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  1. Sure, but then the person would have blown his own ear drums out and possibly even died. I have a feeling it's more about the settings on the transmitter. DPA lower sensitivity mics are available (6061, 4061 etc).
  2. Yeah, I picked up one of these. They obviously run longer than the NP-L7s. Another nice thing about them is that they have D-Tap - both for output, as well as for charging the battery. I would get more of these rather than the old tech going forward. The capacity in 2x of these 96Wh would be close to 3x of the 68Wh. There's also some special deal right now if you buy 3x NP-9X, they give you a D-Tap charger for free.
  3. L is in fact correct for the MiniCMIT - (COSI-L-21: MiniCMIT or similarly sized mic with 21 mm diameter, Long cage, Long cable). - Mini specs = Length: 151 mm (close to 6 inches) / Diameter: 21 mm - 4018C specs = Length: 64 mm (2.5 in) / Diameter: 19 mm
  4. Constantin is usually correct about most things, but here is the list of COSI's and the mics they fit: COSI-S-19: MKH8050, DPA4018C or similarly sized mic with 19 mm diameter, Short cage, Short cable COSI-M-19: Sanken CS-M1 or similarly sized mic with 19 mm diameter, Medium cage, Long cable COSI-L-19: 4017C or similarly sized mic with 19 mm diameter, Long cage, Long cable COSI-L-20: Schoeps CMC or similarly sized mic with 20 mm diameter, Long cage, Long cable COSI-L-21: MiniCMIT or similarly sized mic with 21 mm diameter, Long cage, Long cable
  5. From Dean Slotness: “BNC shield wire to TA5F pin 1 and the center pin of the BNC to pin 5 of the TA5F.” (Posted on the Lectro FB user group)
  6. I would like to point out that I did not at all mean my post as a complaint either - just reporting what i saw as a possible problem, like someone hacking the site or similar. Anyway, everything seems to be back to normal today. Thank You , Jeff for everything you do with the site. Very much appreciated.
  7. Today, I’m getting this every time I go to “unread”, or reload the page.
  8. Yeah, I was worried that maybe some robot type thing installed itself and is doing something in the background while everything looks normal… hopefully I’m just paranoid for no reason hahaha.
  9. Hey Jeff - this morning, I got a white page saying something about cloud flare is checking to make sure the site is safe or similar, then the page went blank. Everything looks normal again this afternoon. Just wondering if it’s something that was supposed to happen because of new features you may have installed? Or should I worry that something bad may have infiltrated the site?
  10. I believe early on, there was something going on with the 4017 mics that made them not play nice with plugon transmitters. Could be that? Maybe contact DPA and check if the serial number is one of the problematic ones.
  11. Backstage Equipment.
  12. Hmm... -3dB per octave from 140Hz means you're down -3dB @ 70Hz and -6dB @ 35Hz, so it actually may not be aggressive enough, depending on what you are trying to filter out. The Shure specs say -12dB per octave below 100 Hz When loaded with a low-impedance microphone input (800 ohms or more). If I'm reading this correctly, you'd be down -12dB @ 50Hz and -24 dB @ 25Hz. When loaded with 150 ohms, the roll-off is 3 dB at 100 Hz. They say the output is flat above the roll-off point.
  13. Since you have confirmed that the Sanken works fine directly into your mixer, with or without the Denecke PS, I think you can conclude that those two are fine, and there is something down stream between the mic and the mixer. Possibly the wireless, but since two different brands have the same results - most likely the cable between the receiver and mixer. Provided that your wireless systems are set up correctly, of course.
  14. Been using this one for about a year now: https://www.amazon.com/Ethernet-Adapter-uni-Thunderbolt-Compatible/dp/B077KXY71Q
  15. It came in a plastic alien head / egg shaped case that closes with a strap.
  16. I just want to report back if anyone is interested: I ended up getting the Pianissimo. Absolutely amazing. Even without the fur, it works very good in terms of wind protection, and the sound is what I would call “transparent”. The suspension is also top notch. And it’s light weight too. Very happy overall.
  17. Someone on this forum posted about having success getting a bunch of helium balloons and letting them go up to the ceiling in a similar situation. Other than that - carpets.
  18. Maybe it’s just me, but the cost of shipping and even possible cost of having to rent a mixer/recorder for a few jobs while yours is away might be worth it, for the peace of mind knowing that it will come back from the mothership properly repaired.
  19. I use a cardellini clamped to the handle of the umbrella. That way I can put the baby pin into a grip head and have the ability to tilt, turn, angle etc to adjust as the sun moves during the day.
  20. Hey Derek, I’m on an iPhone right now and I am not seeing this. Could it be that you may have changed some setting accidentally?
  21. I have had this happen as well, on a couple occasions. Tried different (coordinated) frequencies, different transmitter, block, make sure they don’t have their phone in their pocket etc - still just the one actor had RF problems... to this day, I don’t know why. And yes, I have hush-lavs on the antennas. I understand my comments won’t help finding a solution here, but it seems like this can happen for whatever reason with some people. Yep - it’s probably voodoo.
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