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  1. Haha! Yeah, I know you are absolutely right, but but but I was really careful with the vise grips - I promise
  2. I have one that (I believe) is made by Lectro. Maybe check their website.
  3. Thanks, Paul - I will try that next time. I just did this right before I saw your post: Now, after fiddling with it a bit, I noticed that it doesn't seem to have anything to do with grease, but rather if I let the spring action snap it back, it gets stuck. If I guide it back by hand, softening the way it settles in, it does not get stuck.
  4. Hey gang, I have one that locked up really bad right now - any tricks or solutions to getting it un-stuck? I've had it happen occasionally, and always managed to wiggle it loose, sometimes with some mild force - but this one won't let go...
  5. The IFBlue works with any Lectro IFB Tx. And any Lectro hybrid Tx set to IFB mode. Sound quality is better that R1a to my ears (and the boom ops I’ve had use them, all seem to agree). Now, as far as I understand, there are some overlapping frequencies in the 941 and the 944 bands, so technically it should work. - But…. I think the IFBlue is only available in A1 and B1 so far(?) Even the B1 seem to be back ordered. Maybe someone at Lectro would be able to answer all of this better.
  6. Yep, I have one of the Ikea 12-bay chargers (storhogen), but I mostly use the Maha Energy Corp. Powerex MH-C9000PRO. Also recently picked up one of the USB powered ones Dan Izen recommended on this site. I haven't used it much yet, but it seems to work good. I hooked it up straight to a solar panel that has a USB port - and it charged up a couple AA just fine.
  7. Probably not, but what would be the incentive for a company to develop new things (and pay their employees for making it happen) unless they can make money out of it? I'm pretty sure that most people who originally purchased an 833 never expected they would need more than the machine was capable of. Otherwise, they would have gone with the 888 or a Scorpio. Honestly - how many 833 owners here use the original full capacity regularly? And if you really need this upgrade, you should be able to charge appropriately for your services and equipment package, therefore should also be able to support a company that makes the tools you use to make money.
  8. I have powered it previously from a Remote Audio BDS, with the regular BDS cable w/Lectro plug. Currently from a RA MEON LiFE, with a cable I made (4-pin XLR to Lectro plug). No regulator.
  9. https://www.lectrosonics.com/resources-3.html https://www.rfvenue.com/resources Also, search through this forum for specific questions. There’s a lot of info to be mined here from many years of discussions.
  10. Strangely, when I bought this, I did extensive research and made sure it didn’t have that power saving feature, but the current description indeed does say it does. Maybe mine is an older version(?) I have had zero problems.
  11. The Scorpio has two ports that, if I understand it correctly, acts as a switch. So you could plug your computer in one port and the go out to the other to the first DSQD, then daisy chain the other two DSQD. And Dante doesn’t need the computer once you have done the initial setup - the devices remember each other. But - the beauty of having a switch is you can use Wireless Designer to scan and deploy frequencies for all your DSQDs in one go. I have a Netgear GS105. It’s a 5-port switch and runs off the 12v distro - bonus point => same plug as Lectro, so your existing cables fit.
  12. 99% of all jobs I have done since after lockdown has required testing and mask wearing. Some also have required face shields when interacting with-, or even being in the same space as, unmasked talent. Recently, some are also asking for evidence of vaccination. So what? Better to be safe. For everyone.
  13. I have 24 out of the 25 9v iPowerUS 520mah I got in 2011 (yes, ten years ago) still working. Only one of the original 25 failed a few years ago - that’s not bad in my view. Two chargers and they have never had a problem. They still run a Comtek all day. Recently added 4 of the new-ish 800mah version, and they are great so far. Runs an R1a all day. And they charge on the same chargers I already have.
  14. I watched the video. For something that’s an “all in one” type thing, that camera actually seems pretty amazing. I’m expecting we’ll see a lot of these in the near future. Small TC box on the camera body and we’re good. I don’t think it would react to the boom mic, since it should be out of the shot anyway. Not sure if it can replace all the Arris and Reds, but I imagine a lot of DPs would want to add this to their arsenal. It could be used to get some complex shots that would otherwise be difficult with a full stedi rig for example.
  15. A quick google search turned up this: https://reactual.com/portable-electronics/nizn-batteries.html According to this, they go bad after 30-50 charges, and need a specific charger.
  16. I had good results with the IKEA Ladda 2450, but according to others, they have changed them recently and supposed to not be as good anymore (?) I can’t confirm or deny that, since I haven’t tried the new ones myself. Currently using Eneloop Pro 2500mah with good results. - Single battery transmitter (SMV) runs for over 4h, but have not tested running it off the rails to get actual runtime yet. - Dual battery (SMQV) ran for about 8h 30min last time I did a full test.
  17. That’s probably a bit optimistic. They will need time to figure out how to make it run slow and inefficient on these machines. Otherwise nobody will buy their hardware. Not at all. Btw, there’s no 15” anymore. 14” or 16”.
  18. Spin - Early versions of SRC had some problems with out of band RFI, like walkies. After I sent mine back to the mothership for some surgery, they have been solid ever since. Contact Lectro service department, they can check the serial number to see if your unit needs an update. - Do you scan for clear frequencies and coordinate with something like FreqFinder?
  19. I would say, the 60xx are essentially the same in terms of sound and settings, so if you are used to the 40xx, you'll probably won't need to make any changes. The main difference is they are smaller in size. I use both 4061and 6061, and to me they are interchangeable.
  20. I agree with Derek and Olle. Also - the LR receiver has the display on the side and the output connector on top of the unit. This may be fine if you are using it as a hop mounted on the side of a camera, but if you put it in a bag, perhaps not ideal.
  21. I would recommend doing Level 1 and 2 on the Audinate website. It’s free and will help understand all the routing etc. https://www.audinate.com/learning/training-certification/dante-certification-program?link=hm-r4-r-mc1
  22. Good to know! Makes me feel even better about these.
  23. Fits in regular Comtek pouches!
  24. All my above cautions regarding the plastic may be totally unwarranted. And with all that said, I will absolutely pick up a few more of these in the near future. They do sound very good. Thank you Gordon, Larry and everyone at Lectrosonics for making this possible!
  25. Hey Cody, I recently picked one up to try it out. My impressions after using it on a few jobs - The good: - Sounds better than R1a, with a quieter noise floor. - 2x AA rechargeable (included) lasts a full day. - It's wide-band A1 or B1 and compatible with any matching Lectro Tx in IFB mode. The potentially not so great: - The build quality worries me a bit. This may or may not prove to be true with time, but it feels like the plastic is pretty "thin", and therefore might break if dropped (compared to an R1a, which Is built like a little tank). The IFBlue is perhaps more like a Comtek in that sense. The battery door and the belt-clip are offered as replacement parts...
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