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  1. Yeah, I will never oppose progress, technology, or things in general "moving forward". That said, I visit Facebook and Twitter and such sporadically with cringing unwillingness (I say this jokingly but seriously at the same time). For anything related to our craft - I prefer this site over any of them any day 1000%. (I've been a member for 10 years, but still feel in my mind like I'm the "new guy") All THAT said, I am curious and somewhat excited to see what JWS 2.0 potentially might bring. Things I like about 2.0 so far is: - The clean interface. - It's "closed" and only viewable for members (more privacy). - It has a chat function. Hopefully, it will also bring a better search function within the site itself. Although IMO, this was never really a big problem here to begin with, if you know how to use google... Anyway, totally supporting you, Jeff and looking forward to see what the new site will grow into!
  2. And to be "Mr. Extra Pedantic Clarifying Captain Obvious" here; the sound proofing and trapping that JB is talking about above (and as he mentioned) is mostly pertaining to doing things within the space itself, such as placing mics to record, and/or mixing in there. As he also mentioned - this is doing little to nothing to prevent low frequencies from leaking into the exterior of said room. Plugging the windows may provide *SOME* help in terms of mids and highs... depending on how loud the speakers are, some of this may still leak... Decoupling the room, and achieving 'sound isolation" involves some construction work. Recording studios (yes, those dinosaurs that were highly popular before people started making records in their bedrooms) were constructed with the principle of a "room within a room". This means not only having air between a double wall, but also detaching the floor from the ground, meaning the inner floor often floating on pucks. Also - Google "Green Glue" and you might find some info relevant to all of this,
  3. OTOH - I have looked at your recipes and am intrigued. I'm actually planning to try and cook some of them in the near future!
  4. Call from a computer using FaceTime Audio (sounds 1000% better than a regular phone call). This way you can connect your audio via a USB interface with XLR inputs straight from your mixer. If you have a Sound Devices 8-series or MixPre, you can connect via USB and skip the XLR connection.
  5. ... as in road. ... as in rye-coat. At least that's how I have heard it.
  6. LA Times article reports: ”Filming could start in some counties meeting a specific set of criteria as soon as Monday, Newsom said. However, Los Angeles is likely to be “a few weeks behind,” given the level of deaths from the COVID-19 pandemic.” Link to the full article: https://www.latimes.com/entertainment-arts/business/story/2020-05-20/california-is-preparing-to-restart-filming-protocols-due-next-week
  7. My understanding is that's correct. Soap and water has been said to be the most effective in destroying the virus. The plan I can think of at this time is to bring clean lavs in individual ziplock bags. After retrieving the mic from each talent after use, they would go back in the ziplock and not be used again until they can be washed with soap and water, wiped/dried with a towel and perhaps air dried (a brief moment in the sun?). Rechargeable batteries.... transmitters.... mic heads... connectors - things that cannot be washed with soap and water would have to be wiped down with alcohol wipes. After cleaning, everything would have to be put back in a brand new ziplock bags for use the next day. I'm probably gonna be a bit paranoid about bringing home all the gear for cleaning and disposal of used bags. We're gonna have to figure out what the extra charges should be in terms of the extra time and effort, and additional expendables. I'm not 100% convinced either. However, Cannibal Industries (makers of the Super Zuca) posted a video on FB of something they are working on that looks pretty promising:
  8. Sounds like we have a winner. Some Austrian Stroh Rum could work too.
  9. Reading the Johns Hopkins doc posted by JB above, I learned that the virus is “not a living organism”, and therefore cannot be ”killed”. This answered my question about why they keep saying soap and water is better than sterilization or sanitizer. It’s DNA, a protein cell covered by a protective layer of fat. Soap dissolves the fat and basically breaks it down. Alcohol works since it also melts the fat, but it must be minimum 65% alcohol (Vodka won’t do it, since it’s only 40%).
  10. From Lectrosonics' guidelines: "Bleaching solutions, such as Lysol or disinfectant wipes, are not recommended for any gear, since they can be corrosive." https://www.lectrosonics.com/wire-lists-26-developing-sanitation-protocols-for-lav-work.html
  11. +111111 Starting up again, I have a feeling things will be a bit clumsy and time consuming at first. We (sound, other departments and productions as a whole) will have to figure out workflows, and find ways to get things to run somewhat smoothly while on the actual job. As we all know, no two jobs are the same... Once we start working, I'm hoping we can share things that have worked for us in practice (or not) here on this forum.
  12. Hey Philip, please check the link, I got this: Error: Unable to find URL to redirect to.
  13. Goby Labs Microphone Sanitizer might work...? I got one of these, but I’m not sure how effective it really is. They claim it kills 99.99% of germs, but to me it doesn’t smell like it has a lot of alcohol in it. Could be a good thing if it’s milder on cables etc. Seems like it’s intended purpose was for karaoke, where numerous people share a mic.
  14. Not sure anyone from Sony hangs out on this forum, but perhaps try the contact link on their site: https://pro.sony/ue_US/products/lavalier-and-headset-microphones/c-800g
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