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  1. I'll let JonG speak for himself, but my general feeling is that with music, you can get way more creative with how something sounds. Adding coloration, distortion, weird EQ and filters (like telephone sound etc.), phasing, reverb, flanging etc. makes for an interesting sound, but with dialog or V.O., you probably want clear and natural sound - most of the time. There's plenty of opinions about the Slate system here: https://www.gearslutz.com/board/product-alerts-older-than-2-months/1041981-slate-digital-launches-virtual-microphone-system-193.html?highlight=slate+mic+emulations#post13642796
  2. As you can see above, there are plenty of good mics available. If your room sounds bad (outside noise, excessive reverberations etc), none of these mics - no matter how expensive or sexy, nor the polar pattern will make your VO recording sound professional. Spend some money on treating the room, or buy a booth (or build your own). Just my 2cents.
  3. With just foam on the mic, I would strongly recommend the regular INV-7.
  4. I believe the 7HG-MkIII has the lyres connected with a rigid piece between them, so no way to adjust the spread, but they are at a slight angle, as is. That said, with a softie on, I feel it's a good shock mount. I have used it with CS3E and 416 - even a MKH50 w/ Super Softie, but this indeed requires a bit more careful handling.
  5. Oooooohhhh - yes, of course I was plugged into the x3/x4 port. Thank you! I am a buffoon this morning. Geez. I need more coffee. LOL
  6. Could someone please test this and see if it's specific to my setup, or if there's something going on in the new firmware (I did a full factory reset and then added in all my settings): Here's something odd, that I just found while doing a walking test with a specific setup on my 633 today: - I recorded 2 tracks - channels 4 and 5 - while also recording the same to Mix-L and Mix-R. - hit play to listen back to what I had recorded, and saw the meters bouncing, but I could not hear the recording. Instead, I was still hearing the open mics. I checked the setting "Playback", which was set to "Headphones Only". When I switched to "All Outputs", playback resumed in the headphones, however - the headphones level knob has no effect on the playback level in the headphones at all. I can turn it all the way down to "off", or all the way up, with absolutely no change in level in the headphones. If someone has the time to check this, and please report back to let us all know. Thanks!
  7. Pretty cool, but I wouldn’t worry about it .... yet. “This technique allowed them to transmit sound to a person more than 8.2 feet away ...”
  8. Hey Jim, I do believe it’s a regular 5-pin Lemo, just like on all of the other Alexa cameras. - If you’re planning to feed it audio, note that it’s a 5-pin XLR input - line level.
  9. Ok sorry about that Larry. On a more serious note: what’s the best mic for under $200 that can eliminate reverberations and pick up dialog clearly from across a living room, while mounted on a Red Epic Dragonball camera?
  10. For dogs - yes, but for bats 5GHz is even better.
  11. Thank you Lucas and RCarew!
  12. No thanks. Losing rental income - AND have to deal with 20 people standing in a circle around you asking "what is the app?", "how do I install this", "I don't have headphones, can I borrow your's??", "I can't get this to work", "my phone doesn't have a headphone output", "there's a delay in the sound" (or simply "there's a SOUND problem") etc. while you're trying to do your job... just saying LOL
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