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Production Comms through SD 6** mixer?


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We're using Motorola walkies on set for production comms, and they want me on comms, so I've been letting the surveillance earpiece kind of dangle inside my headphones to not impede program monitoring while clipping the talk mic to my harness.  I'm wondering, has anyone tried wiring the Motorola mic/earpiece jack through the comms in/out on a SD 6** mixer?  I'm running a 664, and seems to me running the walkie through the comms section of the mixer probably wouldn't be too difficult of a "hack", but I haven't tried setting it up yet.

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Done so with a GP344 with PMMN4024A into a 788t (TA3). Worked flawlessly with some 3.5mm TRS to TA3 cable from some AKG-headphone.

The PMMN4024A was the only TRS-out option at the time. The coiled cable was not a blessing in the bag setup. I did not or hardly use PTT/TX

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Update:  So, I went ahead and wired it up this way:  I cut the earpiece wire on a surveillance and soldered that to a TA3F connector, leaving the ptt mic connected as is so I can still transmit on the radio as normal.  I installed the radio itself into a side pouch on the bag, plugged the TA3F connector into (unused) input 12 on the 664, set that input to line, feeding X1/X2 only, instead of LR, then disarmed it from recording ch12 iso using the wingman app.  This allows me to monitor the program via the aux buss and hear comms in my headset without using a separate earpiece without disturbing the program mix or recording the comm chatter, and adjust the comm volume with the knob on the radio, also allowing me to shut it right off if chatter gets too conversational.  An additional bonus, it turned out, is that feeding the x1/x2 aux buss to the director and scripty's IFB Tx as well puts comms in their IFB receivers, so they also can get away with wearing a single earpiece.  Probably not ideal for every production situation, but, for this run, it's working out great for everyone

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