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Zoom F8 Beginners Question(s)

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Thank you John B., as always, for putting these things in perspective --- it is clear that in this particular instance I may have strayed too far in that direction of trying to be "all things to all people". It reminds me of the early days of JWSOUND where for awhile I wanted to be Facebook for sound people --- that would have been a big mistake. Facebook has made it so easy to create Groups and we now have a large number of sound specific Facebook Groups that serve us very well --- I hope to keep JWSOUND on course, serving our professional sound community worldwide while being open to as many new people as makes sense for all of us. Fortunately I am not the only one driving this site, I appreciate the input and guidance from all of our core members.

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On 5/26/2016 at 5:40 AM, IronFilm said:

LOL! I just saw your new profile pic on this forum Jim. 

Ummm... yeah, that profile pic itself sums up how many of these other places can provide "less-than-good info".


I post, below ... A possible addition to Jim Feeley's catalogue of self-scribed, classic monikers / signatures?

Which, IMO -  Are always providential. Usually, self-effacing.

And - When coming upon them, after reading your, typically judicious, post(s) - Always elicits a chuckle, Jim F.   Thanks!


... Jim "Sound is in the Bag" Feeley  ...





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Personally, I think things are working out OK here. Look at this thread, for example. The OP made some effort before posting and wasn't a jerk. He got a mix of useful and other advice, and then we veered off into an interesting tangent. We definitely don't need to advertise this group or encourage people at...um... other places to drop in whenever they're too lazy to figure things out themselves. But I think we're self regulating fairly well. Not perfectly, but that's fine.

Jim, thanks for the kind words. I should probably say something obnoxious here to keep you off guard. 

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Kind of old topic but I thought

"and find the signal/noise ratio, let alone the community/bile ratio, to be pretty bottom heavy."

Pretty much sums up why it's nice to have a forum that is not so full of non professionals.

DVXUser is a good place to ask basic questions and get help if you are not a sound professional or just have really basic questions.  I spend a fair amount of time trying to help folks out there.  I will even give a question a try now and again because there are some pretty experienced folks there also.  But generally if I am asking the question and it's about recording this is the place I'm likely to get an answer.  I do mostly post and DUC's post section is pretty good but most of the other sections are close to the quote above.

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Noiz2, thanks for resurrecting this topic. So I can say, "Jim, thanks for the shout-out".


The book (www.greatsound.info) is a couple of years old but still doing very well. It's been adopted at a lot of schools, and I still get 1k or so hits a month on the password-protected tutorial files. (They're free if you've got either the hardcopy version or the e-book.) 


A few pieces of fast-changing info are missing (hey, you try to write a book that keeps up with changes in wireless mic regs and politics)... but basic workflow and operation haven't changed, and a lot of our techniques have been evolving for decades. The software and equipment sections were deliberately written to be long-lasting, and with the exception of the explosion of new Neural Network software -- which I could only hint at -- it's all still valid.


If you can't afford the $50 Amazon charges for the print version, there are now plenty of copies in the used textbook stream. I don't get a royalty on used books, of course, but I'm glad to see the book being used.

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On 5/18/2016 at 7:42 AM, JonG said:

A car manual does not include instructions on how to drive, so why would an operators manual on a piece of pro or semi pro equipment include instructions on how to be an audio engineer? Google is a good place to seek answers...


Why can't people just answer a question, or not? Seriously, not helpful at all.

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