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  1. Uploaded by STREETFILMS February 28, 2016 Quote from Vimeo page: "I was in Santa Monica bicycling along the beach on the Marvin Braude Bike Trail to pick up some b-roll of bicyclists for a future Streetfilm when this incredible four-person Dutch crew flew by on bikes - with a full load of gear in hand. I immediately jumped on my bike to catch up to see what they were up to (it took a freaking while, as you can see they were pedaling fast!) They were in the Los Angeles area to shoot a documentary on poker players and decided the easiest way to get lots of establish
  2. Uploaded by Jim McKenzie June 25, 2015 "The Scarecrow" documents the complete step by step process of creating a character starting from a simple sketch in 2014 to a fully developed gallery show piece in 2016 debuting at Jim McKenzie's "Lost Magic" at Copro Gallery. Google search results: Copro Gallery Jim McKenzie
  3. Nicely put, Crew. - - - - - - - - -
  4. June 2nd 'Google Doodle': "Lotte Reiniger" (screengrab) Published on Jun 1, 2016 For a while now, we’ve been wanting to meet the Doodle team and learn more about how they make the Google doodles, so we were super excited to meet animator and doodler Olivia, to hear how she created the Lotte Reiniger doodle to celebrate her 117th birthday on June 2nd. See the Lotte Reiniger doodle if you haven’t already! → http://goo.gl/zYNlhK Want to find out more about Lotte Reiniger? → https://g.co/kgs/dZ1miY Check out past doodles in the Doodle Archive→ http://goo.gl/W
  5. Published on Jun 1, 2016 Over the weekend, astronauts aboard the orbiting International Space Station added a module like none other. Think an RV that expands out the back with extra space for sleeping quarters. In the case of the ISS, it was an inflatable Bigelow Expandable Activity Module (BEAM). It’s made of a material stronger than kevlar and could be a game-changer. Science correspondent Miles O’Brien reports.
  6. Uploaded by Great Big Story May 27, 2016 To call Lukas Novotny an expert horseback rider paints an incomplete picture. Novotny is one of the world's leading horseback archers. Yeah, you read that right: he shoots arrows on horseback. Now, Novotny is almost single-handedly keeping the tradition alive.
  7. Uploaded by STREETFILMS October 5, 2013 It's no secret that just about anywhere you go in the Netherlands is an incredible place to bicycle. And in Groningen, a northern city with a population of 190,000 and a bike mode share of 50 percent, the cycling is as comfortable as in any city on Earth. The sheer number of people riding at any one time will astound you, as will the absence of automobiles in the city center, where cars seem extinct. It is remarkable just how quiet the city is. People go about their business running errands by bike, going to work by bike, and even holdin
  8. 'Self noise' = Possible 30+ year old 'hi-fi' electronic components? I don't recall the unit being 'noisy,' myself, back then? But, again - That was a long time ago ... In a galaxy far, far, away. Thanks for the brief blush of nostalgia, Jon. I guess I'll just leave my sleeping dogs lie. Or, sell 'em on eBay.
  9. Jon, A knowing-smile, came upon my face, when I saw you rocking the dbxII 128! (Back in the day ...) I first used the 122. Then, the 128. Also, the 20/20. I still have my 122. And, 128. Long-since stored. (When I started traveling about the world.) Sold the 20/20. (sad-face emoticon) A real pleasure when listening (to the results.) I do wonder how they would sound, to me, these days? How about you?
  10. ... And here, rocking it old school: She was making incense. The boom box, cd, etc was her 'usual thing.' And, being a 'non-pro,' in front of the camera, we all decided, that - To help keep her at ease? ... Best to let her do her 'routine.' We worked around her playing her music - And, although I mic'd all of the steps in her routine (w/ the music pounding) - - We were all mindful, that - The bits and pieces of nat / sync sound, deemed 'important,' were definitely sans music. It seemed to take almost no extra effort, on our part, to accommodate h
  11. The following are previews / teasers / excerpts - based on the Friday May 27th premiere on PBS - American Masters: ( Edit: The full 53 minute long episode can be viewed on the link @ the end of this post) The Highwaymen: Friends Till The End – About the Film Frequently referred to as “the Mount Rushmore of country music,” The Highwaymen – Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash, and Kris Kristofferson – were American country music’s first bona fide supergroup, an epic quartet comprised of the outlaw country genre’s pioneering stars. An essential musical and cultural influen
  12. I post, below ... A possible addition to Jim Feeley's catalogue of self-scribed, classic monikers / signatures? Which, IMO - Are always providential. Usually, self-effacing. And - When coming upon them, after reading your, typically judicious, post(s) - Always elicits a chuckle, Jim F. Thanks! ... Jim "Sound is in the Bag" Feeley ... "Ralphs_soundbag.jpg"
  13. Published on May 20, 2016 Bob Boilen is known for being the host and creator of NPR’s popular “All Songs Considered” podcast. But Boilen is also a former musician -- his band was the first ever act to play D.C.’s famous 9:30 Club. Boilen’s new book, “Your Song Changed My Life,” recounts the history of modern music through the voices he has encountered, and he joins Jeffrey Brown at the 9:30 Club to share a few of them.
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