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  1. Assuming you have tried: - turning down the pre amp gain, - adjusting the input level trim in 633 ch 4-6, - engaged the hi-pass filter (70Hz?) in the 633 ch 4-6, - different cables.... - maybe this 633 needs to go in for a checkup...?
  2. I haven’t looked at the actual specs, but just an idea to check: maybe this mic needs a full 48v phantom supplied. This would explain why it sounds fine when hard wired.
  3. Looking at the the UFM50... Could it be used as a passive filter if not feeding it power (not using the amp)? Just toying with the idea of having it be a 'filter only' when using short cable runs and then firing up power when/if needed for a remote antenna setup... or would one have to be swap it out for a PF50?
  4. Agreed - the Stingray harness does take longer than I would ideally like. For run&gun stuff, this results in me keeping the bag on, rather than taking it off / putting it on - and instead find somewhere to sit whenever possible. Unless I know I'll be standing down for at least 10 min or so. BUT... once it's on, I feel that it really works for me - certainly better than anything I have tried. I have not tried the Orca, but just looking at it, I agree with what allistair said above. I definitely do not want anything sticking out the back..
  5. Travel days should be charged at full day rate. Consider the fact that there's no way you could book anything else that day.
  6. Everything up to 608MHz will remain legal in the USA even after the new rules (mid 2020) goes into effect. That said, in my experience - Block 23 is pretty congested in most areas of Southern California.
  7. I worked a short film a few years ago that was shot on the pocket cinema. If the manual says it will accept TC, it probably will. Do a test. However, I would suggest foregoing all that and simply use a slate, if practical. This camera is too small for mounting anything on it.
  8. Any chance one of us here have saved the Lectrosonics HMa Firmware Update v1.04 file? If so, please kindly PM me. (Lectrosonics website only makes available the newest firmware, which does not work with the early serial number models). Thanks a million in advance!
  9. I did not say that it would change the relative levels. If anyone read it that way, I would say exactly what you said here. Self noise in any of the professional grade gear we use these days is extremely low. Especially AD converters... in 2019 they are the least of our problem.
  10. Oh goodness, my 633 just stopped working. I kid of course. This looks really great.
  11. I've been trying to find this by searching the web, Lectro's home page, and here... looking for the part that sits around the XLR connector on the plug-on transmitters. Is this something that could be picked up at a local hardware store? Anyone know the part number, or proper name/specs? (yes, a call to Lectro on Monday, but this went missing today, and I'm shooting tomorrow as well) Thanks in advance!
  12. Thanks, Paul. That's basically my point. And sorry LOL, I am not trying to rain on your parade here. These new machines look great. Nice to see onboard TC in the 3 and 6 ! I may actually pick one up...
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