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  1. Here’s a calculator that allows you to enter different types of coax, in addition to cable length, frequency etc. and see how much insertion loss you’re looking at: https://www.timesmicrowave.com/calculator/?Product=RG-8X&RunLength=100&Frequency=550 Now, that’s of course not going to tell you how stiff or supple a particular cable might be, but at least it will give you some helpful info to work with.
  2. Personally, I would pass on the 401, since they do not have a tracking front end. In today's crowded RF spectrum, I think it is pretty much necessary. I have seen some UCR411 receivers for around $850 on eBay and elsewhere, but then with a body pack and/or plug-on transmitter to go with it, you're of course looking at more than $700 per channel... On the lower end of Lectros, see if you can find UCR100/UM100 sets. Sometimes also come up in eBay for very little $. Then of course, there's no scanning function/display, and 100-series is a different animal altogether.
  3. I could be wrong, but the way I understand it is that those are the ‘supported’ ones. Others may still work, as long as they use the Mackie universal protocol....?
  4. Much better! That looks great, Paul. Maybe you could have a side business selling this as a kit...
  5. So ... a corporate client wants to shoot their CEO in a certain location, but does not want to obtain a permit... resulting in you having to invest in additional gear... an investment on your part, which probably is not even made up for with their "low budget". This all with no guarantee of the next shoot still not resulting in the whole crew getting kicked out again regardless. Really? Sorry, but I think it would make way more sense that the client should get a proper permit if they want to shoot in such locations.
  6. You could add a small power supply, like the Ambient UMP III.
  7. Lectro SPDR. Does not have integrated mic, but since you mentioned the CSM50...
  8. Scan could be done with an RF Explorer. Agreed, VHF is mostly wide open in that range. However, I have found that sometimes a cellphone close enough, or focus puller remote, perhaps in combination with walkies and teradeks etc. seem to interfere with Comtek PR216 reception.
  9. Well, I’ve had one pole out of the three K-tek poles I have owned that didn’t lock onto any Neutrik XLR, nor onto the Lectro plugs. But the other two that I still own work with anything I have tried. I recently worked with someone else’s PSC pole that didn’t lock to the HM plugon, but did lock with a Neutrik XLR. Solution there was to put the HM on the belt and run a short coiled cable from the pole. I also have two Ambient poles (one with side and one with bottom XLR) and they both work with HM/HMa plug-ons. In conclusion, I can’t say that any of this points to the problem being con
  10. A few years ago, I think some mics, like DPA, didn't play nice when plugged into the plug-ons directly, but I believe those issues have been fixed since then, and if I'm not mistaken, the fix needed was on the mic(s).
  11. https://www.blackbirdcarts.com Some good looking designs there.
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