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  1. You are probably done by now, but have you tried switching between “Jam” and “Preset” in the menu? I remember one of their firmware versions required that to take the jam.
  2. My thoughts: I have an RF Venue diversity fin, and have used it with good results in certain situations. That said, the horizontal dipole is omnidirectional, which may not work so well if there’s a lot of RF in the area. I have never worked in downtown Vancouver, but if it’s anything like downtown Los Angeles, I would try something different as a first choice. Especially if it’s exterior. Hopefully you’re not on a rooftop, because that’s even worse. Same thing with the SNA600 - Omni. So what would I try? Something more directional. Probably a pair of LPDA fins. Bandpass filte
  3. It’s a standard 1U panel made by Soundbag Dashboards. The reason I mounted it one hole down was in fact for the purpose of cable management. I actually wish the panel had either holes between the receiver mount slots, or some u-shaped slots at the top of it, for routing the RF cables to the back. I may go at it with a drill, but I currently don’t have a drill press....
  4. Yes, and (you probably know by now); when you tap that menu, everything that shows in there is also very dark and pretty difficult to see.
  5. Ok, my apologies, I didn't mean to distract. Everyone being on the same page is of course best. Thank you for all your hard work.
  6. That's what I am seeing as well, Jeff. Also - I found the "Theme" drop-down menu, which allows me to choose between "Haze", "IPS Default 4.2", and "IPS Support-4.2". The "Support" theme has some blue colors. The other two themes are black/white/grey themes, with differences in their layout. "Haze" is the only one of the three themes with the FB icon appearing on top of the other text. Personally, on latest version of MacOS/Safari, it looks like "IPS Default 4.2" seems to be working best overall IMHO.
  7. Tried a few of the IRs out today on drums and choir. I guess I was hoping to hear something exciting or "mysterious" LOL, but sorry to report that it wasn't sounding very good, wasn't even much fun at all... at least as far as what I tried to do with it. Kind of a phase-y small reverb you would expect from the inside of a cement pipe or a plastic trash bin. Maybe I'll try digging a little deeper another day.
  8. Thanks guys. Well, around the time when I first started this thread, I had a highly trusted repair tech at one of our usual suspects make me a BDS-to-4-pin XLR cable specifically for use with the BST. He looked into the whole thing and concluded that it would be fine without a regulator. I measured the output at the 4-pin and it indeed shows the same voltage as a Lectro SRC connected to the same BDS displays. It is actually running fine, so I should perhaps not worry - but still.... the uneasy feeling I got from that email Straight Outta Comtek! So I've bee
  9. I suspect this will be along thread of people suggesting one or the other, based on their personal preference. Then you will likely also see others suggesting something else, like a 4017 or CMIT, because they tend work good for both interior and exterior, then others will argue against that .... etc. In the end you will of course need to make a decision yourself. Based on your own experience with those two mics that you already like, which one would you pick if you had to choose only one to bring for a job tomorrow morning? Why not buy one and rent the other one as needed until
  10. Would you guys please share with everyone what regulator you are using? Thanks
  11. I boomed a show with this setup. I rigged everything on a KSWB1 Stingray Waist Belt that I had removed the straps / carabiners form. The MM-1's belt clip fit into one of the Molle loops. Same with an SMQV. I also attached a Comtek (plugged in to the return on the MM-1 for communication from the PSM), and a small Maxpedition pouch to keep extra topstick, batteries etc. Actually not that bad as far as size/weight, and it's easy to take the whole rig off and on.
  12. I would note this bench fee includes them going through the whole machine and bringing everything up to current factory specs. I have sent in several products over the years, and they always come back with a list of things that have been fixed or replaced (pots, jacks, even the golf pegs in one case). It's actually a pretty good feeling knowing that it comes back with "a clean bill of health" IMO.
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