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  1. Johnny Karlsson

    LM transmitter question

    Start here: https://www.lectrosonics.com
  2. Johnny Karlsson

    Schoeps MiniCMIT or DPA 4017b

    I boomed a show last summer with the C preamp. Mostly with the 4017, some of it with the 4018. With proper wind protection/shock mount and somewhat decent handling technique, it was no problem. Yes, and that's what I meant by "usually". In situations like these, it does come in handy to have it. - I could be wrong here, but this may not be as big of a problem with the DPA 4017C, since it can take a massive amount of SPL (146 dB).
  3. Johnny Karlsson

    Schoeps MiniCMIT or DPA 4017b

    As with everything else, this comes down to personal preferences, but I usually don’t use the high pass on mics anyway. Most mixers have this feature built in before hitting the pre-amp. I prefer to do it at the mixer stage, since I listen and determine what is or isn’t needed, and (at least with SD) it’s variable and therefore gives me more options.
  4. Johnny Karlsson

    Schoeps MiniCMIT or DPA 4017b

  5. Johnny Karlsson

    K-Tek KBAC1 boom pole clip.

    Here's a lightweight / low cost solution. It works universally with any bag or harness that has a D-ring....just wrap one of these around the pole right next to the first collar.
  6. I'm available. (Can't see the message button for whatever reason ATM.)
  7. Johnny Karlsson

    NYTimes sound backgrounds from around world

    Thanks, Jay! Really enjoyed this.
  8. Johnny Karlsson

    688 Frozen at Splash Screen

    I would never recommend “rolling back” firmware. If anything newer firmware will have squashed bugs from earlier versions. I would rather try re-applying the latest one. Also, even if the cards are on the approved list, they could still possibly have issues. Crap happens. Personally, I reformat all cards before every work day (after backing up, of course). Maybe try with one of the cards in the recorder at a time to eliminate which one (if any) has a problem.... Best advice of all would be to contact Sound Devices directly and talk to one of their tech support people. They are great.
  9. Johnny Karlsson

    Dual Tumbleweeds

    Oh man, I used to subscribe to the Larson comic book when I lived in Sweden. Here’s a couple of my old favorites:
  10. Johnny Karlsson

    Dual Tumbleweeds

    When Larry is racing down the road in his sporty car, chasing tumble weeds - - - it usually means something is imminent.
  11. Johnny Karlsson

    Alexa Mini audio menu

    Maybe so, but it happened both with abox, as well as straight to the Lemo. Also, the camera owner said this is “just how it is with this camera”.
  12. Johnny Karlsson

    Alexa Mini audio menu

    To clarify what I said above, I don't think it's a function, like on the Canon C300, where you can set channel 1 to go to both tracks. Rather it's the two channels bleeding across to each other. I mean, we are pushing two channels of line level signal into a single tiny little Lemo connector....
  13. Johnny Karlsson

    Alexa Mini audio menu

    Whatever Sound goes to the mini should be considered scratch/guide track. I have noticed when sending tone to ch1, that ch2 shows signal - even when only plugged into ch1, with level pulled all the way down on ch2.
  14. Johnny Karlsson

    Comtek BST-25/216 on battery power?

    From Comtek Tech Support email: "Unfortunately, there is not an acceptable voltage range, and putting 16 volts into the unit does risk damaging it. It would be best to use a regulator to keep the power at 12 volts".
  15. Johnny Karlsson

    For the Whisky drinkers

    Picked up this at the tax free shop at the airport in Stockholm on my way back to LA the other day. Just cracked it open, and it tastes quite lovely. Great smokiness!