rose

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I threw this together to accompany my Producing Great Sound book. 


It uses convolution modeling to create random room tone.

Load a clean, breath- and noise-free sample from the production track (15 frames or so).

The sample isn't repeated, just used as a model for timbre. So the output doesn't sound looped.


I've used this (or a similar process) on a bunch of projects over the past year or two. Sounds fine, even in a theatrical mix.


Free, open source VST or AU plug-in. Runs in Macs only, and requires you load the free open-source SonicBirth first. Full instructions with the download.


More info and download links at GreatSound.info/roomtone


Comments and modifications welcome.

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Thanks Jay for doing this!

I was excited to try it, but I could not get it to work. Maybe I'm missing something... Due to too much turkey... And maybe a little bit if beer...

I got Sonic Birth to open, run and load a sample on Yosemite. Unfortunately, the plugin is not even seen by the AU validation process, nor any of the DAWs I tried...

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I've been running both SonicBirth 1.31 and this plugin on two Intel Macs, under 10.8. Hosting it in Peak (as both AU and VST) and in full theatrical-sized Nuendo sessions (as VST). 


For some reason, the RoomTone AU isn't seen by Apple's AU Lab, which is what I normally use for development/testing. AU Lab doesn't have any problem with the other SonicBirth AUs I've written. I'm still trying to refine that issue.



Regarding the trouble some people are reporting:


You have to install SonicBirth first, and relaunch the host after you've installed the plug-in. You might even need to do a warm reboot... I'm not sure.


Other debugging idea: download my source file, open it in SonicBirth and make sure it's functional, then use SonicBirth's "Install as..." function.

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Like others, I had a really hard time getting the room tone generator to work with my DAW (Pro Tools). I wanted to offer another solution that might save someone hours or thousands of dollars (by avoiding buying Izotope Suite). 


1. Create a convolution reverb using the 1 second (or however long) wav file. I used Waves IR Convolution Reverb, which I already owned. It's $50. Any convolution reverb will do 

2. Create a white noise clip using a signal generator. 

3. Run the white noise clip through the convolution reverb. 

4. The resulting audio should sound like room tone based on the audio file you used to create the convolution reverb. 

5. Profit


This is really useful for Pro Tools users, since Pro Tools doesn't accept third party plug-ins. 

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