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  1. It came in a plastic alien head / egg shaped case that closes with a strap.
  2. I just want to report back if anyone is interested: I ended up getting the Pianissimo. Absolutely amazing. Even without the fur, it works very good in terms of wind protection, and the sound is what I would call “transparent”. The suspension is also top notch. And it’s light weight too. Very happy overall.
  3. Someone on this forum posted about having success getting a bunch of helium balloons and letting them go up to the ceiling in a similar situation. Other than that - carpets.
  4. Maybe it’s just me, but the cost of shipping and even possible cost of having to rent a mixer/recorder for a few jobs while yours is away might be worth it, for the peace of mind knowing that it will come back from the mothership properly repaired.
  5. I use a cardellini clamped to the handle of the umbrella. That way I can put the baby pin into a grip head and have the ability to tilt, turn, angle etc to adjust as the sun moves during the day.
  6. Hey Derek, I’m on an iPhone right now and I am not seeing this. Could it be that you may have changed some setting accidentally?
  7. I have had this happen as well, on a couple occasions. Tried different (coordinated) frequencies, different transmitter, block, make sure they don’t have their phone in their pocket etc - still just the one actor had RF problems... to this day, I don’t know why. And yes, I have hush-lavs on the antennas. I understand my comments won’t help finding a solution here, but it seems like this can happen for whatever reason with some people. Yep - it’s probably voodoo.
  8. Sorry if this is not helpful, but.... maybe. Only you can answer that question.
  9. Adobe had to do what they did, because millions of people all around the world could previously download their whole suite of products for free from pirate sites that distributed serial numbers and cracked software, so there’s zero surprise that they suddenly started making money once everyone who wanted/needed to use their products actually started paying for them by subscription.... So I would agree with Constantin - not a good comparison.
  10. Think about it. SD is really doing this right IMO. Long term planning, that allows you to add new features to the hardware that you already own, rather than having to buy a whole new machine to get these features when they become available. And it’s also completely optional - nobody is forcing you to buy the plug-ins, you still get firmware updates and your 8-series will continue to be an excellent mixer/recorder for years. If you’re doing business professionally and charge appropriate rates, and need these features, it’s a good investment. And tax write-off.
  11. It's $2k for the max number of tracks (8?), but it's $600 for 2 tracks of NA. For my purposes, 2 tracks of Noise Assist is enough, just to apply a touch of it to the mix track(s) and leave the isos untouched.
  12. Read through the sample. Purchased. Looking forward to reading the entirety. 😎👍
  13. Congratulations on bringing Cedar to the 8-series! I’m very happy with my 888 in general. And personally, I am fine with the license being tied to one machine. - The last thing I would want is a dongle. While I fully understand how iLok became a necessity to combat rampant piracy in music production plug-ins for DAWs on computers connected to the internet, it’s still a terrible thing to have to deal with. To this day, I avoid buying plugins that require iLok. .
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