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Mozegear BNC Q28 TC


We didn’t think it could be done, but here it is 


Introductory Price - $439


Shipping Starts- Today



  • Super Small Size & Lightweight - Just 2.8 cubic inches and 1.9 ounces.


  • Easy Set Up - Just set the controls and go.


  • Specifically Designed For ... Virtually EVERYTHING - The Q28 was designed to work with all kinds of devices including: high-end cameras, DSLRs, and even those that may have some “unique” timecode challenges.   An important feature is the especially wide variable level output, which allows the user to accurately set the Q28 to various devices.


  • Audio + Timecode Design - The flow through audio combines timecode with audio for devices not intended to receive timecode.


  • Locking Connectors for Dependability - Both the BNC and the 3.5mm are locking connectors, so cables stay intact.


  • Made to Survive ----Extremely Durable - The case is made of aluminum with a support beam running through the center. The end caps are made of a thick, durable aluminum.  The LED adds additional durability since there is no screen to break.  We have driven a truck over it multiple times and it works great.


  • Other Great Features - Shows timecode in hours and minutes, battery life indication, jamming and cross jamming indicator


  • Long Battery Life with AAA’s- Just 2 AAA alkaline batteries will run for approximately 16 hours.  


  • Accurate - High quality TCXO crystal with proven accuracy


  • 2 Year Warranty


  • Made in the U.S.A.


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You are right Jesse.  The BNC connector is so large and deep, we didn't think it would fit in the box.  However we kept getting requests for the BNC connector, so we decided to revisit the idea.  We redesigned the top so there is a very slight lip (if you look carefully) under the BNC.  This allowed us to fit in the larger connector.  

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Where does one buy to take advantage of the Introductory Price?

There are 4 dealers in California (I will list them alphabetically)  ; 1.  Audio Department, 2.  Location Sound, 3.  Trew, and 4.  Wilcox.  


Several have received stock of the new BNC version.  I'm sure they will be happy to help.  


If you would like to see our dealer list, here is the downlink:





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