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  1. Google "room modes + reflections + standing waves + phase + nulls" and read away :)
  2. Hey Courtney, I hear you. One week, and I'm already feeling it. Although I have two kids, and the schools are closed, so there is a lot of time filled there. This actually is kind of a bonus to get to hang out with them. Otherwise: - Been walking around the neighborhood for about an hour every day. - Got Dante Level 2 certified. - Ordered some bulk cable and low profile connectors (delivered today) and will solder up some cables. - Hoping to record some new tunes, but this will have to happen late at night after the kids go to bed. - Figuring out how to file for UI. I have never done this before, and it is "interesting" to say the least. Nothing on that website is really set up for what we do. I'm filling out the forms with intermittent head scratching pauses. - Roasting coffee. I love good coffee, and have been buying green beans to roast at home for a couple years now. - Clean and sort gear. - It's tax time, so compiling all the paperwork, receipts etc. - Been calling / FaceTime-ing with some old friends and family and have spent some time this week catching up on here and FB groups. Just a few ideas. I'm hoping all this will be behind us soon, but who knows....
  3. LOL and OMG as the kids say: I was in the middle of figuring out / filling out (yeah, I have never filed for Unemployment before ) when the he site "crashed" or just went nowhere.... then this: System Maintenance: UI OnlineSM and UI Online MobileSM We are upgrading UI Online to better serve Californians impacted by COVID-19. UI Online and UI Online Mobile will be unavailable on Thursday, March 19 from 8 p.m. to 12 midnight. During this period you can call 1-866-333-4606 to check payment information, hear general Unemployment Insurance information, and certify for continued benefits using EDD Tele-CertSM. Information about your debit card is available on Bank of America's EDD Debit CardSM website. Thank you for your patience as we continue to improve our services ------------------------------------------ Oh well, I guess I'll try again tomorrow.
  4. What Jim said... and hopefully (probably?) you are not shooting in the next couple months (for obvious reasons), so you will have plenty of time to figure things out.
  5. Thanks Dalton. Looks like the whole internet read your post LOL I guess I'll try later: Thanks Codyman, but I have a mishmash of several payroll companies, and some 1099 clients, so again, I need to wrap my head around all of this.
  6. I need to get my head around how this would work. I have a steady client list (probably about 30 or so) that usually hire me to work anywhere between 1-4 days at a time. Should I file for actual booked-then-cancelled days, or potentially missed work, since (like everyone else, I'm sure) the bookings came to a sudden, grinding halt?
  7. IFB devices, such as Comteks and other brands are not for the purpose of monitoring sound quality.
  8. In the spirit of trying to lighten the mood, with the current state of things, here's a couple videos that were posted in the LA Sound Mixers FB group:
  9. Maybe try making some of your own? I just ordered some Switchcraft RA low profile XLR connectors from Markertek. They also have a great selection of bulk cable from Canare, Mogami etc. With a lot of downtime in the next couple weeks due to the corona🦠 I’m gonna solder up some cables. FWIW, I have been using a few of Cable Techniques’ TA3-XLR and TA3-TA5 for some time now. Yes, they look skinny, but so far no problems.
  10. Yup, I had a few jobs get cancelled this week and the next. And my sons school (LAUSD) is closed for two weeks effective Monday.. Now please excuse me, I need to go read a couple hundred emails from banks, air lines, internet providers etc writing to let me know how much they care about me and my family.
  11. Thanks. Hoping for a shortcut in a future firmware revision...
  12. Does the 888 have a way to turn off the TC Clock after the unit has been powered off? Like on the 633, holding the menu button for 5-6 seconds... Just in the interest of saving the TC battery life as well as shutting off the blinking blue light. Can't find anything about this in the manual.
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