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  1. I just received this email from Avid: Important install update regarding Pro Tools products This email is to inform you that Pro Tools 2019.6 (released today) resolves an issue we uncovered where interruptions in internet connectivity can cause Pro Tools | First, Pro Tools, and Pro Tools | Ultimate to delete local (offline) Projects. We escalated this issue with high priority, identified the cause, and have delivered a fix with this release. It is advised that you install this update if you are using cloud storage. For more information please refer to the Release Notes and visit your Avid Master Account to manage your Pro Tools license. Thank you again for being an Avid customer, and we appreciate your continued support. The Avid Pro Tools Team
  2. Are all tracks, including the isos lower than what you recorded them at? If it's only the MIX track, check that it hasn't been "bumped" - this can happen accidentally when wearing the bag (it has happened to me, and I'm not rocking that big a belly LOL). What I mean is: Use the "Select" knob (push it) to select the L-R Mix track and check that it's all the way up to 0dB.
  3. I just followed the steps on the Local 695 website. But adapted to the current situation. For example, I used Safari (Version 12.1.1), things appear slightly different on the pages than it did with the old system.... but if I could figure it out, I'm sure you will too. It's actually pretty straight forward. At the end of the application, when you are ready to submit, it will run a check for you and point you to whatever you need to fix, in case you missed anything. Before you can apply, you need to get a FCC Registration Number (FRN). Just go to this link and scroll down to "Getting Started". DO NOT INSTALL JAVA http://magazine.local695.com/fcc-licensing/how-to-get-license Just follow the steps there and you should be good. Oh, and the application fee is $170 now. The easiest/safest way is still probably by paying Bill Ruck to do it for you. Contact Bill at 415-564-1450 or billruck@earthlink.net
  4. It appears that FCC has finally updated their website from the previous bronze-age setup. I successfully filled out and submitted an application on a Mac today.
  5. WSUB1G+ is actually also compatible with various software options, and you can also set/recall your own presets (per frequency block for example). Covers 50KHz – 960MHz. However, the Pro Audio edition does have other additional features. For example, it can analyze the 2.4GHz WiFi band.
  6. At first, I wasn't sure, but this topic is growing on me.
  7. Before you buy, rent different models that you have your eye on. You’re in NYC according to your profile, so there are a few choices for “usual suspects” (Gotham etc). Keep an eye on eBay and the Buy/Sell section on this site. I am in the “buy once, cry once” camp. And would recommend skipping the Sennheiser and Sony options. They may work fine in ideal conditions, but NYC Has lots of RF in the air, and the more solid your system is, the better. Socialize with some local sound people in your area and hang out here on this board. Learn how to charge real rates, and how to make gear pay for itself in the long run.
  8. Update for those who care: Sound Devices has confirmed that there is indeed a known bug that causes the AUX channels to randomly reset to OFF. They are on it. My other weirdness was most likely caused by the internal TC battery failing. This battery also supports the 10 sec power shutdown, as well as quick startup . This unit is now on it's way to the mothership for a battery replacement and 50,000 mile service.
  9. Thanks Philip, and right back at you. I would also like to chime in with a Happy Fathers Day to everyone. Best, Johnny (father of two awesome kids)
  10. A lot of what you “have heard”, and what you read on the interwebs, as well as what others tell you here, may or may not apply to you. I would suggest renting some or all of the above to try before you buy. The only way to find what you like personally is to try them and listen for yourself. Things like mic placement and gain staging are more important than which brand of mic used. Skills, or lack there of will make way more difference than which one of the 50 vs the 41, DPA vs Sanken etc is “better”.
  11. Yeah, this looked sketchy, but your other post definitely confirmed it. Thanks for looking out, Mirror.
  12. This seems to happen more than half the time. I specifically bought the pouches to protect them from getting killed by a drop on the floor. All it does it makes the end-of-day search double - one for the unit and one for the pouch. Ugh.
  13. How can this even be legal? Basically: ”We are going to chose to hold on to the money that we owe you, unless you pay us. If you give us a cut of your money that is rightfully yours, then we will chose to release the funds (not sure exactly when, but in less than 3 months)“. Sounds in practice just like kidnapping, or blackmail.
  14. I have not yet had time to contact SD about this. I downloaded and reloaded firmware late last night. Formatted both cards before and after loading firmware. I reset all presets with the factory default settings. I have held down the menu button for 6 seconds after powering off. I manually put in all my preferred settings and saved as a preset both with and without Auto Mute on X2. Same thing. What I have found doing some tests this morning: I have additional weirdness now: Cutting external power (from RA BDS / NP-L7s) causes this to happen every time. BUT ALSO; the power warning screen does not happen, it immediately shuts down (which at first leads me to believe that I need to have the internal battery replaced, but keep reading...). In addition, the blue TC light does not turn on at all. However if I turn off power using the On/Off button on the 633, the blue TC light comes on as expected, and also - the quick startup works as expected as well, so that is kind of strange since to me, it seems that if either the internal battery or the TC battery was dead.... it would happen regardless if turning off by external or the 633's own on/off button? Attaching a video here. 663 weirdness.mpg
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