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Sanken CS-1e w/ K-SSM

Jeremiah Sheets

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Thinking about picking up the CS-1e as an inexpensive alternate mic and wondering about shock mounts.

The K-Tek K-SSM is made for it, but I've used the regular K-SM in the past with a 416 and not been too pleased.

Is anybody here using a different mount with this or similarly short microphone that I should look into? Or would you recommend the K-SSM?


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Angelo, I found that the K-Tek did not absorb enough energy when I'm run and gun situations. They are inexpensive and as such I did not expect much more out of them.

I'm aware that there are all kinds of microphones, however there do not seem to be all kinds of mounts for the CS-1e. It has an extremely short body before reaching the interference vents. I'm wondering if anyone knows of other options. It would appear that Matthew does.

Thanks Matthew. I will look into that option.

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There are inserts made from a softer rubber compound available for the KSSM that help a bit.

I have a strong preference for the K-Tek Suspenders. While not designed for the KSSM, they are adaptable to many different mounts, including the Rycote hoops.

You can also look into the Invision mounts. They can be purchased with different resilience factors.

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For my CS-1e I use our Nautilus. Our KGPSS is probably the next best option. The KSSM is pretty good as well.


Mounts behave differently in different hands, so I would strongly suggest the KGPSS as a good all purpose suspension for the CS-1e. It's the most forgiving mount I've used and we can replace parts very easily should something bad happen (I had one on an exotic car on a magic arm and the arm gave out and destroyed the zeppelin and mount). 

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I used the K-Tek K-SSM mount with a Sanken CS-1 for 7 years without any issues.  It came as a combo package with the then totally brand new Fuzzy slip on Zeppelin (I got the third one off of the production line) with the soft rubber mounts.  That being said it was used almost exclusively for interior and exterior locked down interviews, rarely any run and gun work.  You can use the softer suspenders but you might encounter support issues depending on your choice of wind suppression.


Here's Manfred Klemme's personal response on DVInfo.net in a 2005 post:


"Hi... Hopefully I can shed a bit of light on the subject.


When I decided to design the "perfect" shock mount I had it in three models. The first model was the K-SM (K-Tek Shock Mount) .. This was sized to fit most microphones (4073A, 416 etc). I also had a short version K-SSM (K-Tek Short Shock Mount) and a long version K-LSM (K-Tek Long Shock Mount)


The K-SM was the first one introduced and fit the bill for most customers. It has been a very succesful product.


The K-SSM was shown in prototype form to the Sonodore people in the Netherlands. It was put into production as an OEM shock mount for their very high end microphones.


When Sanken introduced the CS1 I felt that the K-SSM would make the ideal shock mount for it as well. So we also manufacture the K-SSM with the Sanken logo for them.


These shock mounts all use the same rubber which was very carefully chosen to support microphones securely while providing superior shock isolation.


Glenn Trew suggested that a softer rubber (Shore 30 rathet than 40) would provide even better isolation for the Sanken CS1. As this microphone is very light it made sense. Tne soft rubber in the K-SSM does in fact provide better shock isolation for the CS1. BUT it is at the expense of support!!


A heavy wind screen such as the Lightwave or the Rycote will cause too much sag in the mount and it is possible that the windscreen will bang against the front of the shock mount.


SO.... For most microphones .. use the K-SM 

For short microphones such as the CS1 use the K-SSM


We have not yet introduced the Long Shock Mount.... and we might not need to.


If you are willing to put up with the sagging microphone to achieve the best isolation specify "SOFT RUBBER" on your order. We supply normal rubber unless requested.


Now that we are manufacturing ZEPPELIN Fuzzy windscreens it is possible to have the best of both. The K-SM or K-SSM with soft rubber is much more useable with the very light weight K-Tek ZEPPELIN fuzzy slip on windscreen.


Our Fuzzy windscreen shock mount combination unit uses the soft rubber as standard.


Hopefully this will not be construed as commercial, but I thought that it was time to relieve some of the confusion."







What sort of wind suppression system do you intend to use on your CS-1e?  That may have more of a bearing on the suspension mount you choose. 

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Those options look great. I didn't realize the Nautilus would fit the CS-1e without touching the vents. For some reason I was having trouble locating so many options when searching specifically for the Sanken.


The KGPSS looks like a viable option.


That looks like a clever solution. I'll have to remember to try this.


Thanks everyone. Time to do a little research since I have not used the Nautilus, Invision, nor the KGPSS.

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