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  1. If you are in the Market for a bag, message me. I happen to have, the LAST brand new, Pelican todd gustafson photo safari soft roller bag. It is absolutely the best imo for sound kit. awesome for flying. Purchased from Todd himself. After a few months using it, i splurged and bought a second. His last. Just in case something happened to the first. Its that great. No longer made.
  2. A+ to that Jon, I've been getting overtime after 10 for 15 years on doc,factual,most reality,news,commercial and sports. Anyone who isn't, i strongly suggest you do! If not, its your big loss and you have no one to blame but yourself, and, everyone else should blame you too. Overtime after 10. Just do it. Write it in the contract. It ends up adding up to a small fortune over time.
  3. Has ANYONE here taken the time to watch the 2001 press conference? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Couple highlights: Yes it does tell me something. Not what you think/hope. *LAUGH OUT LOUD* You don't have to believe it, its very "normal". Its just, nothing will change if you don't put in the work. If you want to work on it, and learn how secrecy is kept, go here; KEVIN SHIPP Former CIA officer Anti-terrorism specialist http://youtu.be/Nl5NW9KcMt0 If you are in a rush, (or have a short attention span), go to 6:40 and listen closely. Your welcome. Oh and btw, a common sense test is not something i would suggest anyone aspire to make as their baseline reasoning guideline. Sent from my NSA recorded and monitored handset.
  5. Did the soundguys solution nomad zaxnet amp ever make it to market?
  6. Crashing on my partners computer now as well. Dang.
  7. Ive been getting shorter range than ever on my nomad>erx system this year. Doing, in the field, doc, 1and2 camera stuff. Is this caused by what larry is describing above? Or is it possible there is an issue with the transmitter itself? How can i test this? Using original long antenna. Im not feeling confidant any longer in the scratch track im sending. Cam people are telling me about drop out less than 10-15 feet often. Ive seen it. Light goes red.
  8. Resurrect it yourself. You killed it.
  9. Great way to kill a thread.
  10. Im afraid once my 2006 ibook dies my relationship will be over with this software. Had a good run I guess.
  11. Are you referring to, "THE PATENT"? [emoji33]🦅
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