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  1. I figured there must have been a reason I made my own cable. My network switch actually work with the same connectors as Lectro, so I know I would have definitely tried the same with the monitor. @JonG About them being fragile; I have had mine for about 8 years, but felt they would be probably be easy to break since the BNC connectors look as if they are soldered straight into the board, so the first thing I did when I got them was to mount them in a rack, with permanently installed coax going to the back of the rack. This way all connecting/disconnecting only happens at the patch bay, never at the monitor itself. Never had a problem.... Don't hold your breath LOL. But hey, please keep us posted if they do reply!
  2. Oh man… lol. I’ll check this tomorrow when I’m at the cart.
  3. Spent a good amount of time and effort, but gave up on finding the specs. Instead, I ended up buying the lowest priced replacement wall adapter I could find on eBay - snipped the cable at the wall wart end and soldered a 4-pin XLR connector on and it’s powered happily from MeonLiFE. Just search for “AC Adapter For Blackmagic Design SmartView Duo” . Should be some between $12-18 range. Call me crazy, but it works.
  4. The clips won't play, but maybe try turning off the remote control function off in the menu. There were some reports saying it caused some whining sound when it's turned on.
  5. Mostly because it makes the bag more streamlined + the two antennas sit on the opposite sides of the bag, which I also feel helps, even though it's just about a foot vs 3 inches. Also, these whips fold down inside the bag so when the zippers are closed - nothing sticks out. I'll try to post a picture when I get to it, so maybe it will make more sense than my clumsy attempts to describe it in writing. And even though I said "close enough", I do in fact get decent range with this setup.
  6. I'll let Larry chime in, but I believe with more splits the decrease is there regardless if the ports are used. FWIW - I have both a 2-way and a 4-way, but use the 4-way splitter between 2x SRC in the bag rig, only because the layout of the bag makes this work better in a practical sense with the way the bag is set up (all 3 ports on the 2-way sits on the same side, and the chassis is actually somewhat more bulky). I have terminators on the un-used ports, but apparently this makes no difference (still makes me *feel better* and probably doesn't hurt anything). Works very well for me, but YMMV. I even have the "wrong" length antennas on this rig, but again - no problems for several years... the bag rig of course does the type of jobs where I can be close enough. Always scanning for clean freqs and coordinating with FreqFinder.
  7. “Best”…? To get any help here, I would suggest specify: Length, un-cabled/ Cabled (coiled, straight etc) ? As far as I know there’s nothing even available in that price range. Maybe a used short aluminum pole?
  8. Totally - what I meant to say was that on the cart, I prefer to use the T1 / T4, because it gives me easy access to the front panels at the front of the cart.
  9. I have used a couple different non-a UM400 in IFB mode. One of them looks like an “older” version. The T1 / T4 are better on the cart imo.
  10. One gotcha could be the one where the “project setting “ is different than the TC setting. Another is if the frame rate is set to hi speed (like 48 frames or higher). Sorry of those seem too obvious, but sometimes in the heat of the battle….
  11. I wonder how, because the foam is not touching anything….
  12. I know the DPA DUA0073 Windscreen for 4017 fits - snugly. But I use the original blue one with no issues. Which Cinela mount are you using? The E-OSIX elliptical for MiniCMIT works really great.
  13. Agreed, but that number seems just a tiny bit low hahaha
  14. New Next-Generation Receivers Provide the Highest Level of RF and Audio Performance Available with Versatile Feature Sets for Field and Location Production Rio Rancho, NM (April 20, 2022) – Lectrosonics is pleased to announce the introduction of the DSR and DSR5P dual-channel and DSR4 quad-channel digital slot receivers. The new receivers are compatible with all the current Lectrosonics mono and stereo digital transmitters and are backward compatible with any of the Digital Hybrid Wireless® transmitters made in the past 20 years. The DSR and DSR5P receivers provide two independent receiver channels and the DSR4 provides four independent receiver channels at the highest level of RF and audio performance available, with versatile feature sets and next-generation capabilities in the Unislot/Superslot form factor for ENG (Electronic News Gathering), field, and location production. https://www.lectrosonics.com/press-releases/1364-lectrosonics-introduces-dsr-dual-channel-and-dsr4-quad-channel-digital-slot-receivers.html
  15. Does it have to be powered via USB? - what about something like Cable Techniques MX-POWERSLED.
  16. If you can make an electric cargo mini van, I’ll be interested.
  17. The files are 24-bit, but AFAIK, the best converters you can get with anything available on earth would not be able to make use of the full 24 bits.
  18. https://www.blackbirdcarts.com/collections/add-ons/products/c-stand-antenna-mast
  19. The way I understand it is that rental income is taxable income, but not subject to things like social security, FICA, medical etc. The equipment that you rent from a third party (rental house, or colleague) is at tax time sorted out by deducting the receipts/invoices from such third parties. The additional rent you add on top when billing production (which you of course (definitely) should add for your service, setup, pickup, drop-off, cleaning etc) is also taxable income. Equipment that you own / have invested in, in order to make rental income, is also deductible in the year of purchase. I am not completely sure on this, but I believe 1099-NEC is for labor / services as a non-employee, not for rental income. - Feel free to correct me, and please report back and let us know what you can find out from Nancy Adams’ firm!
  20. Oops, my bad. Sorry about that sicijk. Thank you for correcting my mistake, Karl !
  21. Vector diversity only works with fully digital transmitters (not hybrid ones). Also note that vector diversity uses two of the channels.
  22. Not exactly what you are asking, but I would suggest consider this:
  23. You will probably get all kinds of opinions on this. Ultimately, I would say it’s between you, the post people and the producer(s) to figure out what works best for your situation.
  24. Haha! Yeah, I know you are absolutely right, but but but I was really careful with the vise grips - I promise
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